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ml sound lab

  1. ProgressiveRocco

    80s Hair Metal w/ ML Sound Lab Mars Hair Metal cab pack

    Hey guys!:) Wrote this quick song to test the newest cab pack by ML Sound Lab in a mix! This pack is based on a Marshall 2551B 4x12 guitar cabinet from 1987 with Celestion G12T-75 speakers! Using the Friedman HBEv2 on this one!

    IRs ML Sound Lab Master Thread - Latest Release: XMAS Cab Pack

    Hey everyone, Mikko here! The new vendor rules are structured so that all vendors need a "master thread" and this is the ML Sound Lab one so be sure to follow/subscribe so you'll get notified whenever we have new announcements. :) Head on over to the official ML Sound Lab website to see what's...
  3. shaunb

    Evolve - HBE C45 & Recto1 Red with ML Mars PR-H75

    Quick test run of the PR-H75 Mix A IR from ML Sound Lab Mars PR Bundle cab pack with a Friedman and a Recto. For cab pack details visit https://ml-sound-lab.com

    ML Mars PR Cab Packs | IR's based on four Marshall™ pre-Rola™ Greenback cabs [ML Sound Lab]

    Check out the introductory deals: https://ml-sound-lab.com/ Comparison of all four cabinets: Same setup for all sound samples - Axe-Fx III with default amp settings on the Plexi 50W Jumped amp sim. I highly recommend you try that amp sim with default settings. It was the closest amp sim to my...

    "Brown Sound" Artist Pack | Based on Eddie Van Halen's guitar tones (ML Sound Lab)

    Get yours here: https://ml-sound-lab.com/products/brown-sound-artist-pack-fractal This Artist Pack is compatible with Fractal Audio Systems™ Axe-Fx III, Axe-Fx II and AX8. "Brown Sound" is a collection of perfectly matched guitar tones that were first matched with the Eddie-esque guitar sound...

    Free Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Amp Match Preset (ML Sound Lab)

    So yes - I have a real Mark IIC+ from 1984 here at the studio and I've been posting a bunch of videos with it. This time I wanted to first of all make the Axe-Fx III sound just like the IIC+ but I also wanted to show you the detail that I put in the Amp Packs and give you a taste in the form of...

    (ML Sound Lab) Ultimate 4x12 Shootout: Which cab is your favorite?

    So we've released 5 Cab Packs this year already. It's really hard to explain what they're all about in words which is why I decided to create these graphs and bass, middle, treble, presence explanations to make things more clear for you guys. I'd love to hear your opinions on all of them! Which...

    ML Sound Lab IR Cab Pack "Boaner" based on Bogner 4x12

    https://ml-sound-lab.com/ "Boaner Cab Pack" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a Bogner™ 4x12 guitar cabinet loaded with 90s UK made Celestion™ Vintage 30 and G12T-75 speakers in "X" pattern. Rather than talking about the pack I recorded some sound demos with the Mega Rectified...

    ML Amp Pack - Mega Rectified based on a Mesa Dual Rectifier

    EDIT: New clip by Zach Munowitz: Extremely happy to announce our latest and greatest Amp Pack - Mega Rectified Here's the official release information and please ask me any questions you may have. :) I'll be posting more information and sound clips in this thread so be sure to...

    ML Freeman Cab Pack | Based on a Friedman 4x12 with Greenbacks and V30s

    Official info: https://ml-sound-lab.com/products/freeman-cab-pack It was years ago when I started a poll about what Cab Packs you want me to make and the Friedman 4x12 was one of the top wishes. Sorry it took so long but boy was it worth the wait. I'm not much of a hype person but I'll say...

    Zilla 4x12 Cab Pack with V30s and Creambacks [ML Sound Lab]

    https://ml-sound-lab.com/ Cab Pack "ZILA" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a Zilla Cabs™ Oversized 4x12 guitar cabinet loaded with Celestion™ Vintage 30 and G12H-75 speakers. Microphones Shure™ SM57 Shure™ SM7B Shure™ SM58 Royer™ R121 Sennheiser™ e906 Sennheiser™ MD421...

    ML Amp Pack - Brit Silver based on Marshall Silver Jubilee from '87

    https://ml-sound-lab.com/ Here's a clip of all three channels: It's probably no surprise that I'm a huge Guns N Roses fan but I dare you to search YouTube for some clips of Joe Bonamassa talk about the Silver Jubilee... it's his #1. So many rock legends from John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili...

    ML Sound Lab MARS SILVER Cab Pack - Silver Jubilee from 1987

    Click here to skip the ramble: https://ml-sound-lab.com/products/mars-silver EDIT: Here's a clip of crunch, lead and clean with the Brit Silver amp sim on Axe-Fx III FW3.01: Here's a quick clip by @shaunb to get things rolling: The Silver Jubilee is considered the holy grail for so many...
  14. shaunb

    New ML Sound Lab Mars Silver + Friedman 2018 - aggressive rock test.

    Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well. This is my first new noise of 2019. Just playing around with something new from ML Sound Lab paired with the Friedman 2018 amp model in the XL+. UPDATE : Now that Mikko has released the new IR collection I can let you know I used the ML Sound Lab...
  15. Cobrango

    The new Mega Oversize cab pack from ML Sound Lab is insane!

    Just played it today after having purchased it, and it sounds SO good. Highly recommend it, I've been hunting V30 IR's online since I bought the axe-fx II alomst, and I've tried so many it's crazy. I've been in contact with Mikko for a long time and we even discussed this exact cab, then...
  16. ezvictor

    Unchained axe 2

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/j3hjmnjryzyfm36/unch aint 3.mp3?dl=0 Les Paul into AXE FX 2 into garage band. Drums are from a youtube “isolated drum track”. Bass is les Paul into digitech drop pedal set to octave down using a clean preset. Main dirty preset is Plexi 100w high into ML sound lab BRIT...
  17. orion32773

    Smooth Lead Tele Tone Video

    I wanted to try something different other than high gain and see if I could dial in a smooth lower gain lead tone with my Tele. Check it out and subscribe for more content

    "ML Greatest Hits" - 2018 BLACK NOVEMBER PACK!

    EDIT: Video demo: 22 cabinets in one pack. ;) More info here: https://shop.fractalaudio.com/ML_Greatest_Hits_Collection_p/fas-801-0053.htm Fractal Audio and ML Sound Lab are celebrating our four year successful collaboration with a "Greatest Hits" Cab Pack. This is actually by far the most...
  19. camilovelandiamusic

    ML Sound Lab LEGENDS Cab Pack Demo

    Hey guys! Been a minute... I took four IR mixes from the LEGENDS Cab Pack. This collection is badass! Amp models used: JTM 45 Plexi 6550 JCM 800 #34 Friedman HBE


    It's reveal time! I can't lock the voting but I'll post the final results here: (votes made after this will not be counted for obvious reasons) CLIP A: 15 votes 37.5% CLIP B: 15 votes 37.5% THEY SOUND THE SAME: 10 votes 25% Results on the second page. Original post: Here is a download link...

    1970 Plexi: ML Legends vs ML Brit Big Bundle

    Fractal Audio just released the new ML Legends Cab Pack which is dedicated to "modern sounding pre-Rola speakers". I've been receiving a lot of questions about what that exactly means so here's a comparison of the ML Legends "pre-Rola G12M 75hz Greenback" vs the more vintage sounding ML Brit Big...

    Fractal Audio Cab Pack: ML LEGENDS IS OUT NOW!

    Get the pack from here: https://shop.fractalaudio.com/ML_Legends_p/fas-801-0052b.htm EDITED: Preview video! EDIT #2: Amazing runthrough my Zack Munowitz: Back story: (skip to "About the pack" if you're not interested) An epic pack deserves an epic trailer. :) Where to begin? Being able...
  23. actionjackson12


    So...I have watched AAL's Latest Rig Rundown and as many of you probably know, Tosin is completely Analog now. He uses a Morgan amp which is super clean and has lots of headroom. He gets all the gain staging from various OD pedals and Clean boosts in front of the amp. It actually makes a lot of...
  24. camilovelandiamusic

    ML Lab 'Guns N Roses' Cab Pack Demo

    Hey guys! Here is a demo of the ML Sound Lab “Impulses For Destruction” put together by Mikko and Richard Fortus of Guns n’ Roses.

    Axe-Fx III Tutorial - Mixing IR's within the unit

    So I got a request from @bvaughn0402 that I explain how you can mix IR's within the unit with the Axe-Fx III. As you may have guessed already by looking at the IR options "it almost seems like I knew that there would be 4 IR slots in the Cab Block" and that's correct. You will find samples from...
  26. shaunb

    Soundcheck - Recto1 Red + ML Sound Lab "THE BEST IR IN THE WORLD"

    Here's a quick sound test using the free IR just released by Mikko of ML Sound Lab which is called "THE BEST IR IN THE WORLD" and it's a pretty damn good capture. You can download it here bit.ly/MLSoundLab and try it out for free.
  27. davidspry

    My first Axe-FX recording: Sonic the Hedgehog (Kiesel VM6, Plexi 50, ML Zilla)

    I recently bought an Axe-FX II XL+. I think it's great! A song from the Sega game Sonic The Hedgehog has been stuck in my head since I was about 5 years old, so I felt compelled to record a version of the song with the Axe-FX. I'm still working on basic guitar technique, so I'm afraid the...
  28. shaunb

    Recto tone test - preset added

    Just a quick test trying out some new tricks with the Recto amps in the AxeFXII XL+. Amps: Recto1 Red & Recto2 Org Modern for the main rhythms and Recto2 Red in some parts too. IRs: ML Zilla All Mix and ML Brit PR75 SM57-M160 01 (Cab Pack 20) EDIT: preset added for anyone who wants to have a...
  29. DTS

    CK USA Trad Presets in 9.03

    This is one of the best cab packs, ever made! The first official ML Soundlab Cab Pack for FAS gear. So I loaded new IRs to my AX8 today and remembered, that this CP7 has some cool MESA high gain presets included. I loaded them in to my AX8 to see how they sound after so many updates. I made...
  30. shaunb

    More fuzz rock - Cameron Big Muff Micro Boost stuffs - Preset included

    This is a short idea I used to test a couple of variations within a new preset I put together. I used the Cameron CCV 1A amp model with the Pi Fuzz Op-Amp and a Micro boost into a 50/50 blend of ML Zilla All Mix and ML Brit PR75 SM57-M160 01 (CP20). I did two versions of the signal chain, I'd...
  31. shaunb

    Pi Fuzz & JTM45 dirt - preset included (Muffy Christmas)

    After seeing a Youtube video of Billy Corgan talking about and playing with the reissue Big Muff Op-Amp pedal I thought I'd have a go at getting a Big Muff tone that works for me in the AxeFXII XL+. While I'm not the biggest Smashing Pumpkins fan I do love the tone of Siamese Dream. This is not...
  32. shaunb

    Tone Test - "ML - Mikko N' Fortus - Impulses for Destruction"

    Here's a little Gunners(ish) rock song to check out the new "ML - Mikko N' Fortus - Impulses for Destruction" cab pack from ML Sound Lab. It's just a quick and rough recording to hear how it sounds. The Soundcloud upload sounds a bit crappy for some reason. Oh well. I used the Friedman HBE and...
  33. shaunb

    New guitar - Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet with Fryette, Friedman, Vox, ML USA Djent & Zilla cabs

    Hi everyone. It's been a while, I hope you're all well. I decided to treat myself to a Gretsch as I've always loved their guitars. I went for their more affordable Electromatic range and I'm really impressed with it. I actually got it as a little nod to Chris Cornell, he was rocking mostly...
  34. shaunb

    New ML USA Djent cab pack - short rock/metal piece for a horror film (no djenting though, sorry)

    Hi guys and girls. It's been a while, got a few projects on the go. I've been working on some short musical pieces for an upcoming film and used the project as an opportunity to test out the new USA Djent Cab Pack from ML Sound Lab. This is more of a heavy rock/metal project and I think this...
  35. hansenolsen

    Melodic prog metal

    Hi, Years of lurking, but not really too big on posting here. My band Vicinity, playing melodic progressive metal, just released our second album, Recurrence, yesterday. All the guitars are Axe-Fx II, with cab pack 13, and the album was mixed by Christer Andre Cederberg (Anathema & Circus...

    Introducing: The ML Brit Family IR Collection

    CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION The existing "based on Marshall" Cab Packs are no longer tied to the large premium packs but instead you have some new cool options. #1 THE ML BRIT SAMPLER PACK - IR's from all 10 Cab Packs limited to the top right speaker Ace single mic IR's and one mix IR - 10...
  37. shaunb

    Into The Unseen - electro heavy rock with a bit of industrial maybe?

    This song was inspired by an AxeFX preset shared online by someone that I thought was pretty cool. It wasn't until after I had finished it and showed a few people that I was told the effect is a replication of an effect used on a Muse song. It's a bit of a shame, I've never heard the song before...
  38. shaunb

    P90 loaded Yamaha Troy Van Leeuwen sig with the 65 Bassguy and ML USA Combo IRs - PRESET ADDED

    I dusted off my Yamaha SA503TVL Troy Van Leeuwen signature guitar loaded with P90s for the first time in ages. I forgot how much I love this guitar. This is something I came up with while playing around with some Fender amp models in the AxeFXII XL+ and the new USA Combo cab pack from ML Sound...
  39. shaunb

    Heavy Rock blind tone comparison - pre-production tone test UPDATE: results and presets added

    Hi guys and girls. This is a tone test I did to determine which amp presets to use on the recording project I've got underway. I'll have an album or a couple of EPs out this year. I didn't intend to post this as it was just a decision making tool for my process, but I thought it might be...
  40. shaunb

    "As The Dust Settles" - Fender Tweed Deluxe with ML Tweed IRs

    Came up with something different for me while trying out the new Fender Tweed Deluxe IRs from ML Sound Lab. I've never really used the Fender amps before, it's interesting to see how different ideas come from trying different gear. This idea came together better than I expected, I might keep it...
  41. shaunb

    ML Brit Collection 2 Hard Rock tone test - HBE, BE and Fryette D60M

    Here's a quick test of some new IRs in the works from ML Sound Lab. UPDATE: This was recorded with a couple of single mic IRs from the new Brit Collection 2. Amps used are Friedman HBE and BE (the old one, not V1 or V2), the Fryette D60M is in there too. Bass tracked with the Citrus Bass 200...
  42. apescaleconflict

    Upcoming ML Sound Lab Cab Pack. This thing is OLD and HEAVY and super versatile.

    Heyyyyyy there! Im beta testing this package that Mikko is cooking up and what the H"#%. Cab is like at least 45 years old, and sounds absolutely ridiculous. I can't wait to get my hands on more in depth ir's. This one is once again more heavier sort. Like always. Because it makes me chuckle...
  43. apescaleconflict

    ML Sound Lab Heavy IR Trio test with GGD drums / CP13 (Mesa), CP24(DZL) and CP25 (Zilla)

    G'day! Here's what the title promises in a one clip of a song that i did for my band. New album coming out somewhere spring next year though. Meanwhile just enjoying to tweak these demo songs to hell and back. Every clip is with the same setup, SM57 + SM57 + MD421, i tried to choose the ir's...
  44. shaunb

    The Low Down - Fender Baritone Jag high gain aggressive rock in Drop A. (New ML USA Bass pack used)

    Guitars are back after my experiments with bass only heavy rock (more of those to come). This is a new song idea on my Fender Jag Baritone Special HH in Drop A tuning. Guitars tracked with a Brit 800 and a Corncob M50 through ML Bulb Zilla cabs. Bass is my G&L Tribute L-2500 with the Citrus...
  45. shaunb

    Where Devils Dare - Bass Only heavy rock song #3, ML USA Bass & Zilla content

    This is "Bass Only" heavy rock song number 3. I was going to just do three of these but I keep coming up with more ideas in this format, so there may be more in the future. This one has a more eerie feel and the "lead bass" aka "guitar" tracks retain more of a bass-like character for the most...
  46. shaunb

    Low tuned heavy fuzz rock - Citrus Bass + ML USA Bass, Brit Pre/Fryette hybrid + ML Zilla

    This is a test of my "Super Fuzz" preset which I've adapted to my current go to IRs to see how it sits in the mix. I still need to write another section to slot in before the ending, so this isn't a finished piece yet. More of a test run. The guitars are a Brit Pre with a Fryette tonestack...

    Top 10 ML Sound Lab IR's!!

    Going through some of my favorite IR's. I highly recommend you check these out as I think they represent some of the greatest IR's out there. :) That Citrus 4x12 IR is a must have! A special thank you to @Pwrmac7600 for the idea on sharing my top IR list. I've mentioned it a few times but...
  48. shaunb

    "No guitar hard rock" song #2 - Q4 ML USA Bass and Zilla + Brit 800, Corncob & Plexi 50W Hi 1

    Here's my second "no guitar hard rock" song. It's my G&L Tribute Series L-2500 5 string bass rocking the AxeFXII XL+ updated to Quantum 4.00 and not guitars at all. The bass track was done using the Citrus Bass 200 paired with the new USA Bass cab pack from ML Sound Lab based (pun not...
  49. shaunb

    Moody high gain song with no guitars, all bass and drums. ML USA Bass cab pack (coming soon)

    Challenge: make a hard rocking high gain song with no guitars, only bass and drums. This was an experiment that I didn't think would turn out this well, but I was pleasantly surprised. Bass tracks are done with the Citrus Bass 200 and ML Sound Lab USA Bass IRs that are coming out soon. This...

    Cab Pack: ML USA Bass based on Mesa PowerHouse PH1000

    The pack was just released! Click here to find out more. I'm officially announcing this pack now after just submitting a hopefully final version to official FAS beta. Expect to hear more clip soon. Meanwhile I apologize since this is my first week slappin da bass mon. My good friend @shaunb...
  51. shaunb

    Baritone Post Rock - Plexi 50W, Brit 800, Zilla and new ML Bass cab pack in Drop A

    While making presets for my new baritone I thought I'd go through the factory presets and swap the cabs out for the my favourite Zilla IRs out of curiosity to see if I'd luck upon a winning combination. I came across factory preset 271 "Detune Plexi" which sounded awesome with the low tuning...
  52. shaunb

    Baritone Crunchies - Recto 1 Red, Brit 800 and ML Zilla cabs. Presets included.

    I was hoping to post a new song tomorrow that just needs the bass track re-recorded and a final mix but I ripped my index finger open at work today, so I thought I'd post this quick tone test that I did a couple of days ago. I'm testing a few amp combination for various tones and styles for my...
  53. Red Room


    Hi guys! I`ll just post it here. Hope you like it! Because i do:)
  54. shaunb

    ML Bulb Zilla preview - high gain, medium gain and clean examples using multiple IRs - PRESETS ADDED

    Howdy. I was doing some IR auditions for an upcoming recording session and thought I could do a shorter version for anyone who is interested in the ML Sound Lab Zilla cab pack and wanted to hear some more examples of what you can expect. I have done three clips to cover a variety of...
  55. shaunb

    Corncob M50 Zilla rocker

    This is a recording I did back in the early beta of the upcoming Zilla pack from ML Soundlab. My man Darko Dimovski had some fun remixing it so I thought I'd post the original. This is the Corncob M50 with a number of single mic IRs utilising V30 and Creamback H75 speakers and SM57 mics...

    Clark Kent Job - Strangers (Music Video) and FREE IR's!

    This is actually a song from my bands EP from last year. This was the song that we changed the tuning for to make it a bit meaner sounding and we matched the Axe-Fx to sound just like the real Mark IV and Traditional Mesa 4x12 cabinet we used for the rest of the EP. The IR's used here can be...


    I got me a new bass and had to record a new clip. There's a lot of "coming soon" being used on this song but more on that later. I noticed that all my favorite bass sounds from Foo Fighters to Green Day to even Blink 182 where the bass is loud in the mix and still not overbearing are a Fender...
  58. shaunb

    Drop A song - ML Cab Pack 24 Dizzy with Brit Pre/Fryette hybrid and FAS Modern II

    I wrote this song a while back as part of an audition for a band playing in Drop A. I revisited the material and I really like the tuning now, so I might work the songs I did into an EP or something. For this I used my Super Fuzz preset which is a Brit Pre with a Fryette tonestack and a Bender...
  59. shaunb

    ML Cab Pack 24 Dizzy 4x12 V30 + Brit 800 & Brit Pre

    Here's a quick test of Cab Pack 24 ML Dizzy 4x12 for some aggro rock tones. IR: ML Dizzy V30 SM57-R121 02 Amps: Brit 800 & Brit Pre

    Cab Pack 23 Djents: "Vigorous Riffs"

    I just got my first 8-string guitar and it's a Jackson with Juggernauts on it. Holy crap that's a lot of strings! :D I have to say that the pickups are both clear and dark at the same time which is rarely the case. They're kind of balanced no matter where you play on the neck. I love the feel of...

    Quantum 3.0 HBE V2 and Ultimate V30 4x12 Comparison

    After doing several Cab Packs and once again creating a Cab Pack with Vintage 30 speakers (ML Dizzy based on Diezel 4x12 Cab Pack will be out soon and includes both a G12K100 4x12 and a V30 4x12 cabinet) I've been receiving some questions about how it compares to other V30 4x12 cabinets. It's...

    The legendary "Misha Mix 08"

    I'm not sure if the hype has caught up everyone so here's a short summary. This already legendary "djentiest IR on the planet" called "Misha Mix 08" was created by Misha Mansoor for Cab Pack 13: USA Bulb 4x12. That's the IR you'll f.ex. hear on the Haunted Shore's Viscera EP: If you went to...

    2x12 kills a 4x12?

    After releasing Cab Pack 23: USA Citrus 2x12 I've had a few people ask me "what's the difference between the 2x12 versions of the USA and Citrus" and unsurprisingly it's a bit hard to describe by words. I thought I'd show it to you guys as there's no consistancy here at all. To me the USA 2x12...

    Pop/Rock Diezel Tones

    I'm loving the different flavors available in the Diezel land. I'm not sure if everyone knows what I'm working on but essentially I'm shooting a new ML Dizzy Cab Pack that will include two different "based on Diezel" cabinets. One with G12K100 speakers and the other with V30 speakers. I finished...

    Friedman BE V2 with ML Dizzy K100 sounding fat and full

    There was a request for non-metal clips from the Dizzy K100 so since it's a NGD (Gibson LP Standard) and there are new Friedman amp sims there was no way I was not messing around with these. Unsurprisingly all amp settings are stock and the IR's work like a dream. Here's a pop rock type vibe...
  66. shaunb

    Friedman HBE & BE both voicings on hard rocker with Cab Pack 20

    Trying out the new voicing options on the HBE and BE amps. HBE for main rhythms with the same settings except V1 on the left side and V2 on the right. Same deal with the BE V1 and V2 when the quad tracking kicks in. No drive blocks, just amp and cab with a noise gate in front. Got to play with...

    What is the best IR for you?

    We talk so much about IR's and different speakers but sound is sometimes a bit too hard to explain by words. So this time let's look at some SM57 graphs of some of the best representations of different speakers I've had the pleasure of miking up. :)` The classic Chinese V30: I call this the...

    Dizzy V4 SLVR 3 with ML Dizzy K100 in a mix!

    I've already shot the single mic IR's of the K100 pack and I just had to create a mix test. Damnnnnnnn!! :laughing: This is once again one of those stock setting presets and no post EQ on guitars at all so this is exactly what you get without tweaking. :tonguewink: Do you like it? PS. There...

    ML Dizzy K100 First Official Clip!

    Now we're talking! I just finished shooting the single mic IR's for the upcoming "based on Diezel" Cab Pack. This clip is an SM57 blended with an MD421. For me it's starting to live up to the "based on Diezel" brand. :)

    ML Dizzy: The fattest and meanest Cab Pack yet

    A new video demonstrating the complete pack: EDIT EDIT EDIT: Here's a video of me demonstrating the Ace IR's of this upcoming Cab Pack. Enjoy! EDIT EDIT: Here's the first official clip for ML Dizzy: EDIT: Finally I had a chance to start my early stage tests with the "Dizzy" cab...

    First ML Cab Pack for 2016: "The Little Guy"

    This Cab Pack has been released: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/cab-pack-23-ml-usa-2x12-citrus-2x12.112809/ EDIT: The cabs included in this Cab Pack are: ML USA 2x12: Based on a Mesa 2x12 with 70w 16Ohm V30s. Brighter with more juicy middle bite than other Mesa cabinets I've done. ML...
  72. apescaleconflict

    ML Sound Lab CP20 Brit 80's 4x12 test / JCM800 / Heavy rockis'h shishkebabha

    Okay, i'ts hard for a metal soaked guy like me to produce these clips and this was kinda quick one, but i was really enjoying the cp20 and that 80's 4x12 Rola Celestion G12-80! Has that vintage tone but the bite suited quite well for what i was after. Clip is as i said quite strip down to...

    Join the AxeFxTutorials & ML Sound Lab Twitch stream!!

    If you guys haven't checked out @Chris@AxeFxTutorials live Twitch streams you've been missing out. That's like a live TV show on the internet discussing the Axe-Fx but not only that since it's interactive and you can join the conversation in real time. Here it is: (Be sure to create a Twitch...

    Misha Mansoor + ML Hangout and Cab Pack 19 talk!

    Special thanks to Brock for making all this happen! We hung out and talked about the collaborations, Axe-Fx, creating tones, capturing IR's etc. and thought you guys might find it interesting. It was actually the best 3 hour talks I've ever had but sadly it had to be cut down to a more enjoyable...
  75. apescaleconflict

    Demo Song "Ritva 3D" / 5153 50W & ML Brit HW 4x12 from CP20

    Hey dudes and dudettes! Did this song this week in a few days, it's a demo of this idea i had in my mind! I'd also like to hear some comments how you think it sounds, tried few new things in the mix! Also it was a test to see how that Marshall cab hold metal, yet again. haha... Any questions...
  76. JMR

    Michael Landau - "I'm Buzzed" ML Brit Collection

    I was working on my own stuff the other day and decided it'd be fun to noodle over a Michael Landau tune during a session break. I used the stock 1959 SLP Treble preset bundle included in the collection for the rhythm tones. The cab used for all guitars the ML Brit PR55 SM57 A1. For lead tones I...
  77. Sacha

    How about a threesome? Metal IR comparison clip that is!

  78. ProgressiveRocco

    Lamb Of God MIXTEST | 5153 Red | ML SoundLab Cab Pack 13

    Quick take on Walk With Me In Hell by LoG, I've added the original vocal stem on top just for fun :cool: I'm using the 5153 Red model into the Misha Mix 08 USA Trad cab from Cab pack 13 \m/
  79. apescaleconflict

    ML Cab Pack 19 / ENGL / Friedman HBE / Quantum

    Hey, Heres a sneak peek how the ENGL cab in CP 19 stands out in a metal context, didn't take me too much time to throw this up, it's childsplay to find a IR from this pack to fit the metal mix. Questions opinions, everything is welcome! This cab is gonna come out (correct me if im wrong) at...
  80. shaunb

    ML Sound Lab Cab Pack 19 Helmet cover

    Here's a recording I threw together to test out the soon to be released Cab Pack 19 Bulb Angle Citrus from ML Sound Lab. It's my favourite song from my all time favourite band. Amp: Brit Pre Rhythm guitars IR: ML Citrus 4x12 SM57-M160 01 Lead and overlays: ML Citrus 4x12 SM57-MD421 03 Bass IR...

    ML Bulb Angle Citrus: The second Misha Mansoor / ML Cab Pack

    EDIT: This Cab Pack has been released: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Pack_19_ML_Bulb_Angle_Citrus_p/fas-801-0019.htm Q&A feat Misha Mansoor and Mikko from ML Sound Lab: In and out of a mix demonstration of Misha's mixes from Cab Pack 19: I'm not sure if you guys noticed this clip by...
  82. ProgressiveRocco

    VAN HALEN | Unchained | ML Sound Lab NEW IRs MIXTEST

    What's up guys! It's VH time!!:cool: \m/ Wanted to test these new upcoming IRs from ML Sound Lab in a mix, there are no guitars on the backing track except for the rhythm one underneath the solo. Only thing added in post is a touch of Eventide micro pitch shift on the solo (easy to recreate...
  83. ProgressiveRocco

    Friedman JJ | ML Brit Collection | new IRs from ML SoundLab!!!

    Hey guys, I started to mess around with some of the IRs from the (upcoming) Brit Collection pack (all info here http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ml-brit-collection-the-mothership.105956/), they are the BEST Marshall IRs I've ever tried, swapped all my older cabs in my Marshall-type patches...
  84. apescaleconflict

    Yet another Vox AC30 / 2x12" AC30 ML / It can be heavier too!

    Hey! As a metal dude, i tried this pack with a more heavier touch. Guitar is LTD SC607b with EMG 81-7, so you can hear how this beast can work with metal setup also. Some might not even try because it's labeled more light rock or indie. But hells yeah, lil old VOX can drop the hammer pretty...
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