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  1. Balrog

    SOLD Friedman ASM-12 Active Monitor for Sale - Michigan

    SOLD Near mint condition, I'm the original owner and it has never left my home. Comes with power cord and owner's manual. Works perfectly, and it's a beast! Local pick-up preferred, I am willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet the buyer. I'm in southeast Michigan near Lake Orion. $650...
  2. Georgy

    Anyone running WDW, but using 2x FRFR monitors as the WETS with a real amp+cab as the dry?

    * APOLOGIES IF THIS ISN'T IN THE RIGHT FORUM * As the title suggests, I’m just curious to see if anyone is doing this with their setup at home/studio? I’ve got a neat setup; Axe FX 3 with a pair of Yamaha HS7’s which are great. I also have a Wizard MC25ii and a 1x12 cab. What I’m trying to...
  3. Georgy

    Anyone doing WDW but using 3 FRFR speakers?

    Hey guys, As the title suggests, I’m curious to know if anyone is actually doing W-D-W with their Axe 3 but using 3 FRFR’s instead of just 2 FRFRs. If so, how does it sound? Or will a pair of monitors be fine? Thanks.
  4. trancegodz

    Do you need different sets of presets for studio and live work?

    I used to think that if I dialed in a preset on my “flat” studio monitors, or “flat” headphones, that sounded great on recordings, that it would sound great on my “flat” FRFR Powered PA speakers. It seems this is not always the case. In the last few months I created a lot of new presets that...
  5. C

    Recommendations for an FRFR monitor for Band Practice and backline for small gigs.

    Hi all, I know this topic has been discussed at length in many posts (I believe I have probably read most of them). To give some background, I have tried the ASC-10 (twice actually) and I am just not happy with the overly present bass and the fact that the presets do not translate well at all...
  6. J

    For you players with CLRs/PowerCabs/Other large FRFRs

    Hey everyone, For you people with larger FRFR setups (basically more than studio monitors), when you play the Axe at your house (or anywhere not with a band?), how do you set your FRFRs up? I have two CLRs, and will only ever be using them at home. I did a listening comparison between them and...
  7. S

    QSC CP12 and Headrush 112 / Yamaha DXR / Alto TS312 comparison

    Did any of you folks get a chance to play these with your Fractal gear and have any thoughts on them? I've searched the forum and generally CP8 has been coming up with some nice words about it but it's hard to find some direct/indirect comparison between CP12 and the Headrush, Alto or Yamaha...
  8. Z

    Global out 1 eq, but no out 2 eq?

    So my AX8 has "global graphic EQ" for each of its 2 outputs. Looking at the FM3 manual, it seems like it only has one global EQ, for out 1 (page 91 of the owner's manual). I find that having EQs for the output is essential when playing out -- the flat response of "FRFR"s is not really all that...
  9. Morbid

    FRFR specifically for Bass

    Hello fellow fractal enthusiasts. I'm trying to help a Bass Player friend of mine make the move to the digital world, and as does tend to happen, we've gotten on the topic of finances regarding total cost. I'm now trying to help him find an FRFR cab that is suitable specifically for bass...
  10. Vazzy

    Friedman ASC-10 vs Mission Engineering Gemini 2

    Hi all, I was hoping someone who has used both of these frfr's could make a comparison and provide some feedback about which one they prefer! Looking to buy one of these and I am lookin for a cab styled frfr. I've narrowed it down to these two but I was wondering how far away is the Gemini to...
  11. G

    FS Atomic CLR Active Wedge (BE) (SOLD!!)

    Atomic CLR in perfect state. Only used at home. (Belgium) Bought in 04/2019 so still under warranty. 800 Euro
  12. Cainer

    “Shoe on the Other Foot” live

    here's another one form the first night of our current tour, in Otsego MI. Jammy version of Albert Collins' Shoe on the Other Foot. Lots of fun stretching out on this one!
  13. guitarair

    Headrush FRFR-108 vs Studio monitors. Please help me choose!

    Dear adept Axe-Fx users, Newbie here. I just bought my Axe-Fx II XL+. Now I am confused how to use my Axe-Fx, whether an FRFR speaker or studio monitors. I will be using it basically for home practice. I won't be gigging next few months, so my main purpose is home practice and recording. I...
  14. J

    Best FRFR for AX8?

    Hi guys! I'm thinking on get one frfr speaker for my ax8, mostly for play metal (subgenere more like to death or prog metal, or even a modern black metal tone). And I want to know if you guys know the different options of the market. For the moment I know the Powercab 112 and 112 Plus from...
  15. S

    FRFR cabs

    So I'm new to all of this amp modeling/sim technology and just had a question. Would the fractal products like ax fx II or the Ax8 or the ax fxIII all work plugging directly from the unit into an Frfr cab for live playing? I've read people buy power amps to run the fractal products and that...
  16. S

    FS Matrix Q12 Passive (UK)

    Selling my Matrix Q12, great little 1x12 FRFR speaker. Good condition, few marks here and there but it hasn't been chucked around in the back of a van. I was using it with a Matrix GT800FX and my Axe II XL and it sounded huge, way bigger than you'd expect from the size of it. More of a lurker...
  17. Shenks

    Time to choose a different FRFR solution

    For the past 18 months I have been using a Matrix Q12 (Passive) with a Crown Xli power amp for my stage sound but I am now looking to get an active FRFR monitor. I do experience a bit of tweeter squeal with the Q12 when we are on a cramped stage, in some venues I can be as little as 3 foot away...
  18. M4rc0

    FS Laney LFR-112 FRFR Active Cabinet [UK]

    Hi all, I am considering selling my Laney LFR-112 FRFR Active cabinet. I bought it in October 18 from GAK and I used it at gig volume only 3 times, so it is virtually brand new. Looking for £275 o.n.o It is intended for guitar modellers and I love how it sounds with my AxeFX II. It does a...
  19. notalemming


    I have one of the original Atomic CLR neo wedges for sale. It is in perfect working condition & sound amazing. It has a ding on the lower left corner that happened when it was shipped to me. It's only cosmetic. That is the only negative thing I can say about the CLR's is that the finish is...
  20. Dynamic1022

    Laney FRFR 112

    If just orderd the Laney FRFR 1x12. It is new on the market and the sound reviews are very good. It has a 200 watt power amp onboard. It has even the possibility to switch it to emulate a 1x12 cab or 4x12 cab. I've orderd it because a lot of people using the fractal or other moddeling devices...
  21. D

    Axe-Fx/FRFR/Room treatment

    Sorry to bother guys just hoping someone may have some information that could possibly lead me in the right direction. I’ve been trying to dial in my Axe with a Firehawk 1500 which is supposed to be a FRFR stage monitor for awhile now with what I thought were decent results but never...
  22. orion32773

    Intro to amp modelers part 1

    This is part 1 of a 2 part series on amp modelers. Very high level but may be useful to point people to, to get them started. Correction in video “Full Range Flat Response”....I said Flat range. Duh.
  23. Jos Pelkman

    How to eliminate feedback on my stage monitor

    Hello fellow AX8 users, I was hoping someone could help me out here.... I dail in my sounds at home through studio monitors and I love the sound of them. Also the lead tones sound great. But when I go practice/perform with the band, the same lead tone often gain feedback on my monitor. I use...
  24. M

    Inexpensive active FRFRs: Headrush1212, Laney LFR112, QSC CP8, ISP FS8...

    Greetings from Spain (sorry for my bad english). I'm searching for an inexpensive FRFR solution for my AXE FX2. 400$ range. I've already read many of the threads about this topic, but I'm still a bit confused and I would like to delimit my options to the cheapest ones. Now, I'm playing several...
  25. jrgg

    Mic solution for FRFR

    I am looking for good microphone suggestions for recording my Chameleon FRFR cabinets in the studio. The xlr line out on the cab sounds great but I also want to find the right kind of mic to place a few feet in front to capture the entire sound of the speakers. The ported cabinets have...
  26. D

    WTB Atomic CLR Wedge (Neo preferred) - Canada

    Any Canadians have an Atomic CLR for sale? Looking for a wedge only, prefer a Neo but if the price reflects non-neo that's fine too. Anyways, I know it's a long shot! Thanks!
  27. S

    Switching between IEM's, FRFR, PA, Studio Monitors but getting the same sound.

    While waiting for my III on the wait list, I'm deciding how to handle my live monitoring and home studio practice monitoring setup. I've always struggled with this concept so I hope there are some experts out there that can give me some tips. Getting the same sound live that I get at home is...
  28. Andy G

    Thoughts on Dynacord AXM 12A?

    Hi all, Looking for a FRFR solution in Australia. Have pretty much settled on the Dynacord AXM 12A based on the few reviews I can find online, but keen to get input from anyone on this forum who has had experience with this speaker. I have considered getting a Xitone wedge shipped out to...
  29. Jos Pelkman

    Is the Atomic Reactor 50W active cab really a true FRFR?

    Hey all, I recently bought a secondhand Atomic Reactor active cab. At home I connect my AX8 via Out1 to my KRK's 8" speakers and the sound is just amazing! Through out2 I connect to my active Atomic Reactor (Out2 = Echo Out1). I know that I cannot get the exact same sound between the KRK's...
  30. freakymax

    EQ'ing the mic'ed amp tone in live situation

    hi, i will buy soon an ax8 + asc friedman frfr. i've understood that i will no get the amp in the room tone but a mic'ed amp tone in my asc and in the foh. so how must be my guitar eq at rehearsal and in live situation ? basically my eq is always midrangey, i cut all before 100hertz and all...
  31. csrMark

    Yorkville FRFR speakers - Made in Canada and bulletproof - some good info

    I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a speaker designer. He has been in the business for over 20 years and has had job offers from many of the big ones over the years (BOSE, EV, JBL, etc) I asked his opinion on the whole FRFR powered speakers out there. We talked about the Friedman...
  32. M

    Versatility of FRFR Cabs for keys/bass/drum machine amplification

    I'm pretty much set on putting down for a Mission Engineering Gemini 2, but I wanted to hear this community's experience and opinions on using these types of speakers beyond guitar use. I run a software rig out of Ableton where I primarily play guitar but also play some keys/synths/organs and...
  33. Georgy

    Went to a Fractal Clinic here in Melbourne the other night..

    It’s always a great opportunity to go to a Fractal clinic, especially when there are two pro-players, pro-Fractal users who were kind enough to share their hints and tricks with us. Mind you here in Australia, this was probably the first Fractal clinic that was held, probably due to the fact...
  34. scottp

    Anyone using the new QSC K_.2 series as a FRFR?

    How do you like them? What did you use previously?
  35. rascarvalho

    Using Cab Block and Real Guitar Cab + tube power amp at the same time

    Hey dudes, I´d like to hear you how do you deal with this situation: I use AFX as my principal gear but I use a tube power amp (mesa 20/20) and a real 2x12 cab loaded with celestion V30. Sometimes I'm not able to take my cab with me, so I just take my AFX and use the amp that I find on the...
  36. Voivodian

    "FRFR" suggestion... (yes, another one..!)

    Hi everyone! I want to buy a pair of ""FRFR"" PA speaker to use with my Axe-FX Ultra... My exigences and limitations are; - Passive - Match with a QSC RMX850 (200 Watts at 8 Ohms per channel) - Suitable for low frequencies (8 strings guitar) - F*$#ing great quality/value ratio ps: It CAN be...
  37. Georgy

    Is it just me, or are the FAS amps a bit better suited to FRFR..?

    Caught up with a friend yesterday, and essentially did the old A/B/C test by comparing a 100w valve power amp + 2x12 cab against a Matrix GT1500 + 2x12FRFR (custom made one) and a pair of Matrix CFR12s. He used his AX-ii, I used my AX8. Both were very complimentary in sound; different but...
  38. Georgy

    Are there any FRFR solutions out there that can compete with a 2x12 + power amp?

    OK, let me re-phrase that.. Part 1... Curious to know if there are any FRFR solutions (passive or active) that can compare to a 2x12 cab + power amp (either valve or solid state)?? Part 2.. Those of you that can speak from experience, how does it compare tonally? And volume-wise? Thanks!
  39. V

    Atomic Reactor FRFR Wedge SIZES

    Hi guys, I need a little help. I currently do not have access to my Wedges but need the sizes to decide on a Case to buy. So could anyone who has his Wedges in range go about and check them for me? I found some in the manual but since there is no diagram with it I'm not sure if they are the...
  40. Georgy

    Did I read somewhere that some guys are using the Flextone amps as FRFR solution?

    Ok, let me rephrase that.. I could've sworn I remember seeing on one of the Fractal forums (for some reason I keep thinking I saw it here in the AX8 forum..) that there are some players out there that have been using the Line 6 Flextone (either ii or iii) as an FRFR solution, either at home or...
  41. J

    Setup suggestions for live gigs with Axe fx II :)

    Hi everyone, Noob here. I was wondering what would you suggest for live performances with the Axe-fx. I currently use a solid state amp and do it directly from the output 1 of axe fx. But i will not be carrying the amp everywhere so need a setup that would not change the tone from Axe fx xl+...
  42. Punkfloyd4eyes

    Turbosound TFX122M-AN

    Has anyone tried the Turbosound TFX122M-AN Flashline Series? It's a coaxial 12" floor monitor. Just wondering if anyone has some experience with them? As I am looking for something a bit better than my Alto TS110a to use with my Ax8.
  43. F

    Powered Speaker solution - non-US Fractal owner

    Hey there! New to forums and to Axe Fx, in general. I am testing some stuff here and there - mostly playing my Fractal through headphones and in ear monitoring. Thing I should note is I'm a bassist, although not the most conservative type of bassist, as most bassist happen to be. I was...
  44. P

    Shipping Costs for 2 Xitone wedges to Australia?

    Does anyone know how much it would cost to ship two Xitone wedges to Australia? Cheers
  45. D

    FRFR Cab Question

    I've recently got a Matrix FR10p and with my tone match presets it sounds quite boxy unlike my studio monitors. I'm new to FRFR but I thought the sound would have been almost identical to my studio monitors with it being flat and all. My question is for anyone else with a FRFR cab or monitor...
  46. MConde


    Greetings, Do any of you recommend the FRIEDMAN ASM-12, EV ZLX-12P as good FRFR solution for the AXE FX II XL & XL+? Thank you!
  47. D

    Amp into Passive FRFR using Axe FX Cabs?

    I recently acquired my matrix FR10p and had an idea, but not sure if it would work or be safe. Using a tube amp into the passive frfr cab, but using the axe fx in the fx loop to use the cab simulation? My thoughts are that the amp powers the frfr cab like normal and that with the axe being in...
  48. LLCoolJosh

    AXE-monitoring question

    Hi New Friends, I am an AXE newbie (working my way through the manual to avoid asking 'dumb' questions). I sold my dearest Soldano SLO-100 and bought the AXE FX II XL+. My friend and former band-mates, Nothing More, converted me to the AXE after I started hearing the tones this beast could...
  49. Brian Coonan

    Friedman ASM-12

    I will just say - I thought I loved the AX8 plugged into my computer monitors. All the people that said this thing sounds like a guitar cab were right - totally has a great "sound" or I should say, totally replicates the sound from the AX8 great. Can't wait to play live with this rig! I hope...
  50. Paperjace

    Why I prefer using cabs vs. FRFR for live shows

    I have a couple guitar friends in real life that are thinking of picking up an Axe FX/AX8 and were asking me whether they should buy a guitar cab or a FRFR speaker. I figured I'd share my thoughts on here, as well, as there may be folks who are new to the digital amp modeling world. This info...
  51. D

    Matrix FR Passive Series

    Anyone tested out Matrix's FR10p or FR12p? Specs for both look to be the same except for the obvious 10" and 12" speakers and the height as a result. So I'd imagine the 10 would have the same volume as the 12? I'd love to hear if anyone has one or a comparison between them.
  52. thatrandomguy1

    Looking for a good FRFR solution. Advice?

    I currently run a Matrix gt1000 into an orange 2x12. While I love the sound, I really want to take advantage of my IR's and use the Axe FX to its fullest potential. I'm looking for something that won't be heavy like my 70 lb orange cab that could still be used as a "cab" for smaller club shows...
  53. brianv4

    Bass Guitar>AxeFx>FRFR

    I have some gigs coming up where I'll be playing bass guitar. I plan on using my AxeFx into an FRFR plus a line to FOH. For my guitar rig I use a CLR, wondering what you bass players are using.
  54. U

    Having trouble finding good info on drop tuning FRFR setup

    I play drop C in a hard rock (wouldn't say metal, but some songs 'get there') band with an off the boat Russian (hard hitting) drummer. I just made the AXE FX II XL+ purchase and I've been driving myself nuts looking at the different speaker options. I was originally looking at the Matrix...
  55. Georgy

    For those of you that go direct to the PA.. do you also have your own FRFR solution on stage?

    Hey guys Yep.. probably a repeat thread/question one way or another.. So, I'm going to start embracing the FRFR thing when playing live by going direct to PA/FOH, and I was curious to know if any of you AX8-players were also using/bringing your own stage monitor/wedge/FRFR solution, and not...
  56. Georgy

    Just bought the AX8! Stoked.. A couple questions though.. (wah & dual outputs...)

    Hey guys, I'm back on the Fractals again and loving it so far :D I forget how damn good the amp sims actually. Got a couple standard noob-type questions.. 1, Firstly, is there some sort of FX block that can act as a wah, or auto-wah? I'm hoping to possibly achieve this by not needing an...
  57. Ytolyccuz

    Xitone and Mick Farlow rocks!!!

    It is very rare to find someone who is as committed to deliver their products as passionate as his customer is... this is Mick. I have made one of the longest email threads I had ever made related to a purchase and he was up for it every single time. Never have I received any complaint or...
  58. withfoam

    First FRFR experience. Holy crap!

    I got my Axe-Fx II XL+ back in November and have been really (read: thrillingly) pleased with it so far. It has cured my GAS for pedals and amps, as well as given me so much more. The next logical step was FRFR, since I didn't want to keep routing it through the effects loop of the head I have...
  59. Misfit74


    Has anyone checked these out? I have a Matrix FR212 now and I'm thinking of adding one of these new FRFR cabs from Avatar, the G212 TRADITIONAL FRFR. 500 watts RMS @4 or 8ohms. They are $729, over $200 less than the Matrix FR212 price. I want to stand up to my other guitarist's 4x12(s), who also...
  60. ZenRigs Man

    The greatest tone from the AX8. EVER.

    Oh my word. I nearly wet my dog (my dog, Toffee, was unharmed in the making of this video. He seems to like loud guitar music though, which is a good thing). I Installed FW 6.02 on my AX8 this weekend, tweaked a bit on my main dirty patch and quickly recorded this clip to test out my new Zoom...
  61. J

    AX8 output questions

    Hi folks! Just got my AX8 last week for my Christmas :) I have a question about the output section of my AX8. I am thinking how can I connect the PA to FOH and my amp fx loop at the same time. Physically I know I will send my two XLR cable to FOH and 4cm to my amp, but how about the software...
  62. grandinq

    Basic FRFR question

    I originally thought I would use my Axe just for recording, but it sounds so good through my home studio monitors that I have been exploring possible FRFR options for a live setting. There are of course a bewildering variety of options, and I am not here to ask which one I should get. I’ve been...
  63. Manny Fufish

    Excellent support experience with Atomic

    Hey Guys, I know there has been some criticism of Atomic's support on this forum, but I want to try and put you minds at ease. There does seem to be some issue with the e-mail routing that Tom needs to sort out, however, once I was in contact with Tom, he called me immediately and walked me...
  64. Omri

    atomic clr alternative?

    Hi, Can anybody here recommend me a good frfr monitor to go with the ax8 like the atomic clr but in a smaller footprint? I'm trying to downgrade my rig and avoid taking amps for gigs..that's why I went for the ax8... I will mostly rely on FOH and in ears but I need something to use at home...
  65. R

    Matrix FR212/GT1000 users - advice?

    Hey all. I'm a relatively experienced Fractal user. I recently picked up Matrix FR212 + GT1000 power amp combo as an alternative to a CLR, which I have since sold. Understanding as I do that FRFR will likely never feel the same a regular guitar cab, I wanted to see if the 2x12 would get...
  66. M

    New XiTone cab

    Thought I'd post a few pics of my new powered XiTone cab. I've been mostly playing my AFX II through a traditional power amp and cab, but wanting to try the FRFR setup for a while now. Took the plunge and was not disappointed. It looks and sounds amazing. Haven't enjoyed my AFX this much in a...
  67. S

    Purchases to go with the AX8?

    Hello, After some consideration, I decided to go for an AX8 and am on G66's waiting list. Even though I'll keep my tube amp for a while, I want to use the AX8 with a FRFR monitor. So I have a few questions. 1) Regarding the "secondary" purchases, there will be a good cable (like the Humbuster)...
  68. Teej

    Mission Gemini 2-P SE

    I decided my Alto TS speakers just do not cut it when jamming with the rest of a band. No matter how much EQing I do on the output, they just don't sound right. As luck would have it, work gave me a sizable bonus so I've gone and invested in some true FRFR gear. I already have the Matrix...
  69. J

    4 crucial questions.

    I have a few crucial questions. Hope you can shed some light. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been thinking whether to go "standard cab" or "FRFR". Things to consider: - 1st...
  70. Clockwork Creep

    What guitar amplification would you use live? (Metal music)

    Hey there. Let's say you are a guitarist in a metal band. You play in relatively small pubs and clubs and you need guitar amplification. The front line of the audience are listening mostly to the stage audio, not the PA. You want the front row of the audience to experience your show at it's...
  71. R

    Anyone still using QSC k12 need help with what to do with EQ blocks?

    Hi All, Still trying to get the best out of the axe fx 2. I'm worried I made the wrong investment in the QSC k12 for a stage monitor. I'm just using EQ, Amp, Cab and Reverb block to keep things simple. I play classic and alternative rock on a Strat. I'm seeing postings that the k12 is not...
  72. Richy4Fingerz

    Frfr vs Fr

    So I'm not a complete newbie to the fractal system but I'm having a real tough time settling on a stage amp system. Allot of the threads on here don't seem to really answer the questions I keep having so I'll start this thread and maybe all you good folks can help me out. Correct me if I'm...
  73. X-Mann

    X-Mann + AX8 + (2) Friedman ASM-12's = \m/

    Hey Fractal Audio Systems Dudes....& well........more dudes! :eek: I just wanted to take a minute, introduce myself here & say that I'm VERY eXcited to be on the list to becoming a Fractal user. I'm a long time 11-Rack user (aka Lover) & have tried out the Helix as well. The AX8 was NOT on my...
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