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How to make external pedal a block into the AX8?

Paul Votteler

New Member
I have an AX 8 and I’m trying to use my external octave pedal - but the problem is when I change the settings I have to physically bypass the pedal.
Is there any way to root the pedal into the blocks? To avoid having to press two things (the pedal and the settings) at the same time when I need to change the settings?



You can use the FX Loop block to do this, though keep in mind some pedals sound better in front of the Ax8, not running at line level in the loop

Lots of video's on the net that show how to set up the FX Loop block

Paul Votteler

New Member
I connect tha pedal from the out 2 (fx send ) to the pedal input and the pedal output to the in 2 ( fx rtn) and I load the loop fx block , but tha pedal doesn’t sound , I get signal but not the pedal fx , you know what happen
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