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Into The Unseen - electro heavy rock with a bit of industrial maybe?



This song was inspired by an AxeFX preset shared online by someone that I thought was pretty cool.
It wasn't until after I had finished it and showed a few people that I was told the effect is a replication of an effect used on a Muse song. It's a bit of a shame, I've never heard the song before and thought this was a reworking of a factory preset. I guess I can try to re-program the arpeggio sequence.

Anyway, I think it works well for this piece, it allows the main rhythm guitars to take on the role of a synthesizer or something with complimentary guitars layering in underneath in the mix.

Not really sure how to categorise this one.

This is the most fun I've had writing and tracking a new song in a while and it's a nice little refresher for me in how I approach my song writing.

Pretty sure the amp in the main sound is one of the AC-20 models.
I added a HBE and BE as the layering guitar tracks and played around with pitch, reverb and fuzz in different places for different feels.
Cab IR was ML Zilla All Mix on all guitars.
Bass and was the Citrus Bass 200 with ML USA Bass cab IR.
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I love it when I hear untraditional use of rhythm sound. Make it into a song mate. Great potential
Thanks Rav.
I'm going to tweak the the arpeggio sequence to see if I can come up with a different pattern that works without sounding like the Muse song.
I really like this sequence though.

Whoever made the preset did a brilliant job.
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