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  1. Drew Warmington

    Mac USB Audio Out not working?

    Really stumped on this one, so I hope you guys can help. Set up is Mac to FM9 with USB cable. Suddenly my spotify or youtube backing tracks are not playing through my studio speakers when FM9 is selected in the system settings. When I play spotify through the internal Mac speakers, I get...
  2. J

    Anyone else having issues with USB reamping with FM-9?

    Opened a support ticket, but I figured I'd post here too. I've been using the steps in the FM-9 User Guide. Recording my DI from output 5 then routing back into channel 5 using Digital Input Source set to USB (5/6) and Input 1 set to Digital. Sample rate is 48k. I get all sorts of digital...
  3. O

    FM3 USB not working, any other way to connect to PC?

    Hi, my FM3 is not recognized by PC anymore, very likely the USB module failed. I was using PC connection for two purposes: 1) Using FM3 Edit to edit presets. 2) Using FM3 as a sound card between my PC and studio monitors. Is it possible I can still use FM3 Edit via MIDI or something? I'm...
  4. T

    Noise Using USB

    Hi All. New Axe FX II user here. I have noticed background noise when i have the Axe connected to my computer via USB. It goes away as soon as I disconnect the usb. Is this just the nature of the beast or is there something to do about it? I've tried different ports and both direct and...
  5. amandio

    USB Firmware V 1.14 BETA (Public Beta)

    Hi All, A new beta version of the USB Firmware, v 1.14 BETA, is available for testing on the AXE FX III. This beta addresses several issues regarding latency stability and the actual latency of the unit itself. Here is a brief summary of improvements/fixes: Importing a preset no longer changes...
  6. musicman0001


    axe fx 3 mk2 turbo with fc12, usb to computer (new g66 usb cable) and to adam studio monitors. no soundcard used (sound of axe fx and my soundcard is the same), I use axe fx for all sounds to speaker and recording wondering if the things I noticed and read on internet concerning USB if the...
  7. E

    FM9 USB - Computer Integration

    Hi all, newbie here so please be nice 😀I am modernising my setup to a laptop based system to cut size, travel costs and hopefully integrate some specfic plugins into an FM9 based system. I don't play traditional rock or pop, but leaning towards avant grade, jazz and a dash of ambient...
  8. P

    Output level difference between USB5/6 and USB3/4

    I tried to use some VST plugins in DAW in real time with AxeFx3 as interface and noticed that dry signal level (USB5/6) is lower than with other interface. I created a small preset in AxeFx3 that has only Input 1-> Output2 blocks to send same 'clean' signal to USB 3/4 to DAW and this signal is...
  9. Guitarjon

    Help! New PC, new noise! SOLVED

    Hi all, I got a new PC. It's a completely new i7 build with all new components. I use my Axe Fx III as my USB interface everyday and I use it most often to reamp through my real tube amps. I set everything up today to record with my amps but I noticed a high pitched whine coming through the...
  10. D

    Stupid question re: Axe-Fx III via USB into iPad and laptop simultaneously

    Hi gang, AxeFx-II owner looking at what the III is capable of as I’m designing a new live setup. Toying with the possibility of running AxeFx-III via USB into an iPad and a MacBook Pro at the same time for audio and MIDI processing at both destinations. So, a cable with USB-B one end going to...
  11. jerry8931

    Fixed FM3 Freezing + USB audio glitching

    Hey guys! I got my FM3 from fractal last week. I've experienced so many issues throughout the week. It's just been really frustrating and has made me wanna return it. The fractal guys offered to fix it for me so I've decided to give them a chance. Please let me know if I'm not the only one...
  12. Valgua

    Best USB cable for FM3?

    Hi! I have read a few posts of people breaking their USB B connector on the FM3. The culprit seems to be the USB cable provided by G66. As I should get my device quite soon, I would like your advice for a good reliable USB cable that will not give me problems. Thanks!
  13. Brad Wilson

    USB Noise in Monitors

    Hi guys, I just got a new Macbook Pro and installed all the Axe FX drivers (Axe FX II mk1). The strangest thing is happening though. Whenever I plug in the USB cable to the computer, I get a ground hum noise from my monitors, even with no signal input from my Axe FX into the interface. I have...
  14. A

    Bug? Fractal FM3 USB re-amp latency

    I 've noticed that when I am reamping midi signal via USB, there is a slight delay on the recording. In the image you can see the reamp track in grey being starting almost 50ms after the reamped midi signal in red. I am not sure if this happens on reamps with real audio as well, or from DI that...
  15. Greg Ferguson

    Fixed FM3-Edit failing to reconnect after computer sleeps

    I'm on an iMac Pro running Big Sur 11.0.1, FM-3 Edit 1.02.00, and FW 2.00 - beta 1, and an FC-6. When the iMac voluntarily sleeps for an hour or more (maybe less even), FM-3 Edit is no longer communicating with the FM-3. The interface is alive, but it won't tell the FM-3 to do anything like...
  16. Guitar Of Justice

    Axe-Fx 3 Reamping with Audacity via USB, not working

    Hello Internet! I try to reamp with my new axe and it somehow not working with Audacity. I have a DI-Guitar Track (not recorded with the axe) but I wanna use it. On my Kemper i set the output on Audacity to SPDIF Kemper and on the Kemper I set the input to SPDIF and voila there you go with...
  17. T

    Not a Bug USB A port unfunctional

    Hey team, I got a USB A to A to connect my FM3 to FM3 edit. It doesn't work. I run windows 10 and my USB B (from the FM3) to A works to connect. I don't know if this is a known issue or if it's just my unit. The user manual doesn't say anything about it though. I also don't get the...
  18. thejonnyhealy

    FM3 1.06b1 USB control panel no devices connected - FM3 Edit says connected

    So I updated from 1.05 yesterday as I was getting the USB audio drop out glitch and everything was working fine. Some time today FM3 Edit crashed and now I can't get the FM3 to show up in the FM3 USB driver control panel. I reset all the presets and user settings on the device, updated windows...
  19. A

    Issues with USB re-amping / recording

    Greetings, As you can see in the picture attached, the I/Os required for reamping are inactive. Anyone know why? Any help and comments appreciated. Thank you
  20. T

    (Troubleshooting) Axe-Fx 3 as Audio Interface randomly fails

    Hello! First off, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong :) I've owned my Axe FX 3 for several months, but these last few weeks (3-4 weeks?) I've been having a problem. I use the Axe as my primary audio interface, and sometimes it just...
  21. plasmatic

    Logic Pro X Controlling III (unwanted)

    I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue, when I have Logic open and my III connected via USB, when I change tracks in Logic it is changing scenes in my Axe. It will also bypass blocks. It doesn't matter if my Axe is the audio interface or my Focusrite USB interface. As long as I have the...
  22. A

    FX 3 No connection(HELP)

    This happens when I was playing my guitar while connecting it. It sudden lost the connect to the MAC. But It contains signal in the input while I play the guitar but I cannot find it in the MAC output or input. It happens few days before, But i can just unplug the USB and plug it in again . The...
  23. ZebulaJams

    No Sound

    So my Axe Fx 3 stop producing sound from my computer. It will play the guitar I have hooked up to it, but nothing from my computer. USB runs from the unit to my computer and I have two monitors plugged in via the front “headphones” port on the front of the unit. Was working fine yesterday and...
  24. ApocalypticKatana

    Windows 10 to use/recognize the AX3's Input USB Block (5/6, 7/8) through the OS as an output

    I know Reaper, DAW's recognizes the AX3's usb input blocks Searching the forums MAC users don't seem to have a problem doing what I wish to do I'm wishing the AX3 would let windows see that it has the USB Input 5/6, 7/8 as a viable output to use through the block chain
  25. L

    Stereo Reamping with Axe 3?

    I have a stereo guitar DI going to the axe and back via USB, and if I only have the input and output blocks, it remains in stereo. But when I add and amp, cab etc, it combines to mono. How do I reamp via USB in stereo?
  26. S

    Help recording via USB into Logic-LOUD HISS

    Bought my Axe Fx3 couple weeks ago and love it. Finally got all my sounds programmed to play live. Few days ago started the next chapter, recording. Plugged the USB into my Imac, opened up Logic Express 9, created a track, hit the record button and BAM! input levels maxed out in the red and a...
  27. D

    Long USB runs

    I thought I'd post some information that may or may not have been discussed regarding long USB cable runs. Hopefully this post is a good bit of information for those folks not sure what to do or use. From a brief search, there didn't seem to be definitive answers with what to run which is a...
  28. rmg471

    Using Axe-Fx III as interface to software VST guitar amp/effect sims

    Hello, all: I have the Windows (10) ASIO drivers installed on my PC, and I can select the Axe FX III as the input and output channels in my software sim (in this case, Scuffham S-Gear 2.7). I have two issues I can't find a way around, even after trying to gain insight from the manual and basic...
  29. Per Boysen

    Can III follow external MIDI Clock through USB MIDI?

    I love the tones and effects of my Axe II, but have had a constant issue with the lacking function. Is it fixed now in the Axe III?
  30. Z

    Axe 3 with LiveLoop

    I'm trying to use the Axe 3 with an app called LiveLoop which is live looping software. It runs as a standalone on Mac so I am thinking I would take the audio from the Axe 3 and send it to the Mac laptop via SPDIF via a simple USB audio device; then take the output from LiveLoop and route it...
  31. A

    Axe-Fx III as Audio Device

    Hi everyone, I have an Axe Fx III and a MOTU 4Pre In this last period I started using my axe fx as main audio device using usb recording I need a opinion, Is better using my axe fx as audio device only for guitar and bass recordings and using my MOTU for working on midi programming, editings...
  32. G

    Axe-Fx USB into DAW trouble

    Yo so my dumbass is trying to do AxeFx usb into Mac, out my scarlet interface and into monitors? Better way? I wanna keep the monitors through my interface so I can listen to shit but also want an axe fx direct into my DAW with USB because it’s way more clear than into the interface. Running...
  33. LordGold3

    Implemented Use Output 2 to play Windows audio

    As far as I know this can be done on a Mac without any problems. I would love to be able to route the USB audio running from windows (not from the DAW) to output 2 of the Axe FX 3. It can be done within a DAW easily but not when just playing music straight from windows player or iTunes or...
  34. Dimitri Carrer

    Price difference between FC US/EU compared to MFC-101

    Hi guys, I must say before starting that this is not meant to be as a rude/negative/flame post. I don't wanna offend anybody or sorts, just trying to figure out something that sounds a bit off to me. Lots of time has passed between Axe FX 2 and Axe FX 3 but: I've bought from G66 EU Axe Fx 2 and...
  35. B

    Axe-Fx III buzzing as an Audio Interface

    Just finished a gig with the axe fx iii where I didn’t even use it to play guitar. It was solely running tracks from a MacBook Pro via usb. We were fighting a buzz the whole night with it. However, intermittently, there was also a “pop” in the buzz. The ground lift took some of the buzz away...
  36. P

    Wish Send MIDI from USB to DIN out (like with the Axe-Fx II)

    Hello, I have always used the USB port of the Axe-Fx II to send MIDI from my computer to my MIDI controller via the DIN Output. The Axe-Fx II automatically merged the MIDI messages from the computer (via USB) with the Axe-Fx MIDI messages (especially the Sysex for the tuner and the tempo)...
  37. H

    FC USB Port for Axe Edit (Wish)

    I wonder if it will be possible to access Axe Edit or FracPad by plugging a PC or tablet into the FC 6/12 USB port. Since FasLink II supports bi-directional communication, this seems to be quite a feasible possibility. I’m aware that the USB port is listed as “reserved for future use,” and...
  38. shreddykreuger1975

    No sound from Mac by USB

    I just want to use my Axe III as my main interface but I cannot. I get no sound coming back from my DAW or any source on my Mac. I have selected it, checked Audio Midi Setup. Made sure the inputs are up on my USB i/o. Do I need to set something up on the Axe to just hear my DAW? It was never...
  39. DWDrummer

    Axe-Fx III and Axe-Fx II+ managed on one PC

    Hello everyone, I purchased my FX III and moved my FX II+ to my bass rig. The II+ makes all my basses sound amazing. However, I can no longer connect to it from my workstation. I can connect to the FX III with no issues but the FX II+ gets a device not recognized error when I plug it in. Both...
  40. S

    No sound in DAW when connected via USB

    I’ve had my AX8 since January 2018 and up until now I haven’t experienced any trouble at all. But after updating to Q10.01 I’ve experienced some problems. I run my unit like everyone else at home I guess: AX8 —> Sound card —> Computer (Logic) And I hook the AX8 up via USB to work in AX8edit...
  41. R

    Using a 1/4" Line to USB Cable

    Hello! I recently bought an AX8 (yay for me!), and am diving into the amp modeling world head first after selling most of my pedals that I used before making the switch. I'm super excited to get my hands on it and mess around with it, but right now the only way I am able to play the AX8 is...
  42. E

    Intermittent USB connection

    Hi all Just received the AF3 and having a really good time! My USB connection, however, isn't. I connected and got a timeout message. Power-cylced the AF3 and it worked for a few minutes. Updating the firmware I got another timeout message, at 64% complete, suggesting I power-cycle the AF3 and...
  43. blearyeyes

    Time-Aligned USB Digital Re-Amping w/ Logic Pro

    TIME-ALIGNED USB BASED DIGITAL RE-AMPING w/ AFX-FX II Quantum 10.x (maybe AXE-FXlll) and APPLE LOGIC X PRO 10.4.1 OSX High Sierra. download PDF of tutorial: http://www.shattuckelectronics.com/pics/REAMPING.pdf Create an Aggregate Device using the Audio MIDI Setup app found in the Utilities...
  44. gigawatt

    Axe Fx III Updating Question

    So, I live on the 7th floor of an apartment building, and free internet is in the lobby. Recently I talked to support about an issue and had to "de-rack" my Axe, bring it down to the lobby, and hook it up to my laptop for an internet download. It's a lot of work unplugging all the cables and...
  45. blearyeyes

    USB communication error

    I though this was worth a double post as I could not find anything while previously searching. I recently picked up an older AXE-FXll Mark ll with MFC-101 mklll. running a mid 2010 Mac pro with os x 10.12.x High Sierra updated today June 14 2018 and latest logicX. The previous owner while...
  46. R

    Problem with the edit

    Hi there. I am having some issues with the axe edit. I connect my ultra via midi-usb cable to the pc and open the axe edit. The ports of my midi interface are recognised but when i select them it result connected for few seconds and then appears an error message: "UNKNOWN DEVICE: THE VERSION...
  47. scottp

    Audio problem with USB cable connected

    So I have an Axe-Fx II XL+ running 9.04. When I have the USB cable connected from laptop (PC) to the Axe I get the noise. It sounds like occasional popping, spitting or crackling noises. Like if you hit an E chord and let it ring out, that is when you can really hear it. I tried it with...
  48. CoffeePunk73

    Not a Bug USB not detecting Axe Fx II +

    My Axe Edit was working fine. Wanted to back up all my presets, but I can't get my MacBook pro to even recognize the unit. Running Sierra 10.12.6, Quantum 9.01 and just reinstalled the latest Fractal Bot, Axe Edit, and Axe Fx drivers for mac. Any ideas?
  49. L

    Just got axe fx 2 and...

    I'm new at using axe fx. I am trying to get my logic pro x to recognize it with the USB but it wont. I was told to download the drivers off of the fractal site first but there are many different things and I dont know which ones to download. Also after I download them, then what? I'm pretty...
  50. SHIFT838

    MFC24 USB MIDI Controller Built

    Since I have been using recording software on my PC I have always wanted to be able to control the software via a footswitch to be able to record, play, stop, remove item, arm track, etc. I literally hate using the mouse. I started pursuing a path to develop my own DIY USB MIDI Foot Controller...
  51. Byte Music

    Focusrite 2i4 + Axe FX XL + = not working. Help.

    Hey everyone, I am a super newb at this whole process. I have a Scarlett 2i4, iMac, Event 20/20 bias monitors, and Axe FX II XL +. I can easily use the Axe Fx II by plugging in straight into iMac via USB. However, all of the computers playback is now on the iMac speakers. My questions is...
  52. Max_H

    [SOLVED] Can no longer connect via USB

    So I went out of town for the weekend and when I returned I found that my PC would no longer recognize the Axe FX as a possible audio interface or sound card. My PC makes the tone when you plug in a device (plays it twice actually) but Axe Edit/Fractal Bot/Ableton/Logic no longer "see" it. Also...
  53. Stobbart.hun

    Bug? USB Connection Fail

    Hi there! :) I have been emailing about this issue for a while with fractal support -and since the unit was purchased in EU- also with the G66.com tech guys... When ever I try to connect to a PC an error message appears saying: Communication time-out: AX8-Edit was unable to complete the...
  54. Mesatallic

    Wish USB 3.0

    AX8-Edit is painfully slow when working with 'Axe-Manage Presets' & 'Axe-Manage Cabs' Moving, copy/paste, loading & saving etc. Slow backing up of the AX8 in Fractal-Bot. An overall speed increase with a USB 3.0 upgrade, over the current USB 2.0 interface. USB 3.0 was released in 2008 and USB...
  55. Dorian

    No sound : Cubase

    Hi ! here is my problem, I'm using the axe fx 2 xl+ and cubase AI. the axe fx works perfectly, I use a USB cord and can use AXE EDIT when I use cubase, the software reconize the Axe fx, I changed the vst connections and followed the video on YouTube to reamp the axe fx but I don't have any...
  56. T

    Axe FX II XL+ Mac USB Audio Sync Glitches

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first post! I've been using my XL+ for about a year now and I've always recorded into Logic Pro X on my Mac over USB. I like the simplicity of one cable to hookup but I find the USB connection to be unstable as it frequently glitches and the audio goes out of sync...
  57. rascarvalho

    Axe FX XL+ with Auria Pro (iPad)

    Hi! Nowadays, with my new aquisition (AXE FX XL+) I'm trying to become more participative! Well... We know that the Axe USB interface is very good to record, and, with iPad, I think that Auria Pro is the best DAW for this plataform. Has someone tried to connect USB from Axe to an iPad using...
  58. W

    [Not a Bug] [Solved] USB audio data loss while connecting to Macbook Pro

    I've had a pretty stressful last couple hours trying to solve this issue and I think I did. I just recently started recording via USB audio and everything was running smoothly, even though I have my Axe Fx II connected to my computer via a USB hub. Yesterday I dismantled my setup to clean my...
  59. Fredneck

    Fixed AxeFX2XL USB not working since Q6 update

    SOLVED: Solution was to delete ALL windows driver programs for FAS and reinstall. I had been simply able to reinstall drivers in the past. Plus, I had the issue when I updated my firmware, so I thought I had found a possible bug. NO BUG! AxeFX2 XL doesn't work as a soundcard or communicate with...
  60. CoffeePunk73

    [NOT A BUG] Clicking noise from Tempo through USB (Mac)

    I'm running my FX2+ through usb to my MacBook pro. I keep getting this little static clicking that's perfectly in time with the Tempo on the AxeFX unit. I saw a thread from back in 2014 that referenced the bugs wiki, but since it no longer exists, and is probably way out of date, it wasn't much...
  61. S

    USB audio out - PC-in - Headphones

    As I understand, the AX8 does not send audio over USB. is that limited by a missing hardware component or is that an intentionally missing function of the software to set it apart from Big-AXE ? (my old Boss BR-80 simply plugs into my PC via USB for practice) Reason is.. I like to practice at...
  62. Andrew Catechize

    Bug? Usb audio not working

    I just received an axe 2 XL+. Everything works great on its own but I am having an issue I cannot figure out while using it for usb audio. I am running Mac OSX El Capitan, installed drivers per instructions but am having playback and recording issues. For normal playback, through iTunes...
  63. S

    Axe-Fx II XL+ can't get audio output from PC

    I just got my new Axe-Fx II XL+ and I'm trying to set it up so that it acts as a sound card for my PC. I installed all of the drivers and updated the firmware of the device, and when I go into audio devices on my PC there is in fact a speaker setting for the Axe-Fx II. However, it says that...
  64. Volvagia

    Axe sounds different when recorded?

    So my Axe Fx tones sound a lot different when recorded through USB than they do when I'm just jamming through my speakers.. I find that it sounds a lot brighter/twangy and less warm sounding. I usually have to tweak it to sound more like it did before. Anyone else have this issue?
  65. TheTrooper

    Axe Fx II Direct with USB to Mac/PC: The right way to set up everything?

    It's a question that's been picking my mind a lot. What are the parameteres (both on the Axe Fx I/O page and on whatever DAW) to look for and how to set them up the best way? Running direct into my Macbook with Cubase, I get 2.6ms input latency and 2.9ms output latency (enough to throw me off...
  66. Brian Taylor

    USB connectivity

    Please help. I want to use my FX2 with Logic Pro X. Ought to be straightforward - have the driver, connect USB, set the input and output settings in Logic, connect speakers to Axe (output 1/balanced) - but, nothing! Nothing at all. In the Mac audio settings, for the Axe FX, it shows: "The...
  67. ibanman555

    Axe Edit disconnecting my HUI controllers

    Having a weird situation occur where I install Axe Edit and for some reason, my Midi mixer controllers are loosing connection with Pro Tools, and not functioning properly. If I uninstall the USB drivers and Axe Edit, all appears to be well again. I wonder if it has to do with the midi i/o of...
  68. Z

    usb adapter mode not working

    hey all, i was hoping you could help me figure out a problem i'm having: i'm using an axefx mark2 (FW quantum 1.05) connected to my macbook pro (os 10.9.5) via usb. i'm using ableton live as my daw. what i'm trying to do is send midi from an fcb1010 footpedal via a midi cable to the axefx...
  69. Jason Scott

    Workaround for Multiple Soundcards in my DAW

    I've been scouring the net and this forum for posts related to using the Axe FX via USB in conjunction with another sound card in my DAW. From what I've read, a multiple sound card setup seems to work for some people because their DAW allows for multiple sound cards, however it's a real issue...
  70. V

    Axe-Fx II and Linux (again)

    For those interested in using the Axe-Fx II with Linux, there are some really, really good news: While the USB Midi interface already worked out of the box, until now it has been necessary to patch two files of the Linux sources (format.c and clock.c) and recompile the snd-usb-audio module to...
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