1. N

    New user... and question about Foot Controller :)

    Hi all! New user in here from Portugal, a few hours away of buying and used AXE FX II (Mark I). :) Really excited!!! But I have on question... Since it's the Mark I/original version, it has the RJ45 connection for the Foot Controller. After having the AXE, I want to buy: - A simple/cheap foot...
  2. A

    Wish EHX Polychorus

    Such a cool and unique pedal. Does a lot of stuff, from flange to chorus and a lot of really unique tones you only get from that pedal. It's all over Nirvana's In Utero album
  3. T

    FS FM3 set up for sale.

    Hi everyone, I am looking to let go of my FM3 pedalboard set up. It was never gigged, only used about 2x month for the last year or so for practice. I have the boxes for the FM3, FC6 and Seymour Duncan PS 170. Everything is pretty much mint - the Fractal gear still has the plastic protection...
  4. Jj1986jj

    FM9 Some Clean and Dirty Tones using Amps & Pedals

    Amps AC30/Fender in Stereo 5153 Blue/AC20 in stereo Pedals Klon (based on settings shared here) FET boost Amps &Pedals(Fractal FM9)
  5. N

    Pairing Pedals with Amps and Cabs

    I generally use the Tube Screamer as a "Clean" drive with an Angle Severe 2 (as an example) per @yek to get a heavy Killswitch tone. My question is how to pair a Boss pedal (i.e. MT-2) with a clean amp/cab setup and let the pedal really drive the distortion/tone. I would think this should be...
  6. M

    Using FX Loop and real pedals with the Axe FX II

    If I have an hardware OD pedal, is it possible to put it after the virtual Axe FX compressor block using the FX Loop? I was thinking of that chain: Guitar → Axe FX II Input 1 → Virtual Compressor block → FX Loop → Amp Block → Cab block → Reverb block → Output The Plumes OD pedal would be...
  7. C

    2021 > Let's Talk FM3 & Fuzz Pedals (Hardware and included FM3 Drives)

    I am a big fan of Fuzz pedals, and love the offerings in the FM3. Specifically the Bender Fuzz and Face Fuzz - these are the 2 I've discovered first that I am enjoying but no doubt the others are good too... In my arsenal is also a hardware Fuzz Factory and vintage BIg Muff, and both sound...
  8. datasundae

    Is there a way to attenuate volume (db) while maintaining optimal leveling?

    I’ve been studying (the very helpful) @rosh FX-III videos and he advocates leveling the output block so it ‘kisses’ the red in the output meter which makes sense. However, I set up a global volume pedal which controls the output block level parameter. It turns out (who knew?) that means the...
  9. ApocalypticKatana

    Korg - Miku Pedal in AX3

    I would play the hell out of it not gonna lie (practical maybe not but fun hell yes) with the AX3 frequency detection speed it would beat the original pedal out of the water (seems people want adjustable lag from reading few forum mentions) I'm sure there would be complications on getting...
  10. ZebulaJams

    How to setup EV-1 as Wah?

    I just got the EV-1 pedal for Christmas and I'm having hard time understanding how to set it up. I have read the manual and it doesn't mention anything about setting the pedal up for WAH. I have also sifted through Leon's videos and he mentioned to plug the pedal into the "Pedal" port. However...
  11. Drew Warmington

    Volume pedal

    I am setting up global volume on the FM3, and running into a weird situation. The volume is at 100 heel down, and zero toe down. The volume cuts out at about 50% rock forward (vs. full 100%). I'm totally lost, so any help would be appreciated! Pedal is Mission Engineering SP1 in Pedal 2...
  12. nielsvandoorne

    Problem when calibrating expression pedal.

    Hey guys. I have 2 strange things happening when trying to calibrate my Line 6 EX-1 to my AX8.... 1. When i plug everything in and run the calibration process, the input value on the calibration screen only goes from 0 to mabey 5% 2. When i plugin my cable to pedal 1 but only push it halfway...
  13. A

    Expression pedal EV1 FX3 calibrate Problems

    Even I calibrate the pedal , I still got the problem i cannot go to the MAX , the ball just staying 1/3 portion on the slope switching up and down and i dunno why. Please Help Thanks !
  14. drewfitz11

    Boss FS-6 to switch presets in Axe Fx Ultra

    Just double checking my work here, I'm thinking about buying a Boss FS-6 and have it set to increase/decrease presets for my ultra. Ill be running a TS cable form each output on the FS-6 into the Pedal 1 and 2 inputs on the Ultra. I'll set the FS-6 to latching. One reason I'm asking is because...
  15. Conley Shepherd

    [NOT A BUG] BUG? - midi only assignment for tuner - no internal pedals allowed

    Just noticed this and it may be normal. If so, I wish it wasn't... I have a 2 button Boss FS-7 setup as pedal 1 and pedal 2 in the AF3. They show up that way in the AF3 and were recognized as such. In the midi remote/other page - I set pedal 1 as the tempo. Pedal 2 can also be set. I am...
  16. Mathew Aboujaoude

    Using AX8 for Effects only with amp head and pre-amp pedal

    Hello, I've recently purchased the Victory V4 The Countess Preamp pedal from a pawn shop and wanted to try and integrate it in my rig. I own a Quilter Toneblock 201 (it has a fx send and return). Ideally what I'd like to do is be able to use the clean channel of the quilter and the crunch/lead...
  17. axedude

    Expression pedal doesn't work ! HELP !

    Hey All, Recently bought an AXE FX 3, and a Dunlop DVP4 Mini expression pedal to control some of my effects like Wah etc. I've followed everything in the manual about calibration, but no matter what I've done I CANNOT get this thing working. So incredibly frustrating that its hurting my...
  18. APE

    I Need a Pedal

    Hi. I'm probably posting it in the wrong forum but i don't know where it goes. I have Axe FX II and I need a pedal. I could: 1) Stick with AXE FX II and get an MFC pedal or 2) By and AXE FX III and a new pedal. My understanding is that II and III function differently in terms of pedals. For...
  19. Theurge

    Electro-Harmonix expression pedal experiences?

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried the new plastic pedals out yet. They’re cheap and lightweight and I like the adjustable ‘range’. I’ve no issue about them feeling plastic as long as the pot is linear, the throw long enough to be usable as a volume pedal or to blend effects in and they...
  20. S

    Looking for Dearmond Tremolo and Echoplex Pedals for Photoshoot!

    Hi all - I am working on a really cool project that is creating a book about stompboxes. It's all about the visual storytelling through photography and interview with some of the greatest guitar players out there. We are currently in search of two pedals: DEARMOND TREMOLO and ECHOPLEX for a...
  21. T

    Ev-1 expression pedal

    Hi there !!!i have a problem with the pedal,when I set up the parameters of the expression pedal in axe-edit The pedal throw isn't the same with the diagram...I mean this...It starts at 0.0 and ends at 100.0 but the pedal doesn't correspond the same,the pedal will reach 100.0 much sooner leaving...
  22. R

    EV-1 bending

    Hello, Is it possible to simulate bending by using pedal (wah pedal)? If so, how to set it up?
  23. P

    How to make external pedal a block into the AX8?

    I have an AX 8 and I’m trying to use my external octave pedal - but the problem is when I change the settings I have to physically bypass the pedal. Is there any way to root the pedal into the blocks? To avoid having to press two things (the pedal and the settings) at the same time when I need...
  24. Sean Clancy

    Wish Multiple effects on/off with 1 pedal

    I think this would be a small software change for the firmware (maybe a little more for the axe-edit). It would be great to assign 2 effects blocks to 1 pedal so that it switches both on/off with one click. I use 4 patches and they're all dry except for the lead scene. I would love to have my...
  25. CodePoet

    Fractal Expression Pedal Tale of the Taper

    The Fractal expression/volume pedals are awesome. Love 'em so much I put together a runthru of them, so check it out if you have one on your shopping list.
  26. Flyman1955

    Global volume

    I just received my Ax8 and loving it. One problem I am having and that's setting up a global volume pedal. Any tips would be awesome. Also pros and cons of global versus volume block. Ty fractal family.
  27. theo

    Wish Preset Cycle via external pedal input

    When on stage with my Axe Fx 2 I would use a boss fs5u (momentary N/O switch) plugged into the pedal input to swap between my lead and rhythm presets on stage, I loved it because it's so small, I can have it right up against a foldback wedge with no problem and there's no power or midi...
  28. theo

    Using boss fs5u and the pedal input... Presets?

    With my axe fx 2 I would use a boss fs5u to swap between my lead and rhythm presets on stage, I loved it because it's so small, I can have it right up against a foldback wedge with no problem. I'm trying to achieve the same setup with my AX8 and cannot seem to find any option to use the pedal...
  29. sharchik

    DAW program changes cause saved patches to sound different?

    Hey guys, When running program changes for live switching in Pro Tools (have not tested in other DAWs) My simple patch of amp & cab sounds different after it is switched to via a program change in Pro Tools. My saved patch sounds fine, a distorted rhythm sound with decent gain. When...
  30. T

    Default pedal settings FCB1010 (MIDI)

    Hi folks, new here - I'm running an AxeFX II (Mark I) and I am controlling it via the Behringer FCB1010. The outer right expression pedal is by default routed to control a volume parameter - but it seems it's an input parameter as it will also impact the gain of the tone. Considering I want...
  31. Guillaume Lortie


  32. J

    Midi displays

    Hey! Was looking if there are any MIDI displays to make up for my ENGL Z-12 & Gecko pedalboards so that I can have a tuner and se patch names. I found these two so far: Prostage midi display and SIMI midi display Anyone know of other displays? perhaps cheaper : D haha
  33. Steve Lockridge

    Setting Initial Volume to Zero

    I have an Axe FX II XL+ and an MFC 101 with two external controller pedals. When I turn on my Axe the initial volume is loud enough to cause feedback. To gain control of the volume I must rock the volume pedal forward, then backward. Is there a way to set the initial volume either to zero or...
  34. S

    Freeze Effect help needed!!

    Hi Axe-ites I made a request years ago for a "freeze effect" like the pedal i am using now. I was wondering if this was at all still possible in a firmware update or is there someway for me to emulate this with the current effects that are in the Axe Fx.. Love to not have to drag this pedal...
  35. Hurdy Gurdy Man

    AX8 expression pedal with foot switch

    Hello there, I am thinking of buying an AX8 and wonder about one thing. Is there something like an expression pedal that also works as a foot switch to turn on effects? I use a Boss GT-10 and the built in expression pedal has a switch function. By strongly pressing the toe end of the pedal...
  36. ralphonz

    Real version of Axe synth block

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a "real life" hardware version of the axe fx synth block? Any pedals out there with pitch tracking, three voices, exp pedal controlled filters and same choice of waveforms? I've just finished an album for my band and we used the synth block a lot on the clarinet -...
  37. Ibanizt

    Wah-wah making my sound clip?

    Hey guys! Yet another troubleshooting post here. So every time I use my Mission SPL1 with my full setup and the drive on I don't clip at all, but as soon as I turn the drive off it starts clipping when I use the wah function with the pedal. Any suggestions? This is weird because I did the...
  38. JoseleteRamonete

    Question of calibration

    Hello. I own two Boss expression pedals (EV-5 and FV500H) and when I try to calibrate them, it only reaches 115 at maximun value. The pots of the pedals are at full scale. If I change the position, it reaches 127 at max but the minimun value does not reach the zero Is this normal ? Thanks for...
  39. shawngs

    External Switches instead of Pedals?

    Hi MFC-101 experts, is it possible to program the MFC-101 to use external foot switches instead of expression pedals? I'd like to have 6 foot switches and 2 expression pedals, or 8 foot switches if possible….
  40. Armageddon

    Footswitch status LED is weak

    Hi all Axe FX users ! I am a brand new (and very happy) Axe FX 2 user. I own the XL version and loaded a Quantum 2.0.x firmware recently. I run the Axe FX 2 in 4CM on my guitar amp. My question is about the pedal connectors on the Axe FX. I'm using a footswitch on the first pedal input and an...
  41. Andy Gillion

    Small/Cheap MIDI Pedal for AXE-FX-II?

    Hey guys, I'm touring quite a bit but have no way of switching between patches with my Axe FX II live. I recently played a gig and had to use my bandmate's older Axe FX Ultra as he has a tiny MIDI pedal that works with it to switch back and forth between two patches (alternating up and down)...
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