USB Firmware V 1.14 Release


Hi All,

A new version of the USB Firmware, v 1.14 , is available for the AXE FX III!

This release addresses several issues regarding latency stability and the actual latency of the unit itself. Here is a brief summary of improvements/fixes:
  • Importing a preset no longer changes the latency
  • Latency no longer drifts when an audio stream is active in certain cases
  • (macOS only) Latency no longer changes after a period of time after powering on the unit
  • Overall latency of the unit itself has been reduced
This version of firmware uses a fixed internal USB buffer size compared to previous releases which used a configurable USB buffer. DSP firmware v 20.02 removes the USB Buffer Size option from the front panel when this (or later) versions of USB firmware is used. A future update to AXE Edit will remove the USB Buffer Size setting. This is not the same as the buffer size you set in ASIO/macOS. Those are still configurable.

Use the link below to download and follow update instructions below as well.

AXE FX III USB Firmware v1.14 Release Download


Unlike DSP firmware, which changes sound and features, USB firmware changes the way your Axe-Fx III interacts with a computer. Version 1.14 includes improvements related to USB Audio latency and performance. This update is recommended for all Axe-Fx III units with USB versions older than 1.14.

To check your current version:
  • Press HOME
  • Press SETUP (push-knob E)
  • Select Utilities using the Nav buttons.
  • Press ENTER to show the Utilities menu.
  • Page right to the Version page.
  • Your USB firmware version is shown on the screen.
To install USB Firmware , please follow these instructions:
  1. Download and unzip the USB firmware update from:
  2. Download and install Fractal-Bot from:
    NOTE: Windows requires that you to install a driver first. Mac OS does not require a driver.
    IMPORTANT: Quit/Exit all audio/MIDI-related apps including Axe-Edit, any DAWs, Chrome, etc.
  3. Launch Fractal-Bot and install the new USB firmware.
    1. For Step 1, choose “Axe-Fx III”. You should see three green checks.
    2. For Step 2, Browse to the new USB firmware file (axefxiii_usb_rel_1p14.syx) or drag and drop the file into the file box.
    3. For Step 3, press Begin. The file will transfer quickly. Fractal-Bot will show "Transfer Complete" when finished.
      NOTE: Unlike when installing DSP firmware, the Axe-Fx does not show a loading screen or special reboot message.
  4. Click OK in Fractal-Bot and then reboot the Axe-Fx III. Once the unit reboots, check your unit’s USB Firmware version using the process listed in the bulleted steps above these instructions.
If an upgrade fails for any reason, please first reboot all devices and simply try again.
If you require any help with this process, please reply to this thread or contact us via

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The link in step 1 still points to the beta release.
Also I used FractalBot within Axe-Edit III (I haven't used the standalone FractalBot in a while).

There are two links. The top one is correct, the one under step 1 of the instructions is the old one (beta).
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Is this USB update recommend for everyone? I've never had any issues with USB.
If so, should I update the USB before or after updating to firmware 20.02?
If you use the AXE FX III as an audio interface with your computer, then yes. Which firmware you update first does not matter.
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