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  1. A

    How to replicate a Dookie/Golub modded Marshall? (ie Green Day)

    Trying to make a Green Day preset. Billie uses 2 100w Plexis, so I'm using the PLEXI 100W 70 since that should be the same amp. His amps are both modded- the top one is the famous Dookie/Martin Golub mod, which "cascades the front end and adds a master volume". What does cascading mean, is it...
  2. ttjosh572

    Appetite-Style Preset with Video

    I recently got some lighting equipment and a decent area to record! Attached is my mid-heavy "Hot Rodded Plexi" preset. The guitar is a Gibson Les Paul 60s Standard with stock pickups. When I use my Charvel with a JB, I roll back the mids a tad and tweak for more saturation. More presets to...
  3. Cainer

    Playing a little outside on the trusty Plexi 50


    I Just Play #11 - Gibson LP Tribute - FM3 : Super Rvb - Mesa MK III - Plexi 70 - CAE3+ - Looper. 🎸

    🇺🇸 A "live" take with the new arrival, a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Tribute Future. For the sound, 4 amps of the FM3 : Fender Super Reverb, Mesa Boogie MK III, Marshall Plexi 1970, CAE3+ Lead channel and the Looper. 😉🎸 🇫🇷 Une prise “live” avec la nouvelle arrivée, une Gibson Les Paul Tribute Future de...
  5. B

    PlexiRanger review/demo using FM3

    I'm placing this here, since I used various amps/cabs from the FM3 to demo this pedal. Amazing how flexible the FM3 is and how well it receives OD pedals. Carl Martin produces some very solid pedals, in that they sound good, are easy to operate and deliver what’s promised. The PlexiRanger is no...
  6. Mark Pritchard

    Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues Preset + Plexi scenes

    Hi everyone, I have converted my Plexi Preset from my Axe III to FM3, it includes Still Got The Blues and other Plexi scenes. Scene 1 - I used for "Still Got The Blues" Scene 2 - I used for my 'Havana" video. Please note I'm using @York Audio MRSH 412 Grennback M25 Cabs Enjoy.
  7. Mark Pritchard

    Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page) Riffs

    Here is my top 5 favourite Zeppelin riffs using a Plexi preset I made.
  8. Mark Pritchard

    Aerosmith - "Dream On" Cover

    Hi all, using a Plexi 100w with this one, playing over a backing track. I just love the Plexi's even more now with Cygnus. Thank you @FractalAudio
  9. Mark Pritchard

    Still Got The Blues Preset (Cygnus)

    Hi all, I recently posted my recording of Still Got The Blues and a few people have asked for the preset so here it is. I'm using @York Audio Greenback G25 with an SM57 so if you haven't got it, use something close. I'll include a screenshot of the cab.
  10. Mark Pritchard

    "Havana" Guitar Cover (Plexi Goodness)

    Hi all, here is a cover i did of the song Havana. I'm playing the vocal melody using a Plexi preset i made.

    —> 5mn avec un FM3 #9 - Presets 287 & 315 😊🎸

    🇺🇸 The beautiful factory presets #315 "A Kind of Dream" and #287 "Yngwie" from the FM3. A Luke II transformed into a guitar "synth" and a Luke III in a 50w Marshall Plexi via a Fulltone Full-Drive, that's all ! 🎸😊 🇫🇷 Les présets d’usine magnifiques #315 “A Kind of Dream” et #287 “Yngwie” du...
  12. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Panama" Preset

    Hi all, i've been asked by so many people for this preset so here it is. It is using a stock cab. I use scene 1 in my video with chorus, scene 2 is using the pitch block instead of chorus and scene 3 i was messing around with the 100w Plexi so you can have a play and see what works for you. Enjoy.
  13. Andrea Maccianti

    Pearl Jam Rearviewmirror Guitar Cover

    Hey friends! 😊 Here my humble tribute to Pearl Jam, Mike McCready and Stone Gossard. Here I used my Marshall Plexi 100W High preset for AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. Hope you enjoy! 😊
  14. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - Somebody Get Me A Doctor Preset

    Hi all, I have a few people ask me for this preset, i will be doing a complete preset for VHII like i did for VHI but this is the first one i've done, i used my first one as a template so thats why all the other scenes are from the first one but i will update it and post on here. I used one...
  15. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Somebody Get Me A Doctor"

    Using my new EVH Frankie relic, this has got to be one of Eddie's best riffs, i absolute love it.
  16. C

    1st Song in 14yrs ... FM3 Princeton/Plexi

    Hey guys...been a LOONG time, but recently got the bug to start writing again. Below is the link to Soundcloud. I'm using the FM3 Princeton for rhythm elec..and a plexi when the lead comes in. Mix isn't the best...but it gets the point across. Let me know your thoughts.
  17. Mark Pritchard

    Monty's Guitars PAF Pickups

    Hi all, I just put these Monty's Guitars PAF pickups in my Les Paul and i must say they are really good, excellent clarity and note definition. I'm using the 50w Plexi, JTM45 and the Super Reverb amps in my Axe-Fx III. Thanks.
  18. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen I (Free Preset)

    Hi all, Here is a Van Halen 1 preset i've been working on, it has 8 scenes for 8 different songs. I've tried to match the recordings including the panning of the guitar and reverb. I've used a couple of stock IR's and a 3rd party one (Pete Thorn's PT20) I have to give @levipeto some credit as i...
  19. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall PLEXI 100w Jump Preset

  20. ProgressiveRocco

    DOKKEN - "Dream Warriors" cover video

    Hey dudes!🙂 My buddy Vale and I just uploaded a cover of Dokken’s Dream Warriors on my YouTube channel, definitely one of my favorite tracks off Back For The Attack! Using a boosted Friedman BEv2 on this! Hope you guys dig it!! 🤘🏻
  21. orion32773

    Factory Preset 009 Plexi 100 (short video)

    Every time I come into my office my kid has changed my preset. Well, the kid has good taste. I can't seem to get off this factory preset, which is unusual for me. When a little inspiration strikes, I turn the camera on.
  22. Marciel Marcasso

    Marshall Plexi 50w - Scorpions "old school"

    hello, I tried to recreate something like the guitar sound of master Uli Jon Roth on Scorpions album "in trance" (The Sails of Charon). I don't know if it was perfect, but at least it was a lot of fun. I made a very simple preset with the Marshall Plexi 50W, Greenback Cabs and some Reverb. P.S...
  23. Burgs

    My Demo Amps - preset d/l and video

    A few of the amps and sounds I use to demo guitars and pedals for a myriad of manufacturers. They're not fussed about the 'real' amp thing; nor are the viewers much anymore. Anyway, I strapped this together this afternoon for fun and thought you might get a laugh and hopefully some enjoyment...

    ML Mars Collection | Amp Pack based on '71 Plexi, '78 JMP 2203 and '87 Silver Jubilee

    Quick link: https://ml-sound-lab.com/ MARS COLLECTION includes: MARS PLEXI based on 1971 Marshall™ 100w Super Lead MARS 2203 based on 1978 Marshall™ 100w JMP 2203 MARS SILVER based on 1987 Marshall™ 100w Silver Jubilee This Amp Pack is compatible with Fractal Audio Systems™ Axe-Fx III...
  25. Rob Suelfllohn

    Skynyrd guitar cover- 100w Plexi/Fractal

    People that KNOW Marshall amps can't believe this is actually Fractal and not a 100w Plexi
  26. Rob Suelfllohn

    Skynyrd Les Paul/Plexi tone - Guitar Cover

    Got a great plexi/ Les Paul tone on this cover. Thanks again to Simeon
  27. Rob Suelfllohn

    GREAT classic PAF tone !

    I'm really loving the GREAT classic PAF tone I am getting from this preset put together for me by Simeon- Axe Master
  28. Rob Suelfllohn

    Great PAF TONE on this one !!

    Really loving the PAF classic tone I am getting with this preset put together for me by Simeon- Axe Master.
  29. Recon24

    MF Strat Lick - Plexi 50W 6550 + ML Mars Silver

    Some Strat+Plexi tone. Plexi 50W 6550 with an FAS Boost clean boosting in front, ML Sound Lab Mars Silver 57 A for the IR, North Church reverb and Deluxe Memory Man delay in parallel after.
  30. lieutenant llama

    Adam Jones Marshall Superbass/Plexi

    Hi Folks just wondering if someone could throw some tips for making some more advanced changes to the amp block. I'm trying to nail down Tool tones and a big part of that is a heavily modified Marshall. Here's the info on the mods done It's a 1959 late 70s superbass with jj el34s and chinese...
  31. Recon24

    Saturday Afternoon Jam - Ares 1.03 - Plexi & ML Mars Silver

    First jam on 1.03, in a Plexi mood. Using the Plexi 50w 6550 into the ML Mars Silver 57 A IR, FAS Boost in front and delay/reverb in parallel after.
  32. ezvictor

    Unchained axe 2

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/j3hjmnjryzyfm36/unch aint 3.mp3?dl=0 Les Paul into AXE FX 2 into garage band. Drums are from a youtube “isolated drum track”. Bass is les Paul into digitech drop pedal set to octave down using a clean preset. Main dirty preset is Plexi 100w high into ML sound lab BRIT...
  33. ProgressiveRocco

    Classic Marshall tone (+ patch)

    What's up guys! Here's my take on a classic Marshall tone using the 1959SLP Treble, I'm going for the raw, percussive bright tone of a 100w dimed plexi:cool: Works great for jamming classic rock riffs as well as some more modern stuff like the Foo Fighters! I'm using a blend of 3 factory cabs...
  34. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe-Fx III: Classic Marshall Amps

    Hey guys! Hope you dig! Here's all the classic Marshall amps... JTM45 1959 SPL Plexi 100W 1987X 50W Plexi JCM800 Slash AFD100 JVM410H JVM410H Joe Satriani
  35. camilovelandiamusic

    New Presets... Bassman, VibroVerb, Plexi, Twin

    Hey guys! I've made some more full presets (8 scenes each). If you want a broken down explanation of each preset, click this link: http://www.camilovelandia.com/downloads.html I'll make videos of each one soon! Please tell me what you think of them! :)
  36. camilovelandiamusic

    Marshall Plexi Shootout & Preset

    Hey guys, wanted to share a preset I made featuring eight different plexi models available on the AXE FX III. This also includes the new 2204 Plexi on the last firmware. You will find the preset attached. Also uploaded to Axe Change.
  37. davidspry

    My first Axe-FX recording: Sonic the Hedgehog (Kiesel VM6, Plexi 50, ML Zilla)

    I recently bought an Axe-FX II XL+. I think it's great! A song from the Sega game Sonic The Hedgehog has been stuck in my head since I was about 5 years old, so I felt compelled to record a version of the song with the Axe-FX. I'm still working on basic guitar technique, so I'm afraid the...
  38. ProgressiveRocco


    What's up dudes! I've decided to create some mix-ready patches using JUST factory cabs and sell them for a very reasonable price! This is my take on the quintessential Marshall “Plexi on 10” sound. The core of the patch is a ToneMatch I’ve made of a great sounding Suhr SL68, John Suhr’s take on...
  39. Gytaxor

    Rotation of Force - instrumental

    Hey guys, I was toying with my favorite chord progression, which is very simple and I decided to play it in all keys using circle of fourths (hence the rotation of force :) ) so the piece is quite long. But I like it :), so maybe you will too! It is relaxed and it gets a bit more intense in...
  40. Andrea Maccianti


    There are 2 separate patches. In the video you will find the link that will take you to the respective videos. In this video I used my Marshall Plexi 50w Jump for rhythmic minds for the lead, I used my Friedman SS100. I hope you enjoy! :)
  41. Spencer Kienzle

    Request: Looking for Plini Tone

    Hey everyone! I'm brand new to all of this. I just got a Fractal AX8 and I am loving it. I'm looking for a Plini style tone to use. Anyone have any presets made, or any recommendations? Thanks!
  42. Marco Fanton

    AX8 - Mike Landau Cover - Marshall Plexi 1959SLP - FW 8.00

    Mike Landau is one of my favorite guitar player, with Steve Lukather. This my personal version of the the song I love.
  43. Andrea Maccianti

    AXE-FX2 Factory Patch "Plexi Screaming 2"

    By scrolling through hundreds of factory Patch, I stumbled on this. Based on Plexi 50w Normal. Look at that! I modified the cab with my User Cab and I changed the type of Delay. That's it :) Thank you! :)
  44. Andrea Maccianti


  45. Andrea Maccianti


  46. Andrea Maccianti

    MARSHALL PLEXI 100W 1970

    Another improvisation of fun this time on this beautiful Blues Backing Track. Bluesy Tone, I love it! Here I used my A.M. Marshall PLEXI 100W 1970. Has 8 Scenes and Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. THE PATCH IT'S AFFORDABLE. Please contact me at: andreamaccianti@hotmail.it or on my Facebook...
  47. Guitarjon

    I took the Q7b2 plunge and it inspired 2 new songs to come out!

    It's safe to say I'm really loving the new Quantum 7 beta 2 firmware. I'm very glad to have taken the plunge! Fractal Audio and OwnHammer have also just released a new IR pack. It's the first OwnHammer 'Player Pack' in the FAS store and it's really good. I'd say these are the best vintage...
  48. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall PLEXI 50w "Jump"

    Patch based on Marshall PLEXI 50w "JUMP". Ha 8 Scenes and Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. THE PATCH IT'S AFFORDABLE. Please contact me at: andreamaccianti@hotmail.it or on my Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/andrea.maccianti ***PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!***
  49. 2112

    FAS Plexi Shootout

    I've put together a run through of the same phrase played with three different levels of gain on all of (I think ) the Plexi models on my AX8. The guitar was a PRS McCarty with Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers and I tried to include a few different styles and intensity levels of playing. All the knobs...
  50. Guillaume Lortie

    New Video ( with the AX8 ) The Trooper - Iron Maiden [ Cover ]

    HI Guys! just did a video with the AX8, a cover of The Trooper ( playing is not perfect! ) I think I was kinda close to the original tone. I used a 1987X with a TS-808, stock cabs. What do you think? ( Left side of the audio )
  51. Killius

    Eruption/You've Really Got me Now - live cover

    When the camera comes closer to the stage you can hear the sound on the recording change quite a bit, but it's still cool to see live AX8 video. I used Moke's preset found here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/eruption-plexi-preset.111707/
  52. shaunb

    "No guitar hard rock" song #2 - Q4 ML USA Bass and Zilla + Brit 800, Corncob & Plexi 50W Hi 1

    Here's my second "no guitar hard rock" song. It's my G&L Tribute Series L-2500 5 string bass rocking the AxeFXII XL+ updated to Quantum 4.00 and not guitars at all. The bass track was done using the Citrus Bass 200 paired with the new USA Bass cab pack from ML Sound Lab based (pun not...
  53. shaunb

    Moody high gain song with no guitars, all bass and drums. ML USA Bass cab pack (coming soon)

    Challenge: make a hard rocking high gain song with no guitars, only bass and drums. This was an experiment that I didn't think would turn out this well, but I was pleasantly surprised. Bass tracks are done with the Citrus Bass 200 and ML Sound Lab USA Bass IRs that are coming out soon. This...
  54. shaunb

    Baritone Post Rock - Plexi 50W, Brit 800, Zilla and new ML Bass cab pack in Drop A

    While making presets for my new baritone I thought I'd go through the factory presets and swap the cabs out for the my favourite Zilla IRs out of curiosity to see if I'd luck upon a winning combination. I came across factory preset 271 "Detune Plexi" which sounded awesome with the low tuning...
  55. Cainer

    Les Paul into Plexi 100 bone dry

    Forgive the dropped beats and clams - just started messing around without a pick on my new favourite combo - Les Paul into Plexi 100, amp into cab with nothing else.
  56. Ytolyccuz

    New to Recording - Tucana+Plexi+JTM45 test - advice appreciated

    Hi, Would like to ask for your advice, tips to improve my recording. CA Tucana - Solo Rh 2 - Plexi Rh 1 - JTM45
  57. brianv4

    Assign Modifier to a Footswitch?

    I'd like to make footswitch 5 engage the amp's saturation parameter for my plexi preset. Can it be done?
  58. ProgressiveRocco

    Yngwie Malmsteen Plexi [w/ patch]

    Hey dudes! Here's my take on Yngwie's tone from the mid/late 80s, in my opinion his best period as far as composition, playing and tone, he was just f****n' untouchable!! I've used the 1959SLP Treble dimed into a pair of stereo cabs, the 4x12 TV Mix C4 (ML) and the 4x12 Basketweave TV Mix! I'm...
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