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Question of calibration


I own two Boss expression pedals (EV-5 and FV500H) and when I try to calibrate them, it only reaches 115 at maximun value. The pots of the pedals are at full scale. If I change the position, it reaches 127 at max but the minimun value does not reach the zero

Is this normal ?

Thanks for watching


MFC-101 mk3.

Sorry, I thought that it was evident. :rolleyes:
oh you posted in "other midi controllers"

yes the calibration always shows what it is receiving. once you calibrate it, the unit knows that 115 is the maximum it will receive, so it then translates that to 127 as the message it sends and scales everything in between for the full range.


Fractal Fanatic
it is fine that it only goes to 115 during the calibration, this is why you have to calibrate. after it is complete your modifiers should go to 100.
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