1. S

    Fm3 Turbo Bug

    Hello, I got my fm3 turbo for smth like 4 months now. I recently updated to the beta 8 as well as the full version 8. In those months I had 2 problems randomly which version I had installed: 1. From time the writings in the middle display (over the middle footswitch) is misaligned and smth...
  2. C

    Bug? Weird Buzz?

    I have this weird buzz when I start FM3, it disappears after I restart it, but it happens from time to time... Why does this happen?
  3. D

    Output going silent while playing

    That happened twice to me today. Sound is still coming through the input, and into at least some of the effects, but no output, and no VU activity in the Out block. Rebooting cleared it up. Hasn't happened before (though i've only had it for about 3 weeks). The one thing different I did was set...
  4. dbonilla28

    Fixed VU Meter in the Preamp tab within the Cab blocks doesn't work when all the cabs are panned to the right.

    This seems to have already been discussed but it wasn't marked as a possible bug. Old thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/cab-block-preamp-vu-meter-issue.191075/
  5. D

    FM3 - Arpeggiator with minor scale question.

    Hi everyone :) I was playing around with the arpeggiator effect and noticed some weird behavior on the 7th note of the minor scale. I was trying to replicate the arpeggios on the song Bliss by Muse, it pretty much is an arpeggio (notes 1, 3 and 5 of the scale) going 3 octaves up and then...
  6. I

    Cab IR bug? Please help

    One day, the presets I using are suddenly started to sound cracking. But It only happens when select a user Cab. If I change to a Factory Cab in the Cab block of that preset, the problem doesn't occur. Deleting IR and reinstalling it doesn't fix it. That sounds like clipping. It was working...
  7. J

    Not a Bug Modifier Issues for Delay (Found on Scene 4 only)

    Need some help! One of my presets seems to be acting strange. No doubt there is some user error here but I can't find it. Issue: Scene four makes modifiers on Delay 1C go crazy, yet those parameters are the same in scenes 1-6 for the same delay block and channel (have on scene ignore too). It...
  8. mjamesmh

    Bug? Chorus Block "Tape" model

    Firmware 5.00 Chorus Block: Vintage Tape model When I engage the block on this model, I get intermittent high pitched static in my signal. Doesn't seem to happen on any other chorus model. It also occurs when I switch the auto depth mode to high as well.
  9. T

    Bug? Left channel (computer) audio drops out randomly after upgrade of USB firmware to 1.14

    So i didn't realize until recently that there were USB firware updates. When i got my Axe Fx 3 Mk. II Turbo in January 2022, it came with version 1.11. I then upgraded to 1.14 less than a month ago. I started to notice that both either through speakers (XLR) or through the headphone jack that...
  10. C

    CPU Crashing Way Below 80%

    I just got an expression pedal and I've been playing with different applications. Tried attaching it to the Gain controller on the Drive block (using the Klone) so I could play with different gain settings and it makes this weird high-pitched computer sound and locks up so I need to restart it...
  11. J

    Axe Fx II mk II wipes/blanks presets every time it is turned off/on (sometimes blank screen with frozen LEDs).

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue? I own an Axe Fx II mk II and today I have switched it on and was met with a blank screen and frozen LED's. I turned it off for a while and tried turning it on again. This time it did load up, but all the presets were blank. I...
  12. km 202257

    [Bug?] Noise on higher notes by boosted Class-A Amp models when 2 Amp blocks are engaged

    I’ve observed an issue which I guess is a possible bug and would like to be fixed. Please find the report below: <Observed Issue> From the following Amp models, I hear a glitch noise followed by the higher single notes when I play higher positions on 1st/2nd strings (especially noticeable when...
  13. A

    Setlist/Song/Sections and Midi Block - Possible Bug?

    Dear all My environment: AXE FX3 (first Generation) firmware 20.04, FC-6 firmware 1.12, AXE Edit 1.12.07 (macOS 10.15.7). The situation: You have two presets. both with Midi Block: Preset No. 1 (Midi Block) Scene 1: Program Change, channel 11, value 12 Scene 1: Program Change, channel 12...
  14. J

    bug? Delay with tempo set to relative

    I have set two identical channels of delay, but one has the time set to 500ms and the other to 1/4 note @ 120bpm (which equals to exactly 500ms) for some reason, to my ear, they dont sound/feel the same... i prefer the one that is hard coded to 500ms. anyone else notices this?
  15. sixtystring

    Fixed Cab Block - sometimes Align page displays more IR waveforms than it should (FW 17.01RC + Axe Edit 1.10.03)

    FW 17.01 Axe-Edit 1.10.03 Steps to recreate Load any preset Select cab block change to room/air tab change scene click back and forth between Room/Air and Align tabs (sometimes one time does it) may need to repeat steps 4 & 5 a few times As you can see below, it's displaying 4 waveforms even...
  16. Greg Ferguson

    USB audio play through clicks/pops

    Audio from the iMac to the FM9 via USB channels 1 and 2 through the headphone jack has a lot of clicks and pops. No red LEDs are flashing, but oddly, the MIDI light is on, though I'm not sending any MIDI or using anything that sends MIDI. After power-cycling the FM9, the light is initially off...
  17. Greg Ferguson

    Displaying Zoomed Layout Meter Number Alignment

    On the front panel, pressing Layout shows the meters at the top of the display. Both sets of meters have bars and the current value. On the left meter set, the values are left-aligned, so they jump all over as they move from single-digit numbers to double-digits. That's weird and distracting...
  18. sprint

    Possible Bug > Consistent 0.2dB L/R difference on analogue output2.

    Running Axefx3 mk1 @ Cygnus 16.02 Consistent with Output2 set to -10dBV and: stereo, or copy L>R, or sum L+R, or copy Output1 - always a 0.2dB L/R difference. Does not occur on analogue xlr output1. Testing is with a synth block (type=triangle, track=off) into output2 block and cabling out...
  19. sprint

    Bug? - Cygnus - Unit Locks up with loud hi-pitched output on some mod settings

    I'm not attaching a preset as it seems easy to reproduce: CAUTION - turn your monitoring waay down when testing this: Create a simple patch with INPUT1>CHORUS1>OUTPUT1 Select "Stereo Tri Chorus" with the following settings change: Right Depth 100% Centre Depth 25% Delay Time 0.1 (minimum) -...
  20. DanielePanza

    Best way to import York Audio, ML Sound Lab and OwnHammer IRs into the FM3

    Hi there, I imported my @York Audio , @ML SOUND LAB and OwnHammer IR libraries into my FM3 with no Auto Trim nor Min Phase, as I figured that's the untouched, highest quality version of the files as provided by the vendors, and I never mix cabs from different developers, so no need for the...
  21. S

    Not a Bug FW 3.02 bug: Modifiers?

    Hello everybody! Ever since i downloaded 3.02 i cannot control the modifiers from the FM3-edit (VERSION 1.03.02). I right-click as usual on the yellow dot and i get the modifiers menu box but its all greyed out an i cannot do anything/change anything there. I tried to do the same thing through...
  22. sprint

    Not A Bug - Pitch Block Garbles Audio when Input Received from Looper Playback

    When I play back some notes recorded to the looper positioned at the beginning of the signal chain, the Pitch block positioned after the looper block and set to dual chromatic (+3rd on left side only) garbles the input (sounds like tremolo added) in a way that it does not do with notes played...
  23. Greg Ferguson

    Fixed FM3-Edit failing to reconnect after computer sleeps

    I'm on an iMac Pro running Big Sur 11.0.1, FM-3 Edit 1.02.00, and FW 2.00 - beta 1, and an FC-6. When the iMac voluntarily sleeps for an hour or more (maybe less even), FM-3 Edit is no longer communicating with the FM-3. The interface is alive, but it won't tell the FM-3 to do anything like...
  24. Tigerfish

    Unintentional muting with Ableton Live

    Axe-Fx III MkII - FM 14.05 Ableton Live 11 beta on a Macbook Pro running Catalina 10.15.7 Output over USB via chs 3/4 to Output 2 Arrangement View - Master Volume automated to fade out to -inf over last 8 bars of arrangement. BUT sometimes the Axe-FxIII stays muted after the fade. If I reboot...
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