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    1. ironmelder
      hi! I'm new member. My birth date is wrong, the right one is 1984. Would you fix it please?
    2. Russell Wolle
      Russell Wolle
      how do I change the name of a preset on ax8
      1. Habuman
        Is this what you want to do:

        Just delete the preset name in the window between the presets and scenes. Type in new name and save.
        Jun 22, 2017
    3. CSC
      In regards to the last 3 updates, every time I have updated my AXE XL and then setup my rig running thru the pa at the next show, the input block gains are changed where there is a huge amount of feedback until I change the ratio section? I guess I dont understand this Input section enough. I run a wireless thru a voice live before routing it back to the AXE guitar input?
      1. Bruce Cisterna
        Bruce Cisterna
        Do you get an uncontrollable squealing? If so, where did you change the ratio section? I have that problem.
        May 22, 2017
    4. SLICK
    5. SLICK
      I cant reply to simeon as I am blocked or something-I tried commenting on a number of members conversations but still cant reply
    6. SLICK
      Hi I am in the very early days of working with my ax8-simeon gave me a method of using fractool to convert the preset that Dave Walliman submitted for AxeFxii. I'm having no success. I all plugged in and I cant open the file can u or someone step me thru it please?
      1. simeon
        if you're having problems with fractool, then it's probably best to send a PM to AlGrenadine, who is the guy who made it
        May 8, 2017
    7. Techboy57
      By the way Cliff, I love the shimmer drive, it reminds me of one of my favourite pedals, the Barber LTD. It's open and doesn't overly colour the sound of the guitar or the amp. If you have the chance to check out their pedals, they rock. Cheers, Perry.
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    8. sixstringsavant
      Hello - new member with a question; just updating firmware vs. 7.0 but every preset after update seems to have a delay on it. They don't all sound bad but I'm sure this isn't right; reinstalled once and made sure drivers are updated. Is this a know issue?
    9. Steve Colagrossi
      Steve Colagrossi
      I think I found it page 38 4.7.1. Please confirm. "Swapped "?
    10. Steve Colagrossi
      Steve Colagrossi
      I have access to fractal FXII at church. Can someone explain how I can rearrange programs so I don't have to scroll each individually? I have a foot controller. Thanks. Sorry for the elementary question. I have looked at the manual and it's not apparent to me.
    11. Jamesservice324
      Hello, New to the site and struggling, can you help me to get an organ or strings patch?
    12. Rael Genesis
      Rael Genesis
      i'm getting an error message when i'm trying to reply to a post on a thread I started It says it looks like spam
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    13. Unicorn62
      I have a problem posting text in treads, the forum will not alow me to post any message (with out and no links). There come a warning up that Im "trying to post spam" and that I have to remove it, but Im not?? I have a quit normal conversation in the "other midi boards! tread in this forum.. Whats the problem here..? I can not even answer the tread I my self have started.. What a genial forum?
      1. Rael Genesis likes this.
    14. Techboy57
      I'm having an issue with Quantum V 6.03 , I wont display the amp name of the preset in Axe Edit when i change presets. Any Ideas ?
    15. Daniel Mayoral
      Daniel Mayoral
      Good night...I have done a couple of posts in the forum but now that Im trying to participate in a thread I get spam-content error but Im not posting any inappropriate things, could you please help me? thank you!
    16. rushian
      Hi, new AX8 owner, I registered today and I'm trying to post an introductory thread and I get a spam-error message. I thought it was because I mentioned some manufactures of gear I own, so I removed the references, but still have the issue. Would truly appreciate some guidance. Thank you in advance
      1. Daniel Mayoral
        Daniel Mayoral
        I have the same probem as you!!! I cant post anything, did you get a solution? thanks!
        Jan 5, 2017
      2. rushian
        I discovered I cannot copy or paste anything into the post, I was trying to compose the post offline and then paste into the web browser. Once I typed directly into the browser then it posted. Hope this helps.
        Jan 6, 2017
    17. Glen Ozdemir
      Glen Ozdemir
      Hi, i have just had a fractal ax8. I have music man special silhouette. Can I use the acoustic simulation on my electro guitar? Would be glad if you could help.
    18. Riddim36
      Please help me to download this Preset posted by JamDoc "N-LAND" brilliant. I tried to download using the link provided and it returns page not found. I tried to post a reply to ask for the preset to be made available again but a message stopped me and suggested that I could not do this as it may be spam. Located in FX8 Discussion Group. Thank You.
    19. Riddim36
      Having received my FX8 two weeks ago I have been searching for Presets that I like to start me off. The is one "Nland with a video demo..brilliant. I tried to download using the link provided and it returns page not found. I tried to post a reply to ask for the preset to be made available again but a message stopped me and suggested that I could not do this as it may be spam. Please help. Thank you.
    20. JCS
      How do I make a post?
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