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  • steadystate, do you still have mitigators and power supplies for them for sale ?
    thanks-Matt 415-713-3264
    Probably best to post a direct message (Start a Conversation) rather than post your personal info on a profile post everyone can see ;)
    Ey there! Do you still have any midi mitigator that you would like to sell? I am very interested! (I wrote you in another post asking you for the ROM file if you have it). I bought one midi mitigator recently but it was not in good conditions. Let me know. Thanks! Emmanuel.
    I just heard a Fractal patch from years ago, Zeppelin Heartbreaker.
    ANY possible chance you could post or send the patch?
    It's amazing, probably the best Page tone I've ever heard.
    https:// forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/zeppelin-heartbreaker-solo.35354/
    Hello. In late 2017 you mentioned sharing a patch you use with your Ric bass in ROS mode. Can you point me to where it is at?
    Hi, thanks for responding to my post regarding the power supply for the RFC-1. Can yo tell me what I need to get so I can have one made? What kind of transformer/adapter with 2 or 3 prong 120v plug and what type of connector to fit the RFC-1? I'm wondering if my Alesis Data Disk power supply will work? It has a 4 pin plug. I've attached a pic of it:
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