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  1. jayjay347912

    Dual Recto after latest update

    Hey guys. I've posted in the past that the Dual Rectifier & Friedman , and Engl Fireball were the reasons I still have my Helix Lt. After Cliff's latest update...WOW. I can now say the Recto's ( I use Orange1 modern /red1 modern for a Metallica "Load" preset) have gone from not sounding as good...
  2. axes

    Axe-Fx III JP-2C vs real JP-2C

    1: 2: They are: EBMM Majesty into real Boogie JP-2C through Suhr RL going into Audient iD44 MKII and DAW (ML Mikko2 + delay). EBMM Majesty into Axe-Fx III, DI recorded via SPDIF then reamped via SPDIF and recorded via XLR into Audient iD44 MKII and DAW (ML Mikko2 + delay). But which is...
  3. postrockrocks

    Wish Please add the Mesa Boogie Studio .22 preamp

    This is Kurt's Cobain preamp used in the recording of Nevermind. Should be there in FM3.
  4. Jack_Zan

    Alter Bridge - Metalingus

    Try to play Metalingus, great song by Alter Bridge. In this video i used Fractal Axe fx II XL+ with a ibanez s5570 prestige Patch: Amp : Dual rectifier Modern 2 Cab: Tonematch of a Mesa Boogie Cabinet Tell me what you think
  5. Sorenspete

    Power amp(s) for three 1x12 60w cabs

    Sorry if I have already discussed this but I thought I'd try to get my issue on paper properly in its own thread. So as some of you may have seen I recently acquired an adorable MESA/Boogie Engineering 1x12 Mini Rectifier cab. I intend to eventually (hopefully) have three of these and run my...
  6. Mark Pritchard

    Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train Intro (Mesa Preset)

    Hi all, its been a while but I'm back, here is a Mesa preset I made, for scene's 1,2 & 4 I used a couple of G25M from @York Audio and scene 3 I'm using stock Recto cabs also from @York Audio.
  7. diezel013

    Fade to Black - Metallica Cover

    Hey Fractal friends... it's been a minute. Just cooked this up with my buddy Kyle. We actually thought it'd be fun to do more of a "live" rendition, so we based the tempo map off of Metallica's Seattle 1989 performance of the song. Hope ya dig it!!! All guitars recorded with my Axe FX 3. For...
  8. diezel013

    "Children of the Grave" - Black Sabbath Cover

    Here's me and my friends rendition of this Sabbath classic. Fed my friend Patrick's doublecut LP bass through the optical compressor into the SV Bass model into the 4x12 Rumble 12-L 57 + Ampeg 1x15 & 8x10 Cab models. From my research it seems that Geezer Butler has opted for those EV-12L...
  9. diezel013

    Metallica Black Album Tone

    Here’s a preset I’ve cooked up to play some Black Album tunes with. Amp/cab/settings/EQ were translated as best as possible from notes/pictures of the Black Album sessions and subsequent tour. I used Fabfilter Pro Q3 just to analyze the EQ curves from the album, and ultimately this helped me...
  10. kostein

    Metallica - "Orion" cover

    Metallica's Orion is truly a masterpiece. I don't use that word lightly or often or for many things but I honestly believe it applies here. It is so masterfully crafted that I can't really put it into words. It's a very special song to me and I think it kinda shows when I play it. I tried to my...
  11. A

    Fractal FM3 metal demo | pt2 | ft. DIGITECH THE DROP

    Second video of my FM3 metal demo series. This time using Digitech the Drop as well, to achieve drop A tuning Guitar: Charvel Joe Duplantier pro-mod w/ Seymour Duncan SH11 tuned to drop B Fractal amps used: 0:00 FAS MODERN 1:09 5153 RED 100w 3:22 RECTO RED MODERN 4:54 FAS MODERN II...
  12. A

    FM3 metal demo

    I am starting a series of videos demoing the various metal tones you can get out of the FM3, playing a couple of riffs for each. Would love to compare my high gain presets to other members'
  13. Andrea Maccianti

    Metallica - "Enter Sandman" Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! :) Here my Metallica attempt :) Enter Sandman Solo Section. Here I used my MESA/BOOGIE IIC+ Preset. Hope you enjoy! :)
  14. Iatros

    Low end response and the Two Notes Torpedo Studio

    Hey Hey people, I've been playing around with a two notes torpedo studio and a dual rec, namely trying to mimic the combo using Axe FX II XL+'s modelling, and I've run into a snag. What I've noticed is that my Axe dupes of the DR lack the low end response of the Rec+Torpedo S, namely, in...

    Guitar Jam - Mesa Boogie Triaxis from the Axe-Fx III ;-)

    A cool jam with the models Clean, Lead 1 Red and Lead 2 Red from the Triaxis of the Axe-FX III (firmware 10.01). 🎸😉
  16. LucasLeCompte

    Amps of the Axe-Fx III

    After owning the Axe Fx II and now the III, I realized I never actually explored all the cool amps we have, so I decided start exploring them. I am going through all the amps, starting from the very top with the Fender 5F Tweeds. Anyone have any cool tricks on using the tweeds?
  17. Andrea Maccianti

    MESA/BOOGIE Lone Star Preset

    4 Scenes.
  18. S

    Axe-Fx III Impressions with Matrix GT1000FX

    I received a Matrix GT1000FX power amp to use with my AF3 (cab block bypassed) and Mesa Boogie 4x12 cab. All of the amp models I tried have incredible punch and clarity! I had been using the DV Mark Multiamp, and it's a really good lightweight unit with good mid-range that sits well in the mix...
  19. toneseeker911

    FS Mesa Boogie Mark V 90W head

    Selling my mark V head along with the following goodies 4 Winged C EL34 tubes ( Re-tubed some of the preamps with sovtek LPS, JJ and Ruby tubes (I will also give you the original mesa tubes) Re-tubed the power section with new 6L6 power tubes 5UG...

    ML Amp Pack - Mega Rectified based on a Mesa Dual Rectifier

    EDIT: New clip by Zach Munowitz: Extremely happy to announce our latest and greatest Amp Pack - Mega Rectified Here's the official release information and please ask me any questions you may have. :) I'll be posting more information and sound clips in this thread so be sure to...
  21. Cooper Carter

    Every Mesa/Boogie Amp Type Demo

    Here's a different famous riff on every Mesa/Boogie amp type currently in the unit! As in the original video, these presets are from @austinbuddy's 1000+ Naked Amps Pack.


    First it's the Axe-Fx III and second is my real Mark V. (the ground noise should give it away) Not 100% sure if you know me but a quick recap is that I love real amps, I love the Axe-Fx, I even like a couple of other modelers. The amp that I believe most modelers struggle with is Mesa Boogie...
  23. LucasLeCompte

    Dialing in Cali USA (Based on Mesa) Patches

    Hello everyone! Dialing in mesa patches can be pretty challenging (I redid my patch in the video about 5 times lol) so I wanted to make a video breaking down how I made my patch in hopes that it will help people dial in some killer tones! I let you hear what it sounds like out of the mix, in...
  24. LucasLeCompte

    Axe Fx III High Gain Series: Cali USA Amps (Based on Mesa Boogie)

    I took a stab at creating some Mesa Tones. I did all the different rectos, Mark IV, IIC++ etc. Let me know how you think they sound and which one is your favorite.
  25. A

    FX8 4CM with Mesa Single rectifier parallel loop

    Hi folks You probably have seen this being asked many times but I couldn't find a definite answer yet. I have an fx8 2 that currently I'm using with a Marshall JVM410h 4CM though serial loop. Works perfectly. But recently I bough a Mesa Single Rect. Series 1 and it only has parallel loop. I'm...
  26. Andrea Maccianti

    MESA/BOOGIE - Dual Rectifier (FW Q 10.01)

  27. Hamer90

    FW Q9.04 Dream Theater - Another Day (guitar solo cover) PATCH INSIDE!

    DREAM THEATER - ANOTHER DAY (JOHN PETRUCCI'S GUITAR SOLO COVER) Hello everyone! This time I played one of my favorite guitar solos. I tried to get as close as possible to the sound of John Petrucci. Check it out! More videos here: Patch...
  28. eduardosimoesneto

    Hi Gain Metal Presets (Mesa Boogie and Diezel)

    I love my AX8. But the Mesa Boogie and Diezel presets that came with it are not my favorites for heavy metal. Where can I find some good metal presets? If they are free even better...
  29. Arsha.M.P

    Mark Morton's exact Mesa Mark IV settings

    I asked Mark Morton about his amp settings on Sacrament album and he kindly answered my question in detail. I decided to share this valuable information here :) check the attachment Try it with "USA Lead" model. also you can find Sacrament's isolated guitar tracks on youtube. Enjoy!
  30. Hamer90

    FW Q9.04 Andy Timmons - Gone (Guitar Cover by Kirill Safonov) PATCH INSIDE!

    Hello! :) Finally, I played Andy Timmons - Gone! This is one of my favorite songs by Andy Timmons. I tried to get as close to the original sound. In the patch I used a drive pedal, amp, cab and microphone - all in Andy's rig. Check it out! I hope you enjoy it! Guitar: Ibanez USA Custom 1992...
  31. Jotun666

    Stone Sour - Song 3 (instrumental and vocal cover)

    Hi, friends! I wanted to share a cover I just made of Stone Sour's Song #3 feat. Carlos Romero on lead guitar. I hope you like it. All guitars and bass tones are Axe FX II ;)
  32. Andrea Maccianti

    "A.M. MESA/BOOGIE MARK V" Patch (FW 8.02)

    Has 6 Scenes + one of my own Custom Cabs. THE PATCH IT'S AVAILABLE. Is also available for Ax8 already converted and ready to use.
  33. Guitarjon

    That MKIV crunch with proggy riffs (dare I say Dj0nt?)

    Hey guys, Made a video with my new Schecter KM-7 guitar. It's a really killer axe, very solid guitar. I used the Mesa MKIV amp model paired with an OwnHammer Zilla 2x12 V30 IR from the Heavy Hitters Collection Volume II. Super cool amp model and great IR! I'm not really a 'djent' guy but I...
  34. Andrea Maccianti


  35. doefle

    The New Mesa Boogie CAB Pack

    Today I have a quick Test at the new Mesa Boogie Double Whoooper Cab Pack by They are awesome. What you think about it? It is an Austrian Company !!! Check i out !!! Ther are some other great Cab´s Check
  36. Andrea Maccianti


    Has 4 Scenes. CUSTOM IR included. I hope you enjoy! :)
  37. Andrea Maccianti

    "MESA/BOOGIE IIC+ & MARK IV" (FW Q 7.02)

    Has 6 Scenes and User Cab included. THE PATCH IT'S AFFORDABLE. Please contact me at: or on my Facebook page
  38. Hyperion88

    JP-2C with AX8 or FX8

    I already have a Mesa Boogie JP-2C ( Midi capable), and I recently sold my AX FX II (Mark I). I am right now in the market for a new Fractal product, however I would like to mostly use my JP-2C with some added effects, and from time to time perhaps use some amp modeling. I know that if I chose...
  39. X-Mann

    BLOWN away by the FX8 mkii....X's Journey

    Hey, hey my Fractal brothers..... I thought I'd share my basic reaction & just plain shock as to how good the new FX8 is..... My Fractal journey started not that long ago w/ the AX8......Here's a link to where I had my eyes opened by Fractal Audio & its killer community...
  40. Jotun666

    Pentakill - Lightbringer (League of Legends international full band cover)

    Hi, folks! I teamed up with Siegfried Song (vocals,Korea), Johnny Sobrino (bass, Spain), Patrick Fallang (lead guitar, Norway) and Samus Paulicelli (drums, Canada) to make this cover from League of Legends´ band, Pentakill, and their song Lightbringer. I played/recorded rhythm guitars...
  41. Jotun666

    Pop Metal: Walk The Moon - Shut Up And Dance

    Hi, fellas, just wanted to share my latest pop metal cover, featuring Garrett Peters from USA playing the solo. I recorded all my guitars, bass, vocals and programmed drums and mixed, mastered the whole thing. Garrett recorded his audio and video and then I reamped it and edited the video...
  42. Jotun666

    Megadeth - Skin O' My Teeth (full band cover)

    Hi, folks! Some old school thrash metal from Megadeth incoming! I had two feature musicians here: Yeyo Fernandez at lead guitar and 66Samus at drums. I did the rest myself, including mixing, editing (audio and video) and mastering. I used a Dual Rectifier sim for guitars (rythm and lead). I...
  43. Guitarjon

    Axe FX amp model comparisons Vol.1: Mesa Boogie MK series (video inside)

    Hi guys, I thought it would be fun to make a new video series for my Sonic Drive Studio's YouTube channel in which we compare Axe FX amp models of similar voicing. Now, these comparisons aren't meant to be very scientific but they'll give you a good idea of the similarities and differences...
  44. BTPA_USA

    Best-Tronics Pro Audio // Modular Axe-Fx Rig

    Here is another rig we had built for a local customer. This rig allows the end user to transport his Axe-Fx to and from his rehearsal spot for ease of practicing at home. He is running the Axe-Fx with Mesa two Mesa Mark V's, a few pedal based effects, and the glorious Axe-Fx. The amazing RJM...
  45. bleedthefreak

    How the HECK did he do this!!

    This guy achieved a spot on replication of a rectifier. Anybody able to do this?
  46. Kjaris

    Kartakou TS Overdrive into USA IIC ++

    I had the pleasure to demo a really cool Guitar pedal from Kartakou Amplification called the warmer overdrive. Here's the song I wrote for the demo with a cool solo in the middle. First time I've used an external drive pedal with my AxeFX II I used the new IIC++ model and am quite happy with the...
  47. Guitarjon

    The Ownhammer Heavy Hitters Collection is out! (ORG 412, USA IIC++ clip inside)

    Hey guys, After months of anticipation the Ownhammer 'Heavy Hitters Collection' is finally OUT! As a beta tester I've had a great time testing this pack out, making mixes and recording clips. Kevin has been working on this pack for about 6 months and he has really worked his ass off. When you...
  48. All Sanity Lost Freddy

    Where do I begin using Rack gear with Axe Fx II via Fx Loop

    I am in search for some clarification and a guide to wiring up my rack correctly using the effects Loop. My old set up in my Rack case was as followed: Suppressor--> BBE sonic maximizer ---> 16-Band EQ----> Into MY MESA triple Rectifier's EFFECTS Loop. (I don't remember what goes into the...
  49. S

    Mesa MKIIc++ Test (Sad But True)

    I decided to make a short clip with the new Mesa MKIIc++ amp and with my new drum sampler "The Black Album Drums". I used ML Sound Lab preset and tweaked it a little for my tasting, i added compression to take out some pick attack to make it sound smoother and cut out some offending frequencies...
  50. Louis Torres

    mesa boogie mark V

    Its amazing I forget I'm not playing my Boogie Mark V ,I've been a tube head for most of the 16 professional years I've played out , now I run direct and use 2- 1x12 recto cabs for stage monitors its probably the best setup I've ever had total blown away ,every day I plug in and realize what...
  51. S

    Tone Matching problem

    Hello my fractal audio fellas! I have had this problem a while now, or i don't really know is it a problem or just nature of tone matching. But whenever i am trying to tone match, let's just say Metallica's Orion guitar track for example, i can get pretty close result but i certainly hear that...
  52. brianv4

    JP IIC+

    I'm not a metal artist so I wasn't interested at first but this demo is giving me GAS for a tube amp again. Very versatile great tone all around.

    New Mesa Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C amplifier!

    Read about it in here: So apparently it's all about IIC+ sounds. IIC+ clean and two IIC+ lead channels with their own GEQs.
  54. fromthebark

    Need help IDing an (NOS?) tube..

    Did a lot of searching and didn't really find much.. so far I THINK they are RCA NOS - They're definitely not new.. my Mesa Express 5:50 had a bad 6L6 and kept blowing it's fuse, my friend had these so I popped them in and it works fine, and now actually sounds a hell of a lot more vintage than...
  55. Forrest Litke

    FX8 with Two Amps one amp wt effects loop one amp without loop - best set up

    I am considering an FX8 and plan to use it with a /13 amp which does NOT have an effects loop and and a Mesa Boogie which has an effects loop. What are your thoughts on best way to incorporate both amps with the FX8. My thought is use the effects loops on the Mesa Boogie and the pre output to...
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