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Wish MFC 101 & Dunlop Volume X Calibration Issues


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For some reason, when I go calibrate the pedal it only goes up to level 2 or 3 min & maximum despite the pedal being all the way up/down. I know the pedal is in perfect working condition cause when used as just a volume pedal it is consistent. It just doesn't want ro calibrate. I've tried a couple different TRS cords to no avail. It is linked correctly cause when the way is turned on and pedal is attached it seems to trigger a minimal & inconsistent wah effect. Also, upon touching the tip of the TRS cable that is plugged into the MFC 101 the calibration goes up and down so it would appear what ever connection there is fine. It just won't work with my Dunlop Volume X. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


From their PDF:

• OUTPUT jack for volume signal control • FX output for effect parameter control • TUNER jack for constant signal
to tuner
• INTERNAL 50 kΩ POT for setting
minimum heel-down value, wired in
series with expression pot
• INTERNAL SWITCH for reversing
foot/heel polarity
You might try flipping the polarity switch... Also may need to adjust the heel down trim pot, too.
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