1. K

    FM3 as successor of GT-1000

    Hi All! I’m Boss GT-1000 user looking for an overall sound upgrade and strongly considering FM3 turbo. I play mostly live using XLR outs of my Boss, going directly to PA through mixer. My biggest worries about FM3 are related to number of switches and some doubts in respect to midi control...
  2. I

    Amp parameter arduino MIDI for axe fx

    Here is a project to use arduino to control the axe fx via CC midi. ( I used FM3, not tested on other hardware) I Currently have mine set up to control Gain, Bass, Mid, and treble, this uses five pots for each parameter. Pot Wiring: lug 1 --> Goes to ground on arduino Lug 2 (middle lug) -->...
  3. R

    FM9Edit Wireless Midi

    Is there a way to get FM9Edit to work wirelessly via a Bluetooth midi dongle on Windows?? I’ve read somewhere that people have had success using a Mac but wondering if anyone has had any luck with Windows? I don’t want to use FracPad at this stage. Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks
  4. pittyguiar6

    Midi and FM3

    So I'm looking at coming back to the FM3 world (MK Turbo) and was wondering. If I did a midi foot controller, say the morning star mc6, can I have the 3 buttons on the FM3 for presets, etc... and have the midi controller "universal" as the scenes? So every preset, the midi controller controls...
  5. Johan Allard

    Wish Midi Out on USB

    I would love it if it was possible to add Midi Out over USB on the FM9. I've recently been experimenting using BandHelper to control my FM9, setting presets and tempo. I've added a couple of control switches on the FM9 for Previous/Next Song that sends a midi command to BandHelper. BandHelper...
  6. ztevie

    FM3 midi Strymon Riverside

    Hi. I might have a good deal on a Strymon Riverside and did some research. The Strymon has the ability to receive midi to for example change preset on it. I'm new to this midi thing so I wonder if it's possible to use it like this: The Strymon in the loop of the FM3 and then connect midi out...
  7. Boomer

    TIP: Increase MIDI Time Code resolution to fix popping when syncing time based effects

    Howdy. For those of you who are syncing your Axe Fx units to your DAW, you may experience popping/clicking when adjusting the playback head when using time based effects. I managed to fix this in my own case by adjusting the parameters described below. This also fixed my tempo deviation between...
  8. Boomer

    AFIII TIP: Increase MIDI Time Code resolution to fix popping when syncing time based effects

    Howdy. For those of you who are syncing your Axe Fx units to your DAW, you may experience popping/clicking when adjusting the playback head when using time based effects. I managed to fix this in my own case by adjusting the parameters described below. This also fixed my tempo deviation between...
  9. M

    Why is MIDI So slow?

    Apologies if I am just being dumb here. I heard you can use midi to communicate axe-edit with the axe fx without the usb, and since I don't have a usb-b long enough for my ideal setup at the moment I thought I'd give it a go. Scarlett 8i6 MIDI OUT -> Axe-FX 2 MIDI IN Scarlett 8i6 MIDI IN ->...
  10. P

    MIDI automation (USB or MIDI Port)

    I've been trying to set up some automations in my DAW (Reaper) and for reamping, but I've been experiencing some latency issues when switching scenes, presets, and controls. I'm using USB, could that be the problem? Is there any config I should do? Should I invest in a MIDI cable to connect the...
  11. R

    How to send MIDI via USB to computer?

    Hi there, I do a lot of transcribing and I wondered if there was a way to use a Roland DP-10 (the only footpedal I have available, which uses a TRS jack) to send a MIDI signal to my Mac from the AXE FX III via the USB connection? The transcription software I am using is called Transcribe! and...
  12. Peixe

    Connect Boss Ev-1-WL Wireless to FM3 as a MIDI expression pedal

    The Boss EV-1-WL have an MIDI Out jack connector. I wonder if it is possible to connect that output to the MIDI IN of the FM3 with some adaptor and if that will actually work.
  13. F

    MIDI-USB-OUT for Expression Pedal?

    Hello everybody, had the AxeFX II and MFC-101 (both Mark I) for about 2 years but I'm starting to really get into all of its features just now. I have a Mission Engineering SP-HR expression Pedal connected to the MFC which is connected to the AxeFX via expansion cable. The AxeFX is connected to...
  14. D

    MIDI clock solution?

    In-depth question related to my specific setup. I'm currently running the Strymon Timeline with my AXE FX 3 and syncing up the tempos by programming presets on my Timeline and then selecting them per song through the MIDI block of the AXE FX 3. If the AXE FX 3 could generate midi clock the whole...
  15. Alter//Earth

    Midi in issues and questions

    I recently bought a Ground Control Pro to use with my Axe-FX3 and spent a couple hours going through both manuals to set this thing up. No matter what i did my Axe3 would not see any incoming midi signals. I tested with MIDI-OX and chose my 1824c as my midi input and i could see all midi...
  16. M

    MIDI that controls both Axe 3 scenes + external pedals (preamp ones such as OD and Noise Gate)

    I am looking for a MIDI foot controller than is small and portable, and can be setup to control both the Axe FX 3’s scenes and presets switching AND external pedals I use in front of the preamp (OD, Noise Gate). I currently use the Fractal’s amp modeling (so IN1 > OUT1) as my clean tone. I...
  17. D

    Akai LPD8 MIDI Controller - usage for MIDI Keybd

    Dear Synth Lovers, I just bought an AKAI LPD8 Mk II MIDI controller, programming it was no problem. Now, I blindly assumed I could hook it up to a MIDI Keybd so I could sent MIDI/cc commands, using the knobs, to a MIDI Keybd in order to change sound parameters. The problem is can not find any...
  18. UKMark

    Set Tempo with MIDI

    Hi there Frackers, I am using Ableton Live with MIDI PC msgs (set patch) and CC msgs (set scene) with my FM3 and it works great. I would like to be able to set the tap tempo setting via MIDI for each song as it gets loaded up by Ableton, along with the Patch etc. Does anybody know how to set...
  19. Boomer

    Wish Synth Block that outputs MIDI over the hardware DIN.

    Howdy, I'm a guy who has had a synthesizer hooked up to his Axe Fx ever since I've owned the unit. I run the analog outs from my Yamaha MODX into the input of my Axe Fx III since it has a better range of effects than the ones on the MODX. Especially the Leslie and overdrive/distortion sounds...
  20. paulthebrown

    Wish More Control Switches?

    I use the FM3 and FC6 with the Strymon trifecta as my outboard effects for more FX options and DSP on the FM3. I use the Scene MIDI Block to change patches on my Strymon devices per FM3 preset and scene. But I also use Control Switches with MIDI payloads to send PC messages to the Strymon's on...
  21. axes

    Setting up midi with FC-12, Axe III, JP2C and Voodoo Lab HEX - new question

    Hi All, I need some of your experienced advices here about setting up midi with the devices in the title. I'm trying to set up a similar midi controlled rig to JP's actual rig with the main difference being that I'm trying to use my FC-12 (or more correctly, the Axe III via the FC-12) as the...
  22. FarleyUK

    Integrating Digitech Whammy DT

    I've recently purchased a DigiTech Whammy DT, as I'm not fully happy with the capo and drop tune abilities in the AFX; plus, having played with Eric Gales recently, and played through his setup, I was GAS'ing for one ;) I'm just curious about the suggested way to configure it all; we play in...
  23. D

    Sending Midi to two FM3 from redundant playback session setup

    Hello, I'm looking for some insights how to connect Mac to two Fm3s with long distances from my Mac. Our band is using two 2014 MacBook Pros running Ableton 10 on stage with iConnectivity PlayAUDIO12 for redundancy. Is there any possible way to send MIDI from audio interface I have, to...
  24. I

    Fractal MIDI SYSEX tutorial

    Is there beginner tutorial about how to send and receive Fractal (FM3) MIDI SYSEX in python code? e.g. Python library mido
  25. ConstantM

    Midi preset up / down question

    this seems like a question that could have been asked before but i havent found anything relevant on the forum so here it is: i am using a midi controller and i would like to assign two buttons for preset up/down. i have assigned two cc's for preset increment/decrement but it only works in the...
  26. Svarela28

    I need help

    Hello guys! I have doubts about the type of MIDI connection of the FM3, I was previously a Helix user and I used an M-VAVE brand pedal with a TRS to MIDI type A cable. I want to know if I can use the same TRS to MIDI type A cable without risk of ruining the FM3. greetings from El Salvador 🙇🏻🙇🏻🙇🏻
  27. R

    Expression Pedal Activating Bypass Problem

    Hey there everyone, have a weird one for ya. I have 4 expression pedals/pots set up on the MFC-101 and one mysteriously activates the FX bypass on a Pitch2 effect. No idea how I have set them CC# for Pitch2 bypass to “none” with no effect. The strangest part is the potentiometer I am using...
  28. U

    Axe FX 2 XL freezes and wakes up starting Axe Edit

    Hi there, from time to time my Axe FX 2 XL freezes and only get into a normal operating mode when I start Axe-Edit. I have a MFC 101 connected to the Axe. When it freezes the Midi Led at the Axe is permanently lights up green. At the MFC there is a Expression pedal connected. Meanwhile I read a...
  29. B

    Wish Full Midi Control

    Hi there, I find the midi capabilities extremely limiting and rigid. here is my point of view: I don't need all those cc values to turn on/off pedals - I am using scenes for that. I'd much rather have all those CCs customizable and assignable to modifiers. Just think 3 controls for each pedal...
  30. T

    Using an expression pedal to control external midi gear

    Hey, I’m trying to assign an expression pedal (connected to fc12) to control an external effect via midi CC (instead of having an additional dedicated exp pedal for that external effect). I know the midi block can send CC data, but in a static way - where as I’m looking to use an expression...
  31. sacredgeometry

    Pitch tracking to MIDI out?

    I am not sure if this is supported but would like send pitch data out via MIDI, even if its quantised to just note on/ off messages without bends that would still be quite interesting. Does the AxeFX already support this and if not is anyone else interested in it?
  32. Gary Tarplee

    Using the FC6 as a stand alone MIDI controller

    Is it possible to use my FC6 as a stand alone MIDI controller? I have used it exclusively with my FM3, but I am wondering if it can be used by itself?
  33. AlejandroHraV

    FM3 Sending MIDI to TRS

    Hello! I am new using Fractal systems and I just got the FM3 , I love it! I have a Blackstar HT Club 40 Tube Amp and I really like the sound of the clean and dist channels. I wanted to ask the community if someone knows how to control this kind of Amp with the FM3. This Amp does not have MIDI...
  34. Gary Tarplee

    Using the FM3 to change channels on Engl Savage 60

    Hey there guys, I just purchased an Engl Savage 60 Mark II. I am wanting to change the channels on my Savage with my FM3 and FC6. Has anyone done this? The manual for the savage makes it sound like the only way to do this is with a foot switch, but the Savage has MIDI in and out. The Savage...
  35. D

    Looking for a someone that knows both the AXE FX III and the RJM Mastermind GT

    Looking for a professional that is very familiar with the RJM GT pedals and the AXE FX III. I am having midi communication issues between the RJM and the AXE FX III. We are using two expression pedals plugged into the RJM GT 16. One controls volume of 3 channels of the Fractal and one...
  36. bournedyl37

    Midi and the axe fx 3

    First Post, so apologies if the format is weird or if this is a dumb question. I have the Axe fx 3 mk ii and i am loving it, its leveled up my tone massively and its relatively painless to use. Lately I have been messing with analog synths and I recently purchased the Moog Mother 32, which...
  37. martync

    Tuner turned off on midichange

    Hi, Im using the fm3 live and the preset changes are sent via midi from Ableton. Between songs, I use to check the tuning of my guitar, but when a midi change is received, the tuner is switched off and the preset is played. Is it possible to keep the tuner on even if a midi preset change is...
  38. H

    Controlling external midi equipment based on scenes with Midiboy

    Not sure if this is still relevant to many, but i guess there are still users of MFC + AxeFX out there. If have always wanted to have a bit more flexibility in controlling external (pre)amps through the MFC and the AxeFx ii. Functionality similar to part of the midi block in the AxeFx III. I...
  39. S

    Preset change issue usb midi with Ableton

    Hi there, I am trying to automate preset changes via midi in ableton, i have made sure the track is selected in midi preferences, and creating a midi clip assigned to the Fractal choosing controller 34 which does enable me to change scenes and this works fine. However, the Program change panel...
  40. spikey

    Midi routing EXTERNAL pedals- is there a better way?

    I have a few Strymon pedals in stereo I like to control via Midi in the Axe-FX III Mk2. I have found that in order to get the Strymon pedals at the correct volumes I have to turn the "Out-3" knob on the AFX all the way up while leaving the Strymon pedals around 1/2 way up. FYI- I was running an...
  41. D

    Digitech Whammy DT midi problem when using Axe Fx 2 Thru

    I'm controlling my axe fx 2 with midi via logic pro. Which works perfect. Now i'm trying to connect my Digitech whammy DT pedal with midi to the Thru port of the axe fx. My axe fx has the channel 1 and the whammy channel 3. In logic is both midi tracks connected to channel 1 and 3. But somehow...
  42. M

    5150 III Scenes and MIDI switching

    Trying to configure/set up Scenes and MIDI switching with EVH 5150 III 50w Stealth. The idea is to set up channel one, two and three on the amp to correspond with effect to channel switch and engage effects assigned. I’ve looked on YouTube and there are several demos but nothing on the actual...
  43. Sebastian

    Unwanted behaviour with default scene and MIDI (?)

    Hi folks, so far I didn't use the scenes in the Axe-Fx II & III, as I did all the programming (bypass states and channels) in my MIDI controller. But as I got the impression that scenes and their editing in Axe-Edit have come a long way, I'll probably change over to do what's possible with...
  44. kbrown455

    Midi Keyboard to Reaper DAW Through AXE FX III 3

    I have searched the forums and keep failing miserably! Is it possible to play piano using a midi keyboard connected by a 7-pin midi cord thru the AXE FX III which is connected by USB to a Mac laptop running Reaper? I don't care about controlling anything by midi, I just want to be able to...
  45. M

    Connect iPad and MIDI controller?

    When I had my AX8, I used an iPad (connected via a Yamaha UD-BT01), running Setlistmaker to control presets on the AX8 as well as Fracpad to tweak the settings. Now I have my FM3 and it seems I'll need to use the MIDI input to do the same thing. That would be fine, I could buy a Yamaha MD-BT01...
  46. J

    Patch change in midi change the sound of my patches too

    Hey everyone! I recently bought an axe fx 2 xl + used, and im new to all of it so maybe this is going to be easy to solve. I midi automated the patchs changes in fl stufio, and its working well but it seems like when the patch is being changed, my gain is reduced to like nothing, my rythm patch...
  47. Voron

    Send MIDI from Axe-Fx II to the amp ?

    I wondering if it's possible with Axe Fx II XL+ to send a MIDI CC to my amp without MFC101. If someone can clarify this I will be really appreciated! Haven't find anything about in manual or WIKI... Thanks !
  48. wtfoley3

    MIDI toggle of an Effects Block from Logic

    Hi, all. Suceeded in setting up a MIDI strip in Logic to change Presets and Scenes on the AXE-FX III with some great help from Greg Summers' YouTube video (link below) as suggested on a threat in this forum. Now, want to have Logic send MIDI messages to AXE-FX III to toggle certain Effects...
  49. M

    MIDI with FM3

    A total noob when it comes to MIDI, so pls bear with me. I’m contemplating to add a MIDI controller such as Morningstar MC6 to my FM3 to allow for more control without buying a FC6 (love it but quite expensive). My question is: would the MIDI controller “know” in what preset you are on the FM3...
  50. edwinstar

    Axe-Fx sends weird MIDI data

    Hi! My DAW (Logic Pro X) receives huge amounts of Sysex-like Midi Data from my Axe-FX lll. I connected it to my Computer via USB. Is there any way to turn that kind of Data Stream off but still be able to remote control the Unit via Axe-Edit? Thanks!
  51. GotMetalBoy

    Guitar To MIDI Recommendations

    I'd like to be able to convert my guitar playing into MIDI. The last time I tried this was around 10 years ago with a Roland GK pickup and I think the GR-55. I ended up returning it bc it couldn't track very well and kept playing wrong notes, even when playing slowly. I'm sure I didn't set it up...
  52. S

    MIDI to USB not working?

    Hey guys, I apologize if this is the wrong thread. I don't use these forums very often. So I've used a Roland MIDI to USB interface for about a year now to get my Axe Fx Ultra into Axe-Edit and it has been fine. For some reason, Axe Edit isn't recognizing it anymore. Any ideas why that might...
  53. Steven Fernandez

    Midi Commander Scene mode for Axe-Fx 3 Not working

    I just purchase the Midi Commander and installed the "Scene Mode For Axe Fx 3" I then turn it off and on but it's not doing any scene changes. Is there anything else I need to do to it? It's already it AxeFx Mode. I want buttons A,B,C and D to do scenes 1,2,3 and 4 The Up and Down buttons to do...
  54. tmbridge

    Is it possible to configure a modifier that affects ALL presets, globally?

    Hi all, I'd like to control the Hold function in a Reverb block with an external 3rd party MIDI controller. I have been able to get this setup by: In The MIDI/Remote setup screen, setting External 1 =the foot switch CC send in the MIDI/Remote screen as External 1 In an individual preset...
  55. Georgy

    Anyone running WDW, but using 2x FRFR monitors as the WETS with a real amp+cab as the dry?

    * APOLOGIES IF THIS ISN'T IN THE RIGHT FORUM * As the title suggests, I’m just curious to see if anyone is doing this with their setup at home/studio? I’ve got a neat setup; Axe FX 3 with a pair of Yamaha HS7’s which are great. I also have a Wizard MC25ii and a 1x12 cab. What I’m trying to...
  56. bdcoach

    Does anyone use their Axe Fx 3 with a Marshall DSL 40CR if so how do you have it running into the Amp? I would like to run 4CM and control the Marshal

    Does anyone use their Axe Fx 3 with a Marshall DSL 40CR if so how do you have it running into the Amp? I would like to run 4CM and control the Marshalls 4 channels midi hopefully with the Axe Fx 3. I want to just use the Axe Fx 3 effects. But I want to be able to control amp changes with the Axe...
  57. luckymethod

    Wish Allow triggering the looper screen with MIDI

    It's pretty self explanatory, I would like to be able to show the looper screen using a MIDI controller. That way I can see the playback UI and I find it a little easier to use with some visual feedback. original thread...
  58. luckymethod

    Is there a way to trigger the Looper display using midi?

    Hello folks, I tried searching the forum but I couldn't find anything pertinent. I'm setting up my Axe 3 with a Nektar Pacer (the FC-6 or 12 are a little expensive for me atm) and I would like to trigger the looper screen on my axe unit when I turn the looper on. I have mapped all the other...

    MP MIDI controller: A new MIDI controller - Hybrid between hardware and software controls

    Just found this new MIDI controller project: https://mpmidi.com/. Sound like quite a good mix between hardware (knobs) and software controller. It is initially targeted at audio/synth VST plugins running in DAW but it would be quite fun if it could run AXE-EDIT in it and have the AXE-FX...
  60. orion32773

    Sending Multiple Simultaneous PC/CC messages to external pedal not working

    I have been messing with an external reverb pedal and have no issues sending a CC value to change a preset on the pedal via scene change. I can also send a PC message to change a preset as well (they just happen to have a CC value that does the same). My issue is when I want to send multiple...
  61. Rylan Woodall

    FM3 MIDI and Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro

    Does anyone know where I can start to get these two units working together? Ideally I would want to be able to change scenes with switches 1-4 and maybe even the upper switches on the GCP and also be able to switch to a new preset with the bank buttons. Any helpful links are welcome.
  62. plasmatic

    Logic Pro X Controlling III (unwanted)

    I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue, when I have Logic open and my III connected via USB, when I change tracks in Logic it is changing scenes in my Axe. It will also bypass blocks. It doesn't matter if my Axe is the audio interface or my Focusrite USB interface. As long as I have the...
  63. M

    New to Axe-Fx III - need help routing

    I'm having two major issues First we are running two guitars on input one and two. We are running both outputs left to FOH and output Right to cabs on 1 and 2. First is it possible to pan input 1 to go out of output block 1 as left and right by only using one amp block and what blocks will I...
  64. Georgy

    Another midi issue --> display on MFC not matching Axe XL display..

    Hey guys, Maybe it's my MFC? Maybe it's my Axe 2 XL? Or maybe it's just me? Not sure why this is happening but it's frustrating.. Here's what I'm doing: Using my XL + MFC 101-iii to send MIDI msg's to my amp.. it's basically changing channels on my amp which is pretty cool. I've tested...
  65. L

    Re-amping Midi Bass Tracks W/ Axe Fx 3 Question

    Forgive me if there is already a forum somewhere that will answer my question, but I couldn't seem to find one. So I'm looking into purchasing a midi Bass DI plugin, and after reading through the my Fx 3's manual, I couldn't figure out if there was a way to take the midi track and Re-amp it...
  66. P

    Wish Synth block: Replace the Hz by the matching notes (A1, A#1, B1..., A2, A#2, B2..., An, A#n, ...) + MIDI notes

    Hi, a) For me, as a musician, i use notes. I never use Hz. Today, i always need a table to convert Notes to Hz to have a specific note with the Synth. There could be a toggle button to choose between the two modes, but finally, is there a musician that is happier with Hz ? b) To go a bit...
  67. DrStu

    Cannot use CC assignment to bypass a block

    For Axe FX II XL+ I want to engage/bypass a block via midi. I know I can assign midi cc to the 12 external controls and then use these to modify bypass mode, but I want to use the external controls for other things. The manual (page 194) says there are default assignments to bypass each type...
  68. G

    Switching via MIDI AX8 presets with Set List Maker App

    Hey! Well I just made a quick video on how I set up my Ax8 with the Set List Maker App, to auto change via midi the tempo of the delays and the preset selection. Step By Step, just in case someone don't understand my "English" explanation lol. 1 - Create The Ax8 Presets. I currently have 13...
  69. Z

    FC-12 to send MIDI Note values

    A bit new to the Axe 3, very New to the FC-12... I am trying to use the FC-12 to control a custom looper created in Ableton and I need the FC-12 to transmit MIDI note values such as A, A#, B, etc using typical MIDI protocol. I can't seem to find how to set this up in the FC-12. How is this...
  70. Duncan Rigby

    Wish A Midi Redirection Block "Midi Out" to

    I would like to "Forward" the values from an FC12 connected EV-1 and switches to a different midi device E.g. GR-55 to be picked up by its assigns. I think this can be done with a block that maps the midi in Device and CC to another Device ID and CC.
  71. R

    Mel audio midi commander expression pedal.

    I got a little midi commander to use with the axe fx2 it works well right out the box. We figured to use it till we get the fractal made controller, but i cant seem to figure out how to get the expression pedal working through it. Any ideas how to do it?
  72. A

    Assign MIDI Functions Directly to FC-12 / FC-6 Footswitches

    The ability to directly assign MIDI functions (without control switches or with additional control switches) to the footswitches of the FC-12 would be life changing (or at least gig changing). Being able to assign Note-On, Note-Off, and other messages would let the AXE III be a viable master...
  73. A

    Using a FC-12 to Control Backing Tracks?

    Is there a way to have the FC-12 send MIDI messages separate from scene changes? I run backing tracks so I've previously been using a RJM Mastermind to send different messages to to the AXE III I have and the Ableton rig. I want to retain the ability to stay on the same sound Any ideas would...
  74. mistermikev

    Real Mesa Triaxis + Axe-Fx III presets and sysx for the Mesa

    so... another thing I've been noodeling with... I have a mesa triaxis, and I have the axe fx iii. I have them hooked up via midi. I have setup 23 axe fx presets that call the 90 mesa presets via scene/program change. I have loaded my triaxis with many presets from the most popular mesa...
  75. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Manage the looper

    Hello guys! In this tenth and final episode, I’ll show you how to control and manage the looper in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I hope you...
  76. R

    EVH 5150 iii Midi Switching

    Hi All, I just picked up an EVH 5150 EL 34 50 watt amp and I’m interested in changing amp Channels via midi on my FX8 Mark 2. I saw a video on YouTube that showed it should work but I’m having trouble. According to the video, PC number 0 is green, one is blue, and 2 is red... but I’m...
  77. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Assign external pedals

    Hello guys! In this ninth episode, I’ll show you how to assign and setup an external pedal in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I hope you like...
  78. M

    Need help controlling GCX switcher from Axe-Fx III

    Hello, I have figured how to setup a CC transmit to the GCX when a scene is entered, but do not know how to set one up when leaving a scene. Example: when I go to a preset using an external preamp, I use the MIDI block in the scene 1 for the preset to send the cc (channel 16, 80, 255) to turn...
  79. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Select a Channel

    Hello guys! In this eighth episode, I’ll show you how to select a specific channel of a single effect block in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I...
  80. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Engage and Bypass Effect

    Hello guys! In this seventh episode, I’ll show you how to engage and bypass a single effect block in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. Link to...
  81. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Scroll through scenes

    Hello guys! In this sixth episode, I’ll show you how to scroll through the scenes of a preset in Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. Link to...
  82. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Scroll through presets

    Hello guys! In this fourth episode, I’ll show you how to scroll through presets of Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. Link to previous thread...
  83. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Select a specific Preset

    Hello guys! In this third episode, I’ll show you how to select a specific preset of Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I hope you like it. Link...
  84. Roby Rocks

    [TUTORIAL] Morningstar MC6 MKII - Engage and Bypass Tuner

    Hello guys! IIn this second episode, I’ll show you how to engage and bypass the tuner of Fractal Axe-Fx III via MIDI with Morningstar MC6MKII. The concepts and steps I will explain are also valid for any other MIDI controller. The video is in Italian subtitled in English. I hope you like it...
  85. HurdyGuigui

    Wish Route midi messages internally

    Hello, A while ago I made a wish to have the ability to route internally to the Axe itself the midi messages of the scene midi block. Now that we have the FC, I would like to reformulate this wish and extend it to the CS midi messages as this could allow a lot : -Control looper behavior on a...
  86. P

    Implemented Toggle Tuner with single MIDI controller

    Wish GRANTED (well I shown how to toggle a high, then low value with 2 presses of a button)! Without access to foot controllers, we have to survey options. I'm using a Behringer FC1010 with the AxeFX 3 and its good. One issue is the way the Axe FX 3 turns the tuner on & off. I have to send a CC...
  87. S

    Remote volume control via Bluetooth

    Hi Folks, does any one have any ideas on how to setup a system to let our sound tech adjust my volumes for each patch from a bluetooth midi switch? I have a Positive Grid Bias MIDI pedal. I was thinking of something like a USB MIDI interface from an iPad connected to the Axe, and the bias pedal...
  88. maxolla

    Midi Switching Gap?

    On the list for a Axe 3. I have already owned the unit with a GT16 switcher. Love the AXE for everything but I’m not completely happy with the speed at which my drive pedal would switch on and off. There seemed to be a slight lag when turning it on and off. Not sure if its been sped up at...
  89. P

    Wish Send MIDI from USB to DIN out (like with the Axe-Fx II)

    Hello, I have always used the USB port of the Axe-Fx II to send MIDI from my computer to my MIDI controller via the DIN Output. The Axe-Fx II automatically merged the MIDI messages from the computer (via USB) with the Axe-Fx MIDI messages (especially the Sysex for the tuner and the tempo)...
  90. zionplayer

    More CS

    With the FC being able to trigger MIDI packages using the CS system I find I can program my foot controller to have one layer just for MIDI functions (in my case, trigger light scene changes). Would be helpful to have access to more CS, up to maybe 10-12 or more, that I could program to my FC...
  91. R

    Old guy trying to figure this out.

    Hey guys, I am running an EVH 50 watt and an EVH EL34 50 Watt in stereo with all analog stuff right now. I would love to clean up my home studio and have a simple unit to do everything. I borrowed an FX8 and tried it and have all the effects programming down. My problem is I want to be able to...
  92. tysonlt

    Wish Expanded MIDI commands

    There are two things I would love to see implemented via MIDI: 1) Set effect block parameters. I would like to create a mobile Bluetooth app to connect to my diy controller so that I can walk around a venue tweaking things while a loop is playing, such as eq and reverb. 2) Query scene names...
  93. Ramses Barrientos

    Need to control my JP2C with my MFC!

    I need to control and command my JP2C via midi with my MFC-101 MarK III using scenes... how can I assign in scenes a midi commas to a IA Switch ? can anyone please help me!!!!!! Warm regards.!
  94. Ramses Barrientos

    Controlling my Mesa JP2C Ivan midi with my MFC-101 MarK III

    Hello, I’m having trouble commanding my Axe Fx II, my MFC-Mark III & my Mesa JP2C vía midi when I’m using scenes...!! someone help me please
  95. tysonlt

    Arduino Axe-Fx control library

    Greetings! I would like to announce my AxeFX control library: https://github.com/tysonlt/AxeFxControl This is a 100% complete implementation of the AxeFX III 3rd party MIDI spec. So far I have tested it with my AFX3, and it is based solely on that. The 2 has different messages and I don't...
  96. Pagzy

    FC with another midi foot controller?

    Hi everyone, Can you still use the 'midi in' of the Axe FX III for another controller, (e.g. MFC-101, RJM, Soleman), while you are using a FC-12 via FASLINK II? Just curious because as far as I tell, the FC-12/Axe FX III can't send custom midi messages... or can it?? Cheers Paul
  97. tysonlt

    [SOLVED] Arduino sysex problem

    Greetings! I have been working on a DIY MIDI controller with an Arduino Nano. I have a problem where I can send sysex commands to get preset name, scene name, firmware version... but not sequentially. It seems that whatever sysex I send first is the only one that arrives. For example, I can...
  98. Lykwid

    First Time Updating MFC-101 FW Results in Error 17

    Hey everyone - A few years back, I had bought the MFC-101(mk3) to basically convince myself that I was committed to getting the Axe FX, and this year during the Black Friday sale, I finally splurged and picked up the 3. So obviously my goal is to get the MFC-101 working as a generic MIDI...
  99. A

    Programmed MIDI Swtich won't work with Logic Pro...Help!

    So I programmed some switches into a logic file session and the switches initially worked nicely. I decided I wanted to change one of my tones so I put in a different preset by changing the number in logic (value in the event window). Even though the change was technically there, the old preset...
  100. dallasplans

    Switching from Kemper to AX8 or HX Stomp w/pedals

    Hello all, noob here. Firstly, I've been lurking in these forums for months now without posting, and you all seem to be a friendly and helpful bunch! Without further ado... I'm looking to make a switch to an all-in-one solution. My rig for the past couple of years has consisted of an...
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