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  1. Overcaster

    Emulating high volume

    Explain to an absolute numb-skull how to emulate higher amp volumes with the axe at lower volumes for like headphone use I know that well obviously higher MV values do the trick but also the gain enhancer. Any other ways?
  2. Valgua

    Volume knob nr 2

    Hi! Today, while sitting at my desk, I noticed that the volume knob of output 2 (on top of the FM3) sticks out quite a bit compared to the knob of output 1. I wonder if this is normal and if it is safe to press down on the knob to press it down. Thanks!
  3. B

    Soul Press II (review/demo with FM3)

    Soul Press II is a true bypass pedal and an upgrade from the original Soul Press, and with some significant changes. This pedal has Volume, Wah, an Expression out and a Volume/Wah combo. In the latter instance, the toe switch acts as a control between the Volume/Wah (shifting from one to the...
  4. Raggashaggas

    Fractal AX8 losing gain/saturation at cranked volumes

    I was performing with my AX8 last night, outdoor stage, running the amp sim into the venue's house PA, and running my own stage sound through a 2x12 through the FX loop, powered by a Seymour Duncan Powerstage.... To compensate for my keyboardist cranking his keys (he was in all the stage...
  5. D

    Global volume pedal sweep

    Hi everyone, I have a Mission Engineering EP-1 setup as global volume on the FM3 (per page 11 of the manual) for output 1. The volume works when rocked, but the sweep is very sensitive, and does not use about 50% of the travel on the pedal. I've down the calibration, and it shows nearly 100%...
  6. J

    AX8 noise and volume issues

    Hi, I've had similar volume related problems on my ax8 which others have described. The volume randomly drops and sometimes returns to its original level on its own. Is there still no explanation to this problem? My setup is ax8 left xlr output-> audio interface -> computer if it matters. I have...
  7. S

    How far can you push 1x12 passive xitone with Matrix gt1000

    Hey all! Bit of a noob when it comes to cab wattages/ohms etc. so forgive me if this is a silly question! I'm expecting a brand new xitone 1x12 passive wedge tomorrow, and will connecting from my Axe fx3 --> Matrix gt1000 --> Xitone. I just can't figure out how many watts the passive xitone...
  8. N

    Volume pan problem

    On every preset that have a volume/pan pedal in it i cant hear anything. The volume pedal on the knob draw is turn all the way down and doesnt react to anything i do, while the number is showing 10 (the number is reacting to my actions, you can see it in the pictures). If i want to hear the...

    🇫🇷 Les Tutos de Nico #2 - Axe-Fx III - Pédales de WahWah, Whammy et Volume. 🎸🎸🎸

    🇫🇷 Les Tutos de Nico #2 - AXE-FX III - Pédales de WahWah, Whammy et Volume. 🎸🎸🎸
  10. J

    Preset change, volume problem

    I have a bit off problem with volume drops. Sometimes when i change my presets the volume drops? Volume is instantly much lower level when preset changed. I cant find any reason for this and it seems to happen randomly. It may be a bit problem, when playing a gig.. Anyone got same issues?
  11. Feiner-mechaniker

    [solved] Playback of Looper is lower than recorded

    When i record a loop with the Looper Block, the volume of the Loop is lower then the original Volume of my guitar sound. I set all parameters to maximum Level in the Block. I also tried to set the Looper Block to different positions in the Grid: serial, parallel. This is really frustrating, as i...
  12. Megahertzz

    Implemented Tuner engage on exp. pedal heel down.

    I want to be able to set up an expression pedal so that the tuner engages when the pedal is in full heel down position, regardless of which parameter and block the pedal is controlling. Mainly I want this to be able to quickly access the tuner between songs when I turn down volume on the volume...
  13. Megahertzz

    Tuner engage on exp. pedal heel down

    Is there a way to set up an expression pedal so that the tuner engages when the pedal is in full heel down position, regardless of which parameter and block the pedal is controlling? I want to be able to turn on the tuner when I turn the volume of either a volume block or output block all the...
  14. reclavea

    Wish Volume Increment/Decrement optional store

    Wish this also for other Fractal processor models. The option to have the volume increment/decrement in the outputs NOT STORED. Hitting same scene or any scene or new preset reverts back to stored preset settings.
  15. ThrillGrill

    Expression Pedal - Decrease Gain, While Increasing Volume

    Friends, I have an expression pedal set up to control amp gain. When I roll the pedal back to decrease gain, obviously I am losing volume. Is it possible to set up the controller to increase volume slightly as I decrease gain? Thanks!
  16. S

    Bug? AX8 Volume Glitching on and off

    Yesterday and today I've been experiencing some problems with the audio, I'll try decribe best I can. I've also taken some videos of it which are attached for you to listen to. The sound will drastically drop in volume, glitching back and forth between full volume and very quiet. I've narrowed...
  17. J

    Bought a Boss EV-5 - but it only turns down the volume?!

    Hi all, New to FX8. But I purchased a Boss EV-5, calibrated, and I've added a Wah block, that I want to use it for. Alas, the only respons I get when using EV-5, is the volume level... What am I doing wrong? Can't figure this thing out... Something about midi/EXP1? But I can't find it in the...
  18. Rob Suelfllohn

    Mark Day Volume Maximizer ?

    I guess what first attracted me to FRACTAL was after seeing the Mark Day videos a few times....after awhile you realize WOW, that tone is off the charts better than anything else you see or hear on Youtube. One other thing I have noticed lately is Mark's videos seem to be recorded at a higher...
  19. csrMark

    [Solved] Mission SP1.. I can't get the "min" volume to work right

    Anyone got any ideas? I have the SP1 all calibrated and working fine UNTIL I went to sent a Minimum volume I like to have the volume pedal at about 75% volume when it's up and push down on it a little if I need a little extra. Well, when I go into the volume pedal edit and try to set the...
  20. jdiz86

    Recommendations on economical setup, suitable for the weekly jam

    Looking for some help to make the most of what I have or what I should get in place of what I have. I'm assuming many of you axe fx owners have come from tube amps that didn't get used like they should, for whatever reason. Please shed some light on this privileged issue for me, if you can. I'm...
  21. Steven Fernandez

    Getting same volumes on several presets

    I have several presets that I want to use live but a few of them are loader than the others. I want to balance them so that they are on the same volume level. What is the best way to do this over several presets?
  22. CodePoet

    Fractal Expression Pedal Tale of the Taper

    The Fractal expression/volume pedals are awesome. Love 'em so much I put together a runthru of them, so check it out if you have one on your shopping list.
  23. Megahertzz

    Volume global block and scene modifier issue

    I have a global volume block that I use on all my presets, where the volume parameter is controlled by an expression pedal, and block level is used with a scene modifier for volume boost during leads. The thing is, and I'm fairly certain I could do this before, when I change the level...
  24. S

    FX8 tutor

    I am a visual learner and have just bought a new FX8. I am finding my way round it okay but I could use some hands on help! Most specifically I am struggling with volume. I have built my first preset with 2 scenes (4C method, JP2C into Mesa 2x12) but the volume in the scenes is significantly...
  25. Monchito

    SPDIF vs ANALOG out MAIN1 level varies

    Hello, after reading some articles here I decided to try and record my AX8 directly via SPDIF. After some reading I have decided to post in relation to that: Do you guys experience any variation in level between the SPDIF and the Analog? I know SPDIF is supposed to emulate the signal from...
  26. Flyman1955

    Global volume

    I just received my Ax8 and loving it. One problem I am having and that's setting up a global volume pedal. Any tips would be awesome. Also pros and cons of global versus volume block. Ty fractal family.
  27. Randy Alanis

    Day 21..(Output 1/Output 2 sends)

    Happy (belated) Independence Day to those of us in The U.S! as I start week 3 of fiddling around with my AX8 (New to fractal, anything with amp/cab sims) I've arrived to a point where I'm happy at home & rehearsal for the time being sound wise..& am getting an understanding of AX8-Edit &...
  28. Solitudezoso

    How do you get a boost pedal going?!

    So the axe fx is great and what not, it basically has everything. I use the FCB midi foot Controller and although it works great, how do I get a boost pedal going? As any guitar player would do, you're about to play a solo or need to play a riff that needs to cut through so you hit the boost...
  29. Solitudezoso

    Calibrating EXP Pedal with AXE FX II

    I recently bought a dunlop volume x pedal for a different pedal board but I would like to use this pedal as another expression pedal in addition to my FCB midi foot controller. I hooked up the dunlop via quarter inch cable to the back of the axe fx where it says pedal 1. I know I go to I/O and...
  30. izappa

    Loss of volume in preset

    I have a preset that was working just fine, exported it for later recall, and all of a sudden the volume went to practically nothing and it sounds like I am in a huge reverb tank. Any other custom preset I use is just fine. I did recall the present into a new location and I get the same thing...
  31. S

    Axe-Fx USB Audio Interface question

    Hi everyone. I just bought an Axe-Fx II XL+, took me a while to figure out how to use it. I got a question: I'm trying to use it as a direct USB audio interface for my computer. The sound came out alright through the monitors but when I run it through my headphones (AT M50x) to listen to music...
  32. Steve Lockridge

    Setting Initial Volume to Zero

    I have an Axe FX II XL+ and an MFC 101 with two external controller pedals. When I turn on my Axe the initial volume is loud enough to cause feedback. To gain control of the volume I must rock the volume pedal forward, then backward. Is there a way to set the initial volume either to zero or...
  33. Muad'zin

    Volume imbalance problem

    I have a volume imbalance on my Ax8. When using a panned dual delay I noticed that the output of the right channel seems to be virtually no-existent. I'm running the AX8 via 2 XLR cables into a mixer. At first I thought maybe one of my cables was faulty, but switching them around on the left...
  34. A

    drastic volume change between scenes w/ logic pro

    I've recently started having huge volume changes between my scenes. This seems to only occur when I start up logic pro with ax8 edit on. I'm currently running XLR L out ->focusrite->logic pro. I use Ax8 - Edit while logic is on so I can adjust my tone. I'm wondering if logic is sending midi...
  35. thatrandomguy1

    Matrix gt800fx clipping?

    I'm running an Axe FX 2 into a matrix gt800fx in stereo mode to an orange ppc212 16 ohm cab rated at 120 watts through a single speakon cable. Whenever I turn the volume of channel A to around 1 o'clock, the small red signal limit light begins to flash. To my knowledge, clipping a SS amplifier...
  36. M

    Setting db levels?

    Hey guys, I'm reading through the manual as much as possible before my AX8 arrives and one thing that I'm seeing in there and elsewhere on the forums is setting up certain db levels for certain situations? What exactly does this entail and are there certain considerations I NEED to be making...
  37. JoeHans

    Saving the metronome volume level?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know why the metronome level reverts back to -20dB after reboot? I have my tempo settings setup per presets but saving does not seem to include the metronome level.
  38. G

    Help! I updated my Axe FX II and it ruined everything

    So I was about to fix everything so that I could record with my Axe FX II XL on my new laptop. By this I mean installing the Axe FX II drivers etc. etc. Everything has always functioned extremly well on my stationary PC. So I tried to open Axe-Edit just to check it was all connected well. It...
  39. sskkmm

    Preset change - volume block issues? Default on load question SOLVED

    Something I noticed after my first gig with the AX8... I prefer to have a volume pedal after drives and before delay/verbs...so instead of using the global volume pedal option, I have added the Vol block in my presets. However, when I switch presets, the preset is always at full volume even if...
  40. Alan Benjamin

    output level variation between modeled amps (at default settings)

    Greetings, As I mentioned in a separate thread yesterday (about the most practical ways to build presets from scratch), I spent a bit of time last night dialing in what sounded like a good starting cabinet and then auditioned every available amp to see which might work best for my "stock" clean...
  41. Flyman1955

    preset bank volume

    Is there a way to change the overall volume on a preset bank
  42. julindres

    Volume pedal dead spot

    Hey guys, I'm currently using a boss fv 500 expression pedal to use as my volume pedal. I use it along with my volume block. The problem is that in the beginning of the pedal there is a pretty big dead spot and then once the volume comes its already pretty loud instead of gradual. In another...
  43. julindres

    Upgrading to Axe fx II

    Hey guys so I'm a happy axe ultra owner I have learned to get some really awesome sounds out of it. But my main problem and I tried a bunch of different settings and connections for the volume pedal which I use a lot and no matter what I tried I just cannot get a normal gradual sweep like a real...
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