1. F

    Can I Automate Wah/Whammy on EV1 Pedal in Logic Pro?

    I play in a band and we are using Logic Pro to run our click tracks. I just recently learned how to automate my presets on the FM9 in Logic Pro so all my presets and scenes change automatically with the click, but I am also wondering if there is a way I can automate my expression pedal so I...
  2. V

    "Bad Horsie" (Steve Vai Electric Violin Cover) by JLynn & The Violution -- Video Out TODAY!

    Hi All! I'm JLynn, a Fractal Artist, and I utilize the Axe FX-III to emulate sounding like a guitar on my 6-string axe, and I'm very proud to share this video that is releasing today at 12 noon PST! It's my band The Violution's cover of Steve Vai's "Bad Horsie". Boy, was it a challenge...
  3. D

    2 envelope follower settings on one wah block?

    Hey all, pretty new to the fractal world here. Wondering if it's possible to have a Wah block with 2 enveloper follower settings on different channels? For example to have one enveloper follower that's "tighter" and one that's "looser" on one block that I can switch between. thanks!
  4. DMBradley

    Using Wah to Change a Preset

    Is there a way to program an expression pedal (running through an FC-12) to change a preset when engaged? As an example, I have a separate preset for solos for most songs and would like for those presets to automatically engage when I step on my wah for a few songs. Is this possible?
  5. V

    Bug? Footswitch conflict

    Hey guys, I'm running fm3 with 2 external footswitches, Boss EV30 on pedal 1 to control wah, and a boss FS7 on pedal 2 running two stand in switches, taps are to change view and holds are tuner and delay bypass/engage. Whats happening is, when I press the B footswitch on my FS7, it is doing...
  6. T

    How good of quality are Axe-FX III's wah pedals compared to real wahs?

    I've never used a real wah pedal before, so I wanted to know how the wah blocks in Axe-FX III compare to the real wah in terms of sound quality.
  7. sick pickle

    Can you enable a drive and keep it ON with an expression pedal?

    Following Leon's tutorials, I have my ext. pedal set to med Spd and 95% off value. However I want to also enable a Tube screamer/Drive block when I move the pedal, have it stay ON the entire time im sweeping and then shut off in tandem with the Wah. when it turns off automatically. Is this...
  8. guspiasecki

    Issue: Modifiers in Controllers

    Did anyone have that same issue? Or knows how to solve it. When that happens I can't use any assigment no more. Things live Control Switches, other Ext Pedals, etc. Thanks.
  9. B

    FM3 Soul Press II (review/demo with FM3)

    Soul Press II is a true bypass pedal and an upgrade from the original Soul Press, and with some significant changes. This pedal has Volume, Wah, an Expression out and a Volume/Wah combo. In the latter instance, the toe switch acts as a control between the Volume/Wah (shifting from one to the...
  10. ZebulaJams

    How to setup EV-1 as Wah?

    I just got the EV-1 pedal for Christmas and I'm having hard time understanding how to set it up. I have read the manual and it doesn't mention anything about setting the pedal up for WAH. I have also sifted through Leon's videos and he mentioned to plug the pedal into the "Pedal" port. However...
  11. Nogolopolis

    Expression pedal wah AND autowah from the same Wah block?

    I'm running the Austinbuddy Live 1000 presets (which sound fantastic BTW) and the wah block is set up to be controlled by the expression pedal (turns on when moves, turns off when toe=down). I'd like to set up that block so that it can ALSO be controlled by an envelope filter controller when I...
  12. Conley Shepherd

    Super scratchy wah - dirty and clean(recording attached) SOLVED

    got my wah setup in several patches - using 14.01 and it is scratchy dirty and clean - not really usable to me I hope this is a setup issue. Would be nice to use it tonight The recording is a quick recording of the pedal movement - ME SP-1 used in multiple FC slots and same with another SP-1...
  13. diezel013

    Looper Question

    Hello everyone... I’m really pleased with my Axe Fx III unit... controlling it with my Ground Control Pro... I played around with assigning the looper record, play and stop controls to the Footswitch but it’s a lot of tap dancing and not very musical in this way. Has anyone had any luck with...

    🇫🇷 Les Tutos de Nico #3 - AXE-FX III - 1 Preset - 8 Amplis - 8 Baffles - 1 Pédale Wah ou Whammy. 🎸🎸🎸

    🇫🇷 LES TUTOS DE NICO #3 - AXE-FX III - 1 Preset - 8 Amplis - 8 Baffles - 1 Pédale Wah ou Whammy. 🎸🎸🎸

    🇫🇷 Les Tutos de Nico #2 - Axe-Fx III - Pédales de WahWah, Whammy et Volume. 🎸🎸🎸

    🇫🇷 Les Tutos de Nico #2 - AXE-FX III - Pédales de WahWah, Whammy et Volume. 🎸🎸🎸
  16. Georgy

    Can you achieve an 'auto wah' without having an expression pedal?

    Hi Guys, As the title suggests, I'm curious to know two things.. 1, is there such thing as having an auto wah block but without actually having an expression pedal? Will it work the same way? It doesn't need to be like Kirk Hammet or Jimi-like, just a simple wah effect. 2, if so, how...
  17. Conley Shepherd

    Wah goes to bypass when fully forward

    I have my wah controller setup without much issue. The only issue I have is when the controller is fully forward, the wah goes into bypass. I am using the HD500X as a controller and I have expression pedal 2 setup for the wah controller of the AF3. Bypass = 59 (HD500X Toe switch) AF3 learned...
  18. axedude

    Expression pedal doesn't work ! HELP !

    Hey All, Recently bought an AXE FX 3, and a Dunlop DVP4 Mini expression pedal to control some of my effects like Wah etc. I've followed everything in the manual about calibration, but no matter what I've done I CANNOT get this thing working. So incredibly frustrating that its hurting my...
  19. Baldadi

    AFIII Some serious wah! (without touching any pedals...)

    Could not stop rocking' with this patch! Warning: somehow the volume of this vid is quite high...
  20. crg123

    FS Darkglass B7K (USA), EVH D-tuna & Morley Bad Horsie II

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Darkglass B7K (USA) Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original Box and Sticker Location (City,State or City,Country): Boston, MA International OK? : NO Contact Info (No Phone #s) References (eBay or other forum userid): Lots of...
  21. T

    Bug? Dunlop Volume X Calibration Issues

    For some reason, when I go calibrate the pedal it only goes up to level 2 or 3 min & maximum despite the pedal being all the way up/down. I know the pedal is in perfect working condition cause when used as just a volume pedal it is consistent. It just doesn't want ro calibrate. I've tried a...
  22. foureyees

    Wah triggered by envelope and controller

    Hi everyone, Just got my AX8 a few days ago and I'm really impressed. I've owned the Kemper and currently own a Helix, this thing blows both out of the water. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of "tweakability" in the unit. My question though, is there any way possible I can have my wah in...
  23. D

    My versatile passive Wah pedal for MFC101...

    Hey there! Welcome to my first post in this forum. If I'm doing something wrong here or use inappropriate language (I'm just a German guy...), let me know. I want to show you my version of a versatile and easy to use wah controller specially made for the MFC. It is made of an old crybaby (which...
  24. csrMark

    [Solved] Mission SP1.. I can't get the "min" volume to work right

    Anyone got any ideas? I have the SP1 all calibrated and working fine UNTIL I went to sent a Minimum volume I like to have the volume pedal at about 75% volume when it's up and push down on it a little if I need a little extra. Well, when I go into the volume pedal edit and try to set the...
  25. Steve Lockridge

    Wah Off In Scene

    I am having an issue and I want to know if something is wrong or I just don't understand how the Wah block works. Preset 1 has two scenes. I want Scene 1 to not have a Wah. Scene 2 should have the Wah available. The problem I'm having is that my Volume pedal and Wah pedal are next to each...
  26. Bruce Sokolovic

    Can someone help me set up the wah as an auto wah?

    Just got a hold of an AX8 and for such a feature packed piece of gear, its pretty simple to use. One thing I cant quite figured out is how to set up the wah as an auto or touch wah. Any pointers would be great. Thanks!
  27. Steven Fernandez

    Wah - Auto turn off when expression pedal not moving

    I used to have an axe-fx ultra and one thing I really loved on it is that I could set the wah to automatically turn off when I wasn't moving the expression pedal. On my AX8, as soon as I touch the expression pedal the patch gets that wah extra treble which is cool when I'm using the wah, but I...
  28. Georgy

    There must be a simple reason why I can't get auto wah working...

    So, I'm running the Axe-2, with MFC101. I'm a month or so away from getting an expression pedal for this, however, what I want to be able to do doesn't involved having to use the expression pedal if I don't want to.. I'm dedicating a stomp on the MFC to a wah block. I just wanna be able to...
  29. boardwlk17

    Metallica wah?

    What's the closest wah to kirks?, thanks to guitarjon for the dead on Metallica hardwired patch
  30. Paperjace

    Assigning Exp. Pedal to ONLY Volume block on Scene 1 and ONLY to Wah block on Scene 2?

    I'm not at my Axe FX computer right now so I can't test, but was curious about expression pedal assignment. I have one expression pedal and would like to use only one expression pedal to keep my pedalboard light and compact. Right now, I have a preset that has Exp Pedal 1 assigned to a Volume...
  31. C

    1 expression multi effects

    Question #1: I have over 40 presets for a cover band. I want to knock this down to 1 or 2 'sounds' that will cover the set. However, I only have one expression pedal and I use it on a way as well as delay controls. Is there a way for the wah and delay controls to be used at the same time...
  32. S

    Envelope to Filter wah...Is this possible through X/Y Wah function?

    Was just wondering if anyone knew how to (or if it's possible), to have one wah be an envelope wah (in say the x), and when switched over to "Y" in the same preset, have it be controlled like a regular filtered wah? Is this possible?
  33. Georgy

    Just bought the AX8! Stoked.. A couple questions though.. (wah & dual outputs...)

    Hey guys, I'm back on the Fractals again and loving it so far :D I forget how damn good the amp sims actually. Got a couple standard noob-type questions.. 1, Firstly, is there some sort of FX block that can act as a wah, or auto-wah? I'm hoping to possibly achieve this by not needing an...
  34. Monchito

    What are the differences between expression pedals?

    Hello all. I have been reading the threads about the different expression pedals. I am struggling to understand what makes them different from each other. I am looking into the cheaper Boss, Roland and Moog options because I only want a pedal to control the Wah sweeps at the moment. But if I...
  35. Marcel

    Wah Pedal Feature - Auto Bypass

    I would like for the wah pedal to be configurable to automatically bypass when the pedal is no longer moving for a specific amount of time (i.e 1 second, configurable). This is similar to what the Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 pedal can do. Currently on the AX8 you have to manually turn off the...
  36. glombi

    Mission EP-1 Expression Pedal - Touch (Wah) Mod

    Hi, I would like to share this mod also here, to maybe get even more feedback and proposals for improvement... Regards, glombi http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/mission-ep1-expression-pedal-touch-wah-mod.123220/
  37. glombi

    Mission EP1 Expression Pedal - Touch (Wah) Mod

    Hi, I just finished a little mod that I want to share, even though I'm not sure how reliable this will be. But maybe you have some proposals, how to improve this. It's not AX8 specific, but I use it together with my AX8... In my analog rig I use a G-Lab WoWee-Wah that I really love. It sounds...
  38. A

    WAH - MIX

    Hi I got the AX8 last year(Happyyyyyyy) When I had the Axe FX I seem to remember someone used to setup the wah so yóu could mix it with the direct signal. And in this way improving usabillity/ sound.... I would like to do this also on the AX8. I could use a mixer, but due to the minimized CPU...
  39. glombi

    Wah creaking (making strange noise)?

    Hi, I'm setting up my AX8 rig and face some potential problem with the wah block. I connected an BOSS FV500H as expression pedal and calibrated it. The wah is working, but I hear a strange kind of "creak" (sorry, not a native speaker), when operation the wah. I don't know this from my analogue...
  40. glombi

    Wah Questions

    Hi, I'm new to FA and the AX8. I'm really happy with it and quite postive to find my setup soon, to focus on playing and practicing guitar agein. In general I'm getting along quite well with the UI and operation of the AX8. But at the moment I have several questions regarding the wah block of...
  41. CoffeePunk73

    Wah Problems With Mastermind and RJM SP-1 Exp Pedals

    Wondered if anyone else had seen a problem with their mastermind using the RJM SP-1 expression pedal to control the wah function. Currently when you depress the wah pedal it isn't smooth, but breaks over from bass to treble at around 50%. I've tried switching the TRS cables, tried switching the...
  42. Ibanizt

    Wah-wah making my sound clip?

    Hey guys! Yet another troubleshooting post here. So every time I use my Mission SPL1 with my full setup and the drive on I don't clip at all, but as soon as I turn the drive off it starts clipping when I use the wah function with the pedal. Any suggestions? This is weird because I did the...
  43. bluesk165

    Where do I put wah block in my preset?

    Hi, musicians I hope to know where do I put wah block in a preset. I usually use signal chain as following, 4CM/ pre 4/ post 4 Comp - Drive 1 - Drive 2 - PHR - CHO - DLY - REV Also, at real pedal board, I knew that Fuzz should go first of chain. What should I do in FX8 with wah and...
  44. houstonwehaveuhoh

    Help with a Wah tone?

    Hey guys, Not sure if this is the best place, but maybe you can help (or direct) me. I'm trying to recreate this Wah (or is it some other kind of filter?) tone using an EP1-R but I'm having trouble matching the sweep/frequency range. Fast forward to the 1:55 mark to get an idea of what I'm...
  45. SoProg

    Help I have another problem -_- expression pedal vol/wah

    Hi guys, You've been mostly helpful in the past by suggesting approaches to problems I have with my AX8, so, here's another one. So I have this preset ( I know you're gonna ask for it, I can post later, I just want to know if anyone can solve this off the top of their head), I am using an...
  46. flash6969

    wah has stopped working on exp pedal 1

    Hey all. Feel a bit silly asking this, but hoping someone can check out my settings & see what i am missing. My wah used to work - now it doesn't. So, Exp pedal 1 is sending midi to the Axe Fx (midi in lights up when i move it) but does nothing on my wah sound. Nothing engages & obviously no...
  47. D

    Automating Control types via Tempo

    I'm new to using the control feature as I've not used an expression pedal in the 5 years I've had the axe fx and it's pricey/difficult to get a hold of one at the moment. Wondering if theres a way to link the control of a block (in my case a wah) to the tap tempo like how you can set your...
  48. ozanerkal

    Make Your Own Expression Pedal

    Hi everyone! After a period of searching for affordable expression pedals, i finally found one.. for FREE :) Well not exactly free, but in my case I consider it free because I made a very simple modification on my existing wah pedal which I haven't used in years. The steps were as follows: 1...
  49. P

    Wish Auto Wah or a second wah block

    I wish there was a dedicated auto wah/mutron III block or just a wah2 like on the Axe FX II. Having auto wah without having to switch scenes is the only thing I miss from switching to the AX8 from the AFII.
  50. R

    Wah help

    i need help getting a comfortable wah setup. I'm using the crybaby wah sim w/ the fractal expression pedal. The sweep of the wah seems to do nothing until the toe is about 75% down, then it opens quickly. I'm looking for a way to set it up so it acts like a true wah w/ a broad sweep. Please help.
  51. ZenRigs Man

    I modded an EV-1 to feel like a regular Wah pedal. Full details inside!

    Hey folks! Hope you're all well. A couple of months ago I received 3 Fractal EV1's to replace the expression pedals on my board. I LOVE the EV1's, they feel fantastic, look awesome and are super responsive for controlling stuff on the Axe FX. As much as I tried, however, I couldn't get used to...
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