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Moody high gain song with no guitars, all bass and drums. ML USA Bass cab pack (coming soon)



Challenge: make a hard rocking high gain song with no guitars, only bass and drums.
This was an experiment that I didn't think would turn out this well, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Bass tracks are done with the Citrus Bass 200 and ML Sound Lab USA Bass IRs that are coming out soon. This pack is based on a Mesa Powerhouse PH1000.

The "guitar" tracks are done with my G&L Tribute L2500 5 string bass through a Brit 800, Corncob M50 and a Plexi using ML Zilla IRs.

Clean delays are a Class A 30W TB with ML Zilla cabs.

The high gain tones are the exact same presets I use on most of my guitar tracks, I didn't even adjust them for the bass. I just plugged in and played and this is the result.
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Well damn... Who needs guitars anymore? Sounds great and nice groove Shaunb.

I was going to say who needs guitarists when the AxeFXII sounds this good with bass, then I remembered that I'm not great at bass lol. We still need guitarist, I hope .

I'm really enjoying playing bass lately. After this one turned out better than expected I started writing two more "bass only" songs.

If they turn out ok I'll post them as well.


The bass tone entering a 0:44 is awesome!!!

That's my main bass tone I'm using on all of my stuff at the moment.

That's where you hear the Helmet fanboy in my recordings. I'm a massive fan of the Hamilton/Stanier/Bogdan era.
I'm not necessarily trying to replicate the Henry Bogdan bass tone but there's definitely a similarity there.
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