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  • Hi! i would like to say thank you for yr tuto for liquid f. good job.
    i would like to know ( i'm not very good in English and i' dont know if it already write inside) but i looking for if it's possible to change (by synchronization) the preset on the liquid foot when i change the preset on axe fx (because i use ableton for change my preset, but it doesn't change on liquid foot, thank you very much by advance
    Hi GMB! I was hoping you might be able to help me in knowing whether I can do something.I'm in IA-Slot on the editor and am working with Switch Type, On Color etc. so that I can have a Green-Bright when the Tuner is on and a Dim color when it's off but no matter the Switch Type I use for #60 I can't get my pedal to respond like this. Do know if what I'm trying to do is even possible?
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