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Low tuned heavy fuzz rock - Citrus Bass + ML USA Bass, Brit Pre/Fryette hybrid + ML Zilla



This is a test of my "Super Fuzz" preset which I've adapted to my current go to IRs to see how it sits in the mix.
I still need to write another section to slot in before the ending, so this isn't a finished piece yet. More of a test run.

The guitars are a Brit Pre with a Fryette tonestack using ML Bulb Zilla IRs with my Baritone Jag in Drop A and a Bender Fuzz block.

The bass is tracked with the Citrus Bass 200 amp and the new ML USA Bass cab pack based on the Mesa PH1000.
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Cab Pack Wizard
I love how the bass sounds in this one. I'd love that preset for sure. I love the clank, how it's in control of the mix and... everything dude. :)
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