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New ML Sound Lab Mars Silver + Friedman 2018 - aggressive rock test.



Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well.

This is my first new noise of 2019.
Just playing around with something new from ML Sound Lab paired with the Friedman 2018 amp model in the XL+.

Now that Mikko has released the new IR collection I can let you know I used the ML Sound Lab Mars Silver cab pack.

It's based on a Marshall 2551BV 4x12 guitar cabinet from 1987 with rare original 70 watt Celestion Vintage speakers custom made for Marshall.

I used a couple of mixes that are included for the rhythm tracks and the solo was from a previous version that used Misha Mix 8 from Cab Pack 13.

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way more gtr+kick, the cymbals are supposed to be a garnish, this is a plate of ketchup with two fries in the middle

I'll have another fiddle with the mix in the next few days.
Learning to use some mastering plugins and this is my first play with them. I'll try and add some protein to the plate.


Cab pack info added now that the product has been released.

It's the ML Sound Lab Mars Silver pack.
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