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  1. Keg8605

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    I keep seeing this thread title and think they released the fm3 beta. Soon....
  2. Keg8605

    Anyone here using an AX8 with Synergy SYN-2 ?

    Add a powerstation and you've got a pretty nice setup that combines both worlds. IMO the way vai uses it all is great though. Analog pedals in front of synergy and the axe fx in the loop for mod, delays and reverb...etc. Just add a way to switch out the synergy so you can use axe preamp models...
  3. Keg8605

    Anyone here using an AX8 with Synergy SYN-2 ?

    My setup was 4cm yes. So you would have Guitar to FM3 input FM3 output 2 to synergy instrument In Synergy fx send to FM3 input 2 FM3 output 1 to synergy fx return.
  4. Keg8605

    Midi pedals for FM3

    Don't discount an RJM Mastermind LT. Good integration with Fractal. Also the Morningstar mc8 will be a great one to use.
  5. Keg8605

    Wireless guitar system suggestions

    So I've had a few, longest has been the Shure glx d. Great battery life however, as the years go I'm getting more and more glitches with interference. I think the increase in wifi items its only going to get worse. Digital mixers, multiple ipads and iphones around... I had a worse experience...
  6. Keg8605

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    Cliff @FractalAudio congrats on this new breakthrough. I have taken a hiatus from FAS gear and went back to a traditional setup. I seem to recall this idea of matching the impedence coming up a few years back. As a power amp with real cab user I knew this would greatly make a difference when...
  7. Keg8605

    Thoughts on Synergy Amp Modules?

    I’ve been really happy with the synergy stuff. I went back to four cable method like a year ago and it’s been a nice change.
  8. Keg8605

    Man Cave/Studio ...from the ground up!!

    Pinterest should give you tons of ideas. Combo music room/man cave sounds good to me. I'd just design it normally and then add acoustic panels and treatment. Have fun!
  9. Keg8605


    I use my Left foot for most switching and wah which stinks if you are running a traditional pedalboard which goes right to left. I don't get the right foot thing as the guitar body is in the way. Left leg is much more free to operate lol.
  10. Keg8605

    Fx8 with Boss ES8 noise and no proper output

    So you are looking just for one loop setup correct? Not 4cm wiring with the es8... Does seem odd. Is your preset setup with all effects as pre? To troubleshoot eliminate the es8 and plug your guitar into pre in and pre out into the amp input. Get that working first so you know whether its the...
  11. Keg8605

    Recreate Eventide H9 presets on the Axe FX ?

    I've been considering a new setup these days and picking up an h9 to check out. The bluetooth editing seems really useful and having a bunch of nice presets sounds nice too. it's been mentioned here before how we are missing a more easy way to have h9 like presets. Meaning like multiblock...
  12. Keg8605

    Axe-Fx III Mk2

    We'll see an updated floor version before an MK2.
  13. Keg8605

    Shimmer Drive as a window into clip type

    Which clip type is default? I've noticed this can get harsh quickly for me even though I loved it a few of my presets i've noticed what i guess must be too much clipping. Gonna mess with the clip type.
  14. Keg8605

    Made the jump: RJM MMGT/22! (And the learning experience)

    The price tag is hard to swallow on those but it does seem to be the current best option for the axe fx III. And you're right the RJM support is really part of the cost too so its worth it. Congrats to you on getting a good rig going.
  15. Keg8605

    Just got the Axe Fx III and........

    Practice is always better. So many tone tweaking sessions where you just go in a circle :)
  16. Keg8605


    Don't bite your tongue :)
  17. Keg8605

    AX8 block library and fractool issues

    I am trying to convert my presets from my XL over to an AX8. None of the options are working besides of course manually dialing in blocks. Fractal converted XL to AX8 presets load incorrectly and then when I make changes those changes aren't being saved. For example, FXloop keeps going back to...
  18. Keg8605

    MIDI Maestro Seen yesterday @ NAMM

    Looks like maybe a good add for an AX8 setup
  19. Keg8605

    Mercuriall Spark (marshall plugin)

    Recently discovered Mercuriall and their plug-ins. They have good demos so you can try. I grabbed the Marshall Spark one after using it for awhile. First plug-in I've tried where I am satisfied playing it.
  20. Keg8605

    Best U2 presets for AX8

    Anything in the Axechange? No presets to offer but a few simple ideas I stick to with U2 presets is using the AC30 obviously or the matchless DC30. I always put the delays (2290 or deluxe memory mind guy) in front of the amp block. I use the Sdd or shimmer drive types as well. As for IR's I...
  21. Keg8605

    Mesa 2:90

    If power amp simulation is off what resonance settings are you referring to because the speaker page in the amp block would have no effect then. I suggest trying to keep power amp simulation on and lowering the HF and LF resonance values on the speaker page. You should be able to get a very...
  22. Keg8605

    "Skipp the wait-list price"?

    Really can't be upset with FAS over it. I mean every time a big new product is released with waitlist some go for a good profit and this way they are basically cutting that off from happening. Some people will see it as a bad thing but in a way the guy who wants to spend that much has a much...
  23. Keg8605

    Modeler Stress Test

    Update about Ares getting ported....Is 9.04 The Last Firmware For The Axe-Fx II?
  24. Keg8605

    Goodbye, safe travels...

    I recently sold my first high quality guitar, a PRS custom 22. I just wasn't playing it and picked up a les paul R8 that I loved. I actually gave the PRS box a kiss before heading into UPS to drop it off. I have this rule with gear and guitars that I need to unload gear to buy gear. It keeps my...
  25. Keg8605

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Just got my invite. Received my confirmation at 809 cst. Think I'm holding off for the FC price and release.
  26. Keg8605

    New FC price point please

    Just wondering if there might be any updates here. It's going to affect my decision for the impending purchase of the III.
  27. Keg8605

    What happened to the "Got the email" thread?

    Seems weird its not listed on the side. Usually they add it to the store once invites start going out.
  28. Keg8605

    What happened to the "Got the email" thread?

    maybe it was a false thread?? I dunno... people seem to like to pull those pranks sometimes.
  29. Keg8605

    Sweetwater Used Marketplace

    Just noticed it seems they are building up an online used marketplace. I've been steadily selling on reverb but may have to give this a shot.
  30. Keg8605

    Integration with RJM Mastermind GT?

    Have to agree the RJM's are quite up there pricewise. Hard to justify them even if they are incredible controllers.
  31. Keg8605

    Integration with RJM Mastermind GT?

    Would be a big plus with FAS and RJM teaming up. Especially if there's some similarities to the FC in that we can assign things with the Axe III. Props to FAS for helping this alternate route.
  32. Keg8605

    interim solution (before Axe3)

    Same here - it would be strange not have an FAS product. We shall see.... thought about just using a few nice pedals for awhile too. I digress lol.
  33. Keg8605

    interim solution (before Axe3)

    I'm actually thinking about holding out for a new floor version and using the HXFX for awhile. I have an XL/MFC that I love but would like to drop rack space and move to an all in one floor model. The HXFX is cheaper than an AX8/FX8 and won't drop in value when a new FAS Floor version drops.
  34. Keg8605

    Which Rack mount Mixer?

    ^Shout out to @BBN helped me setup our airport extreme to work well with our x32 rack.
  35. Keg8605

    What I want to See AX8 II

    To me there are a few clear features that after reading the forum I'd be shocked if they don't include. 1- More CPU power. Obviously won't have allll the horsepower of the Axe III but a good amount more is necessary after hearing about it in various threads. 2- Better UI. Yes we can all learn...
  36. Keg8605

    Which Rack mount Mixer?

    Another happy X32 rack user here but I think the sound quality from some other units is better. Couple apps I like better too. I like the qsc touchmix 32 app a lot.
  37. Keg8605

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

  38. Keg8605

    AXE -FXII now on Close Out sale status in store! Get one while u can!

    yea maybe this will be good to just get them out of stock and the resale price can come up a smidge but yea sheesh we're gonna take a hit to let go of these XL's. I don't think I'll be able to justify the move to the III.
  39. Keg8605

    The New Pitch Block Double-Track Effect?

    I'd like to hear that too!
  40. Keg8605

    Will we see improvements/new tech regarding speaker cabinets?

    I think the non technical/engineering types are just used to the "there's always room for improvement" attitude. Through the past decade amp/cab modeling has just gotten so good that we are close to splitting hairs. Because of FAS, people have been groomed to think there's always room for...
  41. Keg8605

    Why 512 Presets?

    Damn I was going to get the III until this.............. KIDDING.
  42. Keg8605

    III on the Floor

    I really REALLY hope a new floor model is coming very soon as well. It would have been great if they released them together.
  43. Keg8605

    Quick Demo

  44. Keg8605

    Quick Demo

    Funny that's the exact song I use simeon's tri chorus block on. Sounds good Cliff!
  45. Keg8605

    Incubus - The Warmth

    Favorite incubus song
  46. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    USB 2.0 and 48k.
  47. Keg8605

    Dominican Republic - bringing guitars

    That's the way I'm leaning. it's just weird since we do this each year -Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii, problems. They get us work permits usually and what not but I guess DR is just much more of a pain. Its tough too the company pays us really well and obviously we want to be at our best...
  48. Keg8605

    Anyone here using an AX8 with Synergy SYN-2 ?

    Yea the AX8 is better suited for it really. I am limited to the same channel for the same scene. So scene 1/channel 1, scene 2 /channel 2 etc. So if you wanted 5 clean scenes it wouldn't work. Love my SLO and T/DLX. I liked the AC as well. Very interested in the soon to be released Friedman...
  49. Keg8605

    Anyone here using an AX8 with Synergy SYN-2 ?

    I use the SYN 2 with my XL and I got my brother using the SYN2 with his AX8 and helped him set it up. Its actually better with the AX8 as you can assign what channel on the Syn2 you want per scene. -first connect a midi cable from the AX8 to the back of the Syn 2 -You then need to set the...
  50. Keg8605

    Dominican Republic - bringing guitars

    Playing a corporate show in the Dominican and the client has informed us that it's very hard to get approval for us to bring in guitars and equipment. For this reason we are thinking of renting guitars to not cause an issue but I'm wondering if anyone here has traveled there to play and dealt...
  51. Keg8605

    FC18 and FC21

    I agree with most but I don't think it will happen soon if at all. Utilizing the 4 ext. switches or a voes/morningstar will probably be the way to go. We shall see.
  52. Keg8605

    III on the Floor

    one nice thing about the rack is if you're using any other rack gear like myself so all cabling and power is in the rack. One cable to the MFC or FC and that's it. However, for me I'll jump on the next floor unit just to decrease the size (currently 6u for me). I do hope the floor unit is...
  53. Keg8605

    XL+ Becoming Obsolete?

    That's what I'm recalling as well. That's why I think its going to be phased out soon.
  54. Keg8605

    DIY Fret Leveling & crowning

    Has anybody started doing their own fret work? I've been considering buying a fret leveling beam as it doesn't seem all that hard to do and the more I do it I'm sure the better you get. Until now I've had my local shop do it....
  55. Keg8605

    Axe FX II XL+ support

    I think at this point an official answer would be nice.
  56. Keg8605

    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    I've used the quad chorus from time to time. It has a nice sound.
  57. Keg8605

    AX8 2?

    I agree- I haven't searched the forum but I recall this as well.
  58. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    That'll do for sure. Awesome.
  59. Keg8605

    New Boss GT1000 !

    Wow after checking out the various videos over the weekend from NAMM this thing sounds terrible.
  60. Keg8605

    FC18 and FC21

    Assigning switches per preset to me is huge. Its the one feature on the AX8 I desire.
  61. Keg8605

    FC18 and FC21

    Couple of posts about why the MFC 101 doesn't work the same in some other threads. It works in basic midi mode not axe fx mode. The new controllers are "clients" and not midi controllers is my perception. This way their data is contained in the AXE III. So you can choose what each button does...
  62. Keg8605

    FC18 and FC21

    Yea this might be my way of going about scenes.
  63. Keg8605

    I'm worried about the Ax8 future...

    I really do hope a new floor version isn't far behind. I had two AX8's and kept going back to my XL setup because I was just used it so much. To have more CPU and a better UI with the screens would make it a no brainer for many. Kind of like how Line 6 released the Helix and Helix rack together.
  64. Keg8605

    FC18 and FC21

    nope it doesn't. the dimensions will help too. I could see an FC6 next to a FC 12 being quite wide too. From the photos they look a bit tall to elevate one behind the other too. I'm wondering also if they'll have midi in and maybe a way to add the voes controller underneath for scenes or something.
  65. Keg8605

    FC18 and FC21

    I'm kind of with you but sometimes you just have to adapt and then you'll be fine. They can only offer so much. Lots of MFC users wished for a smaller mfc. At least they have two options now.
  66. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Like when using an expression pedal to that? My thought is move your foot slower lol? I'll have to experiment with this.
  67. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Just curious, what do you use this for? Not critiquing. Wondering what uses I might have for this and utilizing the damping feature.
  68. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Have to agree here. Big advantage these days to have that capability.
  69. Keg8605

    I wonder if the pitch block will be better.

    yes would like to know what's been improved.
  70. Keg8605

    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    FX Loop has been replaced by Input and Output blocks making it much better than the FX Loop.
  71. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Yea this has me reevaluating my keyboard setup. I may go back to using mainstage and have the axe III as my interface since you can route the USB input anywhere in the grid too. Nice flexibility to have.
  72. Keg8605

    I'm worried about the Ax8 future...

    I think we are looking to be near the end of the AX8 and Axe FX XL unfortunately. Just speculating but that's my guess. They also know how much people want the seamless switching and more processing power in a floor unit so I expect a new AX8 etc is very close on the horizon. ALLLLL SPECULATING .
  73. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    I believe I read 8 scene controllers.
  74. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Same here, came out of nowhere
  75. Keg8605

    Anyone else super excited for the III?

    I am excited but not sure whether I'll make the switch. I can't really fit another 1u into my 6u rack and I really want a new floor version similar to the AXE III
  76. Keg8605

    AX8 2?

    I think it may take some time but It'd be no question if an AXE III floor came out. Expanding to a 3u rack and controller is tough. I like the extra horsepower though. I hope they release an updated floor version soon.
  77. Keg8605

    Here are two power amps may give best of both FRFR and Real cab sounds

    From what I gathered that just is like keeping the presence/depth knobs at zero and when you engaged enhance mode its like having them at noon. I don't suspect there to be much difference between the synergy and fryette LXII. The powerstation is also pretty neutral.
  78. Keg8605

    Here are two power amps may give best of both FRFR and Real cab sounds

    The Fryette LXII was announced in 2012 and still has not been put into production. Your only option is the SYN5050 which is a good 1u tube power amp. The fryette power station is a good alternative that is cheaper as well but Mono.
  79. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    SOON just got redefined!
  80. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    I kid I kid
  81. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    I just realized how attached I've become to the green screen lol. How will we spot AXE FX's on stage now! lol :p
  82. Keg8605

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    So happy for FAS. This is great. Keep pushing forward!!!
  83. Keg8605

    Anyone at NAMM? See anything wowzer?

    That's been out for 4 years or so. I had one awhile back. Not a bad power amp.
  84. Keg8605

    Line 6 HX Effects new for NAMM

    yes they are the helix fx
  85. Keg8605

    Line 6 HX Effects new for NAMM

  86. Keg8605

    Variax thoughts?

    Appreciate all the input. Maybe if I can find one local to give a try first. The gist I get is Acoustic, Banjo, Sitar and alternate tunings can be useful but the guitar models aren't very good.
  87. Keg8605

    Variax thoughts?

    Anybody here use these still? I'm considering it for a travel guitar for corporate shows instead of bringing my strat and les paul. I'd be going for the JTV-59. Waste of time?
  88. Keg8605

    Connection of AX8 with 4cm and Studio Monitors

    The only thing you could somewhat try is if you just want to use your amp's preamp and then add a cab sim to that.
  89. Keg8605

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.04 Firmware Release

    Thanks for the update!
  90. Keg8605

    Recommend an amp model for specific lead sound

    I was going to recommend the SLO :)
  91. Keg8605

    Tone Talk - Rectifier and Soldano

    There's a vicious thread at TGP about it so I'm not taking any sides haha but the gist I got was its not an exact copy of the Mk II but more based on that and a hot rodded marshall. Where as the early rectifiers had an exact copy of the SLO preamp. Again just my perception. Found it very...
  92. Keg8605

    Thinking of changing from Axe 2 to Ax8

    It sounds like you'll be able to make the move to the AX8. If you were able to bring that Boss then surely you'll be happy with the AX8.
  93. Keg8605

    Tone Talk - Rectifier and Soldano

    Been loving the Tone Talk channel on youtube and listened to the latest one where Mike Soldano was the guest. At about 2 hrs 18 minutes in they discuss the possible copy of the Soldano Preamp in the early rectifiers.
  94. Keg8605

    Vai Rig Rundown from Vai Academy

    Wow never knew about his guitars. So much going on there.
  95. Keg8605

    In ears with AX8

    Tons of options and opinions. A few constants- Stereo is way better than mono Triple Drivers at least Custom molds Mixer capabilities- a little verb on the drums and vocals helps a lot imo Personal opinions- I've had Shure SE535s for awhile that have done well. Recently tried Westone Ambient...
  96. Keg8605

    Help with power amp selection

    Well I believe the PS170 and PS700 are the same except for more power and stereo for the 700. But @yek seems to like the Power Stage better than the Matrix gt1000. His is the first review between the two that I've seen.
  97. Keg8605

    Help with power amp selection

    Yek- now has a Power Stage 170 and reviewed in here.
  98. Keg8605

    My favourite new power amp! Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

    A comparison between the Seymour Duncan and Matrix would indeed be valuable!
  99. Keg8605

    Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders) on the AxeFx2

    Yea now he is using the synergy setup along with the axe fx. So happens to be my current rig as well and I'm loving it.
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