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  1. supersonic182

    Into the Return intense buzzing

    I've just upgraded to an Axe 3 from the FM3, and with the FM I never had this issue. I'm using the same new XLR to 1/4 to go into the return of my solid state amp. There's a hellish ground type of noise coming from the speakers at all times with the Axe. It's bearable.. sort of like the hum...
  2. Pronto

    Input issue

    I've had my FM3 for almost a year and everything worked like a charm. Until now: Suddenly in the middle of playing the unit started to make loud humming noise which continued even when all input cables were removed. The input lights indicate that there is a signal coming in from all channels...
  3. S

    AX8 Noise Issue - Static/Humming/Crackling

    Hi, So recently, with no change to my set-up, i've started getting some seriously high levels of static/humming noises from the AX8. It's been happening on and off the last week. Here's the info: Happens with every guitar or bass thats plugged in. Stops when the guitar or bass is unplugged...
  4. sixtystring

    Noise while plugged into some outlets but not others. Compact Solutions?

    Example of noise I am referring to: https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/media/2017/09/Guitar-Noise-Buzz-and-Hum-Dirty-Power.mp3?_=4 This type of noise occurs with these setups, but not on all power outlets: Guitar > 1/4 TS Cable > FM3 Input 1 > Monitoring via Headphone out Guitar > 1/4 TS...
  5. M.M.

    Powerline network interference solution? Amp noise, modellers not affected

    Hello, I've been using my amps with a loadbox for a while, and today when I was going to "dust off" my cabinet, I came across this noise. Tried with different amps and it doesn't make any difference. I'm pretty sure this is being caused by powerline network adapters I installed recently...
  6. Brad Wilson

    USB Noise in Monitors

    Hi guys, I just got a new Macbook Pro and installed all the Axe FX drivers (Axe FX II mk1). The strangest thing is happening though. Whenever I plug in the USB cable to the computer, I get a ground hum noise from my monitors, even with no signal input from my Axe FX into the interface. I have...
  7. L

    Bug? FM3 crackle, pop, noise direct to DAW

    Just got my FM3. Firmware Version 3.01 Build 12/21/20 I'm plugged in to my UR242 with xlr-to-xlr cables. I'm using Cubase Elements. My audio out is to stereo yamaha hs8. I'm getting intermittent crackling, popping noise. I tried changing guitars but still the same. Check for clipping and...
  8. J

    AX8 noise and volume issues

    Hi, I've had similar volume related problems on my ax8 which others have described. The volume randomly drops and sometimes returns to its original level on its own. Is there still no explanation to this problem? My setup is ax8 left xlr output-> audio interface -> computer if it matters. I have...
  9. Alex Kolund

    AX8 FXLoop Noise

    I'm patching in an external pedalboard but whenever it's in the chain I hear noise oscillating in the background. The pedalboard is powered by VoodooLab MONDO and has a Sentry noise gate so it's silent when I run it separately from the AX8. But when the FXLoop block is on, so is the noise. I've...
  10. J

    Secondhand AX8 - noise/tone problems

    Hello, I am currently on the FM3 waitlist but in meantime I've decided to try out the AX8 and bought used one. The seller assured me that the unit is in the perfect condition. When it shipped it had 10.01 fw already - I did factory settings reset and set up proper input level. At home I am...
  11. greiswig

    Papery buzz under some models?

    I've got one patch where I use a couple of Fender-type amps, along with a DC-30. They're running just barely at the point of getting some grind. The Tweed Deluxe, Carr Roamer, and DC-30 all have a sound like something is rubbing on the speaker cone underneath low notes in particular, like the...
  12. H

    Axe-Fx II XL+ Noise Problems

    So I’ve posted here before and elsewhere about noise from my Axe Fx II XL+. Unfortunately my problem is still not solved, and i’m gonna list off all the stuff I have ruled out or attempted and put them here, and see if anybody else has any idea, because I’m about to lose my mind. I have two...
  13. Aldones

    High Gain w/o Dirty Amp

    So, I'm running the fx8 directly into a quilter tone block 201 at it's cleanest possible state, and intend to rely upon the fx8 drive blocks entirely for my tone. I've since decided that trying to run an HM-2 alongside it just isn't going to give me the result I want, and even so I could...
  14. R

    AX8 ground noise present even without the guitar

    Good day to everyone, I bought me an AX8 and I am quite happy with the sounds. Unfortunately the device has a very noticeable flaw for me. If the gain of my scarlett audio interface is pretty high It gives out a static noise, which depends on the preset used. For clean presets it is barely...
  15. eNVy

    Is This Noise Floor/Feedback Normal?

    Hello all! I've had my my Ax8 for 2 months now and I've loved every moment of it (except for the conversion rate of USD to CAD). It's come to my attention that there may be an irregularity with my noise floor, more-so with my high gain presets. There is a hum in mid-high range frequencies when...
  16. mcl

    Noise level in Axe-Fx II XL+ : standard or my own problem?

    Hi everyone, I write to you from Italy as the owner of a fractal axe fx XL II + since one week , and i am here to ask for your help. The first thing i want to say is that the effects and amp emulation on this machine is stunning: i tried several emulators before coming to fractal and none of...
  17. S

    Tone cracks up

    Hi guys! When I lower the volume on my guitar below half I experience the tone cracking up. I also get the same thing when I let the tone ring out. When the tone is almost out the mischief is there. It's tricky to describe what it sounds like but it's something like the tone is cracking up with...
  18. F

    Bug? AX8 strange noise with every preset

    Hi ! I got an AX8 few days ago, everything was great, I was trying out some presets, made some myself etc.. And this morning, I turn it on, and I got this strange noise / kind of slow attack sometimes on every preset, which slowly goes away when I stop playing. I reinstalled the firmware...
  19. C

    Inherent hiss in amps?

    I'm asking in regards to the Brit 800, and comparing with the Friedman 2018 model. Both amps have similar character, but the Friedman has more gain with less background hiss. I've found that the hiss is mainly caused by the 'Bright Switch' being engaged. I've been using the Brit 800 with it...
  20. R

    Sudden Jump in Noise

    Hi guys, I have recently experienced a jump in noise when recording with my AX8. I have owned and loved it for two years. When I first bought one back in 2016, I had some issues with a high frequency noise coming from the AX8 which would oscillate with the LEDs. Fractal were very helpful and...
  21. camilovelandiamusic

    Hiss on FX Loop

    This may have been discussed but I couldn't find it. Asking for a friend (really, I am). He said his FX Loop always has a hiss. Anyone know how to fix that?
  22. W

    High-pitch frequency issue

    Axe-fx ii xl+ purchased in 10-2017. I am having an issue, where there is a high-pitch frequency present when playing. When not playing it is not present. Happens on multiple patches. Most prevalent on clean patches with guitar tone rolled down or off. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there...
  23. Shamash

    Reducing/Eliminating EMF

    I've always had problems with EMF in my home. Is there a way to reduce or eliminate EMF with the AX8? This is what it sounds like. The noise is almost as loud as the signal. A gate helps, but the noise is so bad that you can hear it between notes.
  24. Volvagia

    Noise when USB reamping..

    So I noticed a thread like this has been posted before but I'm getting really bad noise when doing USB reamping. I heard something about a ground loop occurring when using mixed power sources. However, I have everything plugged into the same power strip and I'm still getting a ton of noise when...
  25. S

    FX Loop Noise

    Hello guys! This is my very first post, so first of all I`d like to tell you, that I REALLY enjoy my Axe FX II XL+. Soon it will be 1 year since I bought it, never experienced any problems.. till now. Despite the quality and awesomeness of this unit I am using 3 external pedals. These are: B7K...
  26. B

    Static Noise When ReAmping (I think I know why)

    From time to time I want to reamp some DI guitar tracks from my PC to my Axe Fx XL+ My signal chain is a follows: DI tracks in DAW>Output 3-4 on interface>Input 2 on Axe FX>FX Loop block on Axe FX>the rest of the Axe preset>Input 1-2 on interface. Everything works fine this way, except for the...
  27. Detch

    Loud noise during re-amping.

    I received DI for reamping, here is a short take https://www.dropbox.com/s/oqy7me8bzvbwbgf/DI.wav?dl=0 When I started to nail the tone with Axe I could not make anything good because of the very uncomfortable amount of background noise, at first, I thought it was a poor DI quality... But when...
  28. A

    SPDIF dropouts and noise since FW 6.02

    I've noticed that I keep getting occasional SPDIF connection dropouts and noise since upgrading to FW 6.02 (cpu is below 85%). Everything will be fine for 15 or so minutes and then the connection seems to loose sync with my Focusrite 6i6 which causes the 6i6 to switch sync source back to...
  29. CoffeePunk73

    [NOT A BUG] Clicking noise from Tempo through USB (Mac)

    I'm running my FX2+ through usb to my MacBook pro. I keep getting this little static clicking that's perfectly in time with the Tempo on the AxeFX unit. I saw a thread from back in 2014 that referenced the bugs wiki, but since it no longer exists, and is probably way out of date, it wasn't much...
  30. J

    Fx8 strange noise / tone problems.

    Hello I am using the fx8 mk1 with humbuster cables in the 4CM. I am having this problem where there's some tone difference and a little flange/phase type sound. When I hit the true bypass mode it disappears and the tone sounds perfect.. I've tried resetting the fx8, using different cables and...
  31. Armando

    Noise Only When Playing

    Hello, I've had my Axe-Fx II for a few months. Recently I started hearing noise whenever I play anything on my guitar and it disappears when I stop playing. Even if I'm not muting anything and I have my guitar volume knob on max, I don't hear it. It kind of sounds like interference, but I...
  32. CactusTone

    Loud Noise with Ethercon & Exp Pedal

    I'm using a Best-Tronics Ethercon cable to connect my XL II+ to the MFC-101 MKII. When I don't plug in my Mission SP-1 it is perfectly quiet. As soon as I plug in the SP-1, however, there's a loud, persistent noise coming through the speaker. If I use the SP-1 along with the MFC using a 7-Pin...
  33. GTBorderlines

    Power Conditioners: Snake oil?

    Help me de-bunk certain myths of power conditioners. Some people swear that power conditioners will help reduce noise in certain situations. I.E. noise from high frequency lighting units or likewise. I get that RF chokes and filters may help reduce line AC noise - but these fractal units all...
  34. Robots Among Humans

    Noisy Hiss with all Patches, HELP TOUR NEXT WEEK!

    I am experiencing a strange hiss on all patches, stock and my own. I literally wasted 4 hours of what was supposed to be reheasal with my band tearing apart our live rack searching for ground loops bad cables everything! even brought my unit home and am still experiencing the same RF sounding...
  35. Andrew Catechize

    Bug? Usb audio not working

    I just received an axe 2 XL+. Everything works great on its own but I am having an issue I cannot figure out while using it for usb audio. I am running Mac OSX El Capitan, installed drivers per instructions but am having playback and recording issues. For normal playback, through iTunes...
  36. Uluevli

    Axe fx 2 makes noise when plugged into ehx magnum 44

    Hey guys.. I have too much noise when i plugged axe fx 2 xl output to ehx magnum 44 then to marshall 1936 lead cabinet. There is so loudy noise. Beside when i powered my analog pedalboard with exh magnum 44 everything is superfine no ground noise.. does anyone guess why it happens ?
  37. SoProg

    HELP! Loud Bad Noise After FW Update.

    Hi all, I need some help here. Hopefully quickly because next week is my first gig with the AX8, but only if this problem can be solved. So, I have this preset that I use for my band, it's got 4 scenes (clean,crunch,highgain,solo). It's been my go to patch based on the EVH5150. But, after...
  38. T

    Infinite verb/delay/sustain help!

    Been using this forum to learn more about my Axe Fx 2 for a while but first time posting a question. Currently on tour with a band who uses a "noise" patch to sustain a note forever while being able to change guitars in the middle of the set. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it...
  39. A

    Axe FX II Mark2 high pitched noise from the unit [NOT A BUG]

    Hi. I just recently bought Axe-Fx 2 Mark 2 second hand. It was like new, still had the sticker on LCD. I've noticed after, that it's making high pitched squeel from the unit itself, not speakers. Even without all the leads plugged in. I've discovered that it is caused by cab/ tone matching...
  40. EricBic

    BUG: Alien noises

    I think i've found a bug that i've been able to recreate. I've added both preset and sound clip below. When using an expression pedal to control wah, input drive, delay mix after a few seconds i get very strange noises. Changing presets doesn't seem to help, only a reboot. This is my setup: Ax8...
  41. M

    List of amps that have ground loops with FX8

    Every processor has the potential to create ground loops with the amp that it is used with. That said, so far, the FX8 has been much more friendly with amps than most of the other processors I have used. The purpose of this thread is not to point fingers, but to provide a list of amps that may...
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