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  1. diezel013

    AFIII Metallica - My Friend of Misery

    I've had lots of fun revisiting the Black Album... This is one of my favorite Metallica excerpts... truly a beautiful piece of music. Using the Vibrato Verb model for the cleans, Boogie IIC++ model for harmony bits, and my KH lead for the solo. Hope ya dig it :)
  2. diezel013

    AFIII Metallica - The Unforgiven Guitar Solo

    Using the Forty Miles EJ preset that comes stock in the unit (with the chorus/delay off) + my Kirk Hammett lead patch… Hope ya dig it 😁
  3. diezel013

    AFIII Fade to Black - Metallica Cover

    Hey Fractal friends... it's been a minute. Just cooked this up with my buddy Kyle. We actually thought it'd be fun to do more of a "live" rendition, so we based the tempo map off of Metallica's Seattle 1989 performance of the song. Hope ya dig it!!! All guitars recorded with my Axe FX 3. For...
  4. diezel013

    AFIII Battery - Metallica ULTIMATE Cover (Metallica Puppets Era Patch included)

    Happy new year everyone :) Had a lot of fun cookin' up some Metallica with my buddies to start off 2021. Wishing everyone the very best. Cheers, Diego 🎼 Video premiering at 12PM Central/1PM Eastern today... If you like what you hear I would greatly appreciate your support for my channel...
  5. diezel013

    AFIII Enter Sandman - Halloween Edition

    Hope everyone had a splendid Halloween!!! 🎃 Here’s a little action from last night! Cheers 🤘
  6. diezel013

    Metallica Black Album Tone

    Here’s a preset I’ve cooked up to play some Black Album tunes with. Amp/cab/settings/EQ were translated as best as possible from notes/pictures of the Black Album sessions and subsequent tour. I used Fabfilter Pro Q3 just to analyze the EQ curves from the album, and ultimately this helped me...
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    Metallica - "Enter Sandman" Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! :) Here my Metallica attempt :) Enter Sandman Solo Section. Here I used my MESA/BOOGIE IIC+ Preset. Hope you enjoy! :)
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