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Electro-Harmonix expression pedal experiences?


I was just wondering if anyone has tried the new plastic pedals out yet. They’re cheap and lightweight and I like the adjustable ‘range’. I’ve no issue about them feeling plastic as long as the pot is linear, the throw long enough to be usable as a volume pedal or to blend effects in and they work as advertised. Anyone given them a go?


New Member
Yes i have, got one today and the potentiometer wiper, ring and shaft is wired wrong to function with the axe fx, the polarity switch does not change the polarity of the pot, it just reverse the heel and toe function.
Its cheap and plastic, not impressed at all so this one goes back tomorrow.

Of course, you can always rewire it, thats very easy to do with a soldering iron, but i didnt like the feel of it.
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