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Time to choose a different FRFR solution


For the past 18 months I have been using a Matrix Q12 (Passive) with a Crown Xli power amp for my stage sound but I am now looking to get an active FRFR monitor.
I do experience a bit of tweeter squeal with the Q12 when we are on a cramped stage, in some venues I can be as little as 3 foot away from the Q12 so I want to avoid any replacement which has the same issue.

Currently looking at the Atomic CLR Neo 12 but price in the UK is £799 so it may be a while until I can stretch to that.
Alternative would be the db Technologies Flexsys FM12 which would be much lighter on the pocket.

I've read the threads on the forum, seen that the original CLR had a few tweeter squeal problems because of a lack of magnetic shielding( thanks for that info Cliff), but not much about the FM12 on this topic.

Thoughts, comments, feedback (of the good sort) welcome from everybody...


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You might want to have a look at a Dynacord AXM 12A - very similar spec to the CLRs.
Edit: I've noticed a few favorable reviews around the Fractal forum.
Over here in a land down under they are significantly cheaper than the CLR & also comes with 3 year warranty vs 1 ... so it might be of interest ... ... ...
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Thanks for that @rm60 as I hadn't conserved that as an option - although here in good old blighty they are slightly more expensive at £815 than the CLR at £799. Time for me to now review the forum threads for the Dynacord.

Overall, although the Flexsys Fm12 is cheaper than both of the above, which would be easier for me to allocate money to (wait - do I mean justify to my wife?) I definitely want to not have buyers regret.
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