AFIII Axe-Fx III as Audio Device

Hi everyone, I have an Axe Fx III and a MOTU 4Pre
In this last period I started using my axe fx as main audio device using usb recording
I need a opinion, Is better using my axe fx as audio device only for guitar and bass recordings and using my MOTU for working on midi programming, editings, mixes and masters, using the axe fx for all the works or enter with my axe fx in the MOTU with SPDIF connection for guitar and bass recordings?
Thank you so much
Either will work, and this question comes up very often, I prefer the second option AXE into MOTU (or whatever other interface) but try both and decide for yourself would be my advice....if you have a Mac (doable as well in Windows using ASIO4ALL) it is very easy to create an
Aggregate Device which would allow you to use both methods ......
I just use my AXE FX III as a reamping processor and Vocal FX Processor. I did a video of this procedure to help other members of the forum set it up that way also. Hope it helps...

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