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brit 800

  1. Mark Pritchard

    GNR - Knockin on heavens door preset

    Hi all, here is a preset I made for GNR Knockin on heavens door. I used the Brit 800 #34 for the dirty parts and the JC120 for the intro and clean parts as I think that's what Slash used on the recording, Includes 2 IR's, a Marshall 412 with V30's mic'd with SM57 & Royer121 and a 412 which is...
  2. Smittefar

    More Brit 800 #34 goodiness

    I have been working on a new Brit 800 #34 preset this week, so when Leon (@2112) posted a demo today, I thought I would fix the last bits and pieces and make a short demo today. Leon uses an IR from a Mesa Boogie cab with V30s and gets some great modern tones. I am going for a more classic...
  3. Andrea Maccianti

    BRIT 800 + 2 Custom Cabs - Guitar Improv

    A quick improvisation to test my new BRIT 800 Patch and 2 of mine Custom Cabs.
  4. hwplainview

    Silverchair - Frogstomp/Freak Show

    Given there seem to be a few similarly aged Axe FX users on here that probably had these albums as teenagers, I thought I would try doing some non-tone matched presets for these albums. Took a long time to get them right because the EQ profiles are pretty weird - you'll definitely have to adjust...
  5. Andrea Maccianti

    Testing the FREE Brit 800 #34 By ML SOUND LAB

    Great Free Patch by @ML SOUND LAB. I left everything in default, I just added a slight delay. Stock Cab here. That's it :)
  6. shaunb

    The Low Down - Fender Baritone Jag high gain aggressive rock in Drop A. (New ML USA Bass pack used)

    Guitars are back after my experiments with bass only heavy rock (more of those to come). This is a new song idea on my Fender Jag Baritone Special HH in Drop A tuning. Guitars tracked with a Brit 800 and a Corncob M50 through ML Bulb Zilla cabs. Bass is my G&L Tribute L-2500 with the Citrus...
  7. shaunb

    Where Devils Dare - Bass Only heavy rock song #3, ML USA Bass & Zilla content

    This is "Bass Only" heavy rock song number 3. I was going to just do three of these but I keep coming up with more ideas in this format, so there may be more in the future. This one has a more eerie feel and the "lead bass" aka "guitar" tracks retain more of a bass-like character for the most...
  8. shaunb

    "No guitar hard rock" song #2 - Q4 ML USA Bass and Zilla + Brit 800, Corncob & Plexi 50W Hi 1

    Here's my second "no guitar hard rock" song. It's my G&L Tribute Series L-2500 5 string bass rocking the AxeFXII XL+ updated to Quantum 4.00 and not guitars at all. The bass track was done using the Citrus Bass 200 paired with the new USA Bass cab pack from ML Sound Lab based (pun not...
  9. shaunb

    Moody high gain song with no guitars, all bass and drums. ML USA Bass cab pack (coming soon)

    Challenge: make a hard rocking high gain song with no guitars, only bass and drums. This was an experiment that I didn't think would turn out this well, but I was pleasantly surprised. Bass tracks are done with the Citrus Bass 200 and ML Sound Lab USA Bass IRs that are coming out soon. This...
  10. shaunb

    Baritone Post Rock - Plexi 50W, Brit 800, Zilla and new ML Bass cab pack in Drop A

    While making presets for my new baritone I thought I'd go through the factory presets and swap the cabs out for the my favourite Zilla IRs out of curiosity to see if I'd luck upon a winning combination. I came across factory preset 271 "Detune Plexi" which sounded awesome with the low tuning...
  11. shaunb

    Baritone Crunchies - Recto 1 Red, Brit 800 and ML Zilla cabs. Presets included.

    I was hoping to post a new song tomorrow that just needs the bass track re-recorded and a final mix but I ripped my index finger open at work today, so I thought I'd post this quick tone test that I did a couple of days ago. I'm testing a few amp combination for various tones and styles for my...
  12. shaunb

    ML Bulb Zilla preview - high gain, medium gain and clean examples using multiple IRs - PRESETS ADDED

    Howdy. I was doing some IR auditions for an upcoming recording session and thought I could do a shorter version for anyone who is interested in the ML Sound Lab Zilla cab pack and wanted to hear some more examples of what you can expect. I have done three clips to cover a variety of...
  13. shaunb

    ML Cab Pack 24 Dizzy 4x12 V30 + Brit 800 & Brit Pre

    Here's a quick test of Cab Pack 24 ML Dizzy 4x12 for some aggro rock tones. IR: ML Dizzy V30 SM57-R121 02 Amps: Brit 800 & Brit Pre

    AX8 + Brit 800 + Cab Pack 20

    I'm a bit speechless. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. :)
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