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Wah-wah making my sound clip?


Hey guys!

Yet another troubleshooting post here.

So every time I use my Mission SPL1 with my full setup and the drive on I don't clip at all, but as soon as I turn the drive off it starts clipping when I use the wah function with the pedal. Any suggestions?

This is weird because I did the setup with my guitar to get the levels right. Does the wah-effect boost the Db even if its set to 0 on level?

I can add that the db is about the same when I use the patch with drive and wah, but as soon as I start wah'ing on clean it, the db will peak and it starts to clip... :rage:



Yes the wah will cause fairly big boosts.

The Wah is one area where the FAS model is a little different than a real pedal in my experience.

None of my real Wah's eat the headroom like this.


I've had this frustration, too... You can try setting the wah level down 1.5-2.5dB. Also, you can place a compressor after the wah.


Fractal Fanatic
the drive compresses the signal, so it will be easier for the wah to make the output signal louder when playing clean.
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