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Firmware 3.0 audio over USB not working / Windows 10


New Member
Hello, I've finally received my FM3 and I've tried using it with default FW on MBP 2015 and it worked, I updated to 2.0 when and it still worked, then 3.0 update came out and everything works on MBP. Then I decided to try the FM3 on my Windows 10 desktop, I installed drivers required and FM3 shows up as Audio Device and main audio out in Windows 10 but it doesn't respond to audio playback. If I go to youtube in any browser it hangs and spins infinitely, if I open audio file in explorer it just hangs at 0:00. Sometimes there is 2-3 seconds of audio when I re-plug usb or when I try to change the buffer settings but other than that it completely refuses to act like audio interface.

FM3 Edit works, and out1 and out2 work properly, just the interface part of FM3 in windows10 is not working as expected for me.
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