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Wish Multiple effects on/off with 1 pedal

Sean Clancy

New Member
I think this would be a small software change for the firmware (maybe a little more for the axe-edit).

It would be great to assign 2 effects blocks to 1 pedal so that it switches both on/off with one click.

I use 4 patches and they're all dry except for the lead scene. I would love to have my 1 of my footswitches switched on/ off both my effects (digital and multidelay) as all the other 3 pedal are for drives and choruses etc...
You may say why don't I use scenes for this? Well, I want the ability to add these delays to all the scenes with 1 click. I found this a really great feature on my Pod 500X and I now love my axe8 and getting rid of the pod and the DT-50.
If anybody knows a way to do this - please advise :)


The reason for avoiding scenes isn’t clearly explained. Scenes do exactly what is being asked for here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Fractal Fanatic
It would be great if we could make custom footswitches.
For example:
Amp/Cab X/Y
Set scene 1/2 controller value....
Then it would be great if we could have multiple pages of buttons....

Just thinking outside of the box (inspired by Moke) to get even more possibilities in this box ;-)
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