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  1. SinMix

    Legacy Presets SinMix Fractal FXII/AX8 Producer Pack 50% OFF

    Hi Guys, IMO FXII/AX8 is still amazing and sounds enough close to real amps just like New Fractal Products! Here my Comparison! And now Producer Pack for FXII/AX8 with 50% OFF Link to Store: https://www.brickwall.pl/store/index.php?id_product=120&controller=product 14 Cabinets IR Packs [5...

    Zilla 4x12 Cab Pack with V30s and Creambacks [ML Sound Lab]

    https://ml-sound-lab.com/ Cab Pack "ZILA" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a Zilla Cabs™ Oversized 4x12 guitar cabinet loaded with Celestion™ Vintage 30 and G12H-75 speakers. Microphones Shure™ SM57 Shure™ SM7B Shure™ SM58 Royer™ R121 Sennheiser™ e906 Sennheiser™ MD421...
  3. Guitarjon

    Deluxe Verb + TS808 bluesy funky jam!

    So I was messing around with my Ibanez RG652MPB into the Deluxe Verb Vibrato amp with a tubescreamer into the OwnHammer 412 ZLCS V30 MMMC (R6203-01 Ribbon mic) and it sounded very sweet so I had to make a little song. This guitar sounds suprisingly like a strat in this video but I'm actually...
  4. Guitarjon

    Grooves! (IIC++ crunchies)

    Oh yeah, I just love the USA IIC++ amp model as it's just stellar for the crunchies! The Schecter SLS C1P with Seymour Duncans really helps with the cut and throatyness, I've been digging passive pickups (mainly SD) more recently. I used the brand new OH 412 ZLCS V30 MMMC which really is...
  5. ownhammer

    IRs OwnHammer 412 ZLCS V30 Massively Multi-Mic Collection

    Happy Holidays! Now available from OwnHammer is the 412 ZLCS V30 Massively Multi-Mic Collection! Similarly featured to the smash hit 412 MRBW GNR M25, this monster of a library is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a mighty, custom spec Zilla 4x12 cabinet loaded with 1999 made in...
  6. davidspry

    My first Axe-FX recording: Sonic the Hedgehog (Kiesel VM6, Plexi 50, ML Zilla)

    I recently bought an Axe-FX II XL+. I think it's great! A song from the Sega game Sonic The Hedgehog has been stuck in my head since I was about 5 years old, so I felt compelled to record a version of the song with the Axe-FX. I'm still working on basic guitar technique, so I'm afraid the...
  7. shaunb

    Recto tone test - preset added

    Just a quick test trying out some new tricks with the Recto amps in the AxeFXII XL+. Amps: Recto1 Red & Recto2 Org Modern for the main rhythms and Recto2 Red in some parts too. IRs: ML Zilla All Mix and ML Brit PR75 SM57-M160 01 (Cab Pack 20) EDIT: preset added for anyone who wants to have a...
  8. shaunb

    More fuzz rock - Cameron Big Muff Micro Boost stuffs - Preset included

    This is a short idea I used to test a couple of variations within a new preset I put together. I used the Cameron CCV 1A amp model with the Pi Fuzz Op-Amp and a Micro boost into a 50/50 blend of ML Zilla All Mix and ML Brit PR75 SM57-M160 01 (CP20). I did two versions of the signal chain, I'd...
  9. shaunb

    Pi Fuzz & JTM45 dirt - preset included (Muffy Christmas)

    After seeing a Youtube video of Billy Corgan talking about and playing with the reissue Big Muff Op-Amp pedal I thought I'd have a go at getting a Big Muff tone that works for me in the AxeFXII XL+. While I'm not the biggest Smashing Pumpkins fan I do love the tone of Siamese Dream. This is not...
  10. Guitarjon

    Some DT inspired (prog)metal

    Hi guys, Wanted to have some fun and write some DT-ish parts. I used the MKIV amp model paired with an OwnHammer 2x12 Zilla IR. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Guitarjon

    That MKIV crunch with proggy riffs (dare I say Dj0nt?)

    Hey guys, Made a video with my new Schecter KM-7 guitar. It's a really killer axe, very solid guitar. I used the Mesa MKIV amp model paired with an OwnHammer Zilla 2x12 V30 IR from the Heavy Hitters Collection Volume II. Super cool amp model and great IR! I'm not really a 'djent' guy but I...
  12. shaunb

    Heavy Rock blind tone comparison - pre-production tone test UPDATE: results and presets added

    Hi guys and girls. This is a tone test I did to determine which amp presets to use on the recording project I've got underway. I'll have an album or a couple of EPs out this year. I didn't intend to post this as it was just a decision making tool for my process, but I thought it might be...
  13. shaunb

    The Low Down - Fender Baritone Jag high gain aggressive rock in Drop A. (New ML USA Bass pack used)

    Guitars are back after my experiments with bass only heavy rock (more of those to come). This is a new song idea on my Fender Jag Baritone Special HH in Drop A tuning. Guitars tracked with a Brit 800 and a Corncob M50 through ML Bulb Zilla cabs. Bass is my G&L Tribute L-2500 with the Citrus...
  14. J

    Bug? Axe 8 Zilla Preset-Cab Problem

    Hi, I have had my AX8 for a few days and have just loaded the Zilla Cab pack onto it. It has some patches specifically for the AX8 but some of them are not working! There is a problem with a couple of the patches, The "ML Bulb Zilla Echo" patch doesn't seem to function, the reverb block has...
  15. shaunb

    Where Devils Dare - Bass Only heavy rock song #3, ML USA Bass & Zilla content

    This is "Bass Only" heavy rock song number 3. I was going to just do three of these but I keep coming up with more ideas in this format, so there may be more in the future. This one has a more eerie feel and the "lead bass" aka "guitar" tracks retain more of a bass-like character for the most...
  16. shaunb

    Low tuned heavy fuzz rock - Citrus Bass + ML USA Bass, Brit Pre/Fryette hybrid + ML Zilla

    This is a test of my "Super Fuzz" preset which I've adapted to my current go to IRs to see how it sits in the mix. I still need to write another section to slot in before the ending, so this isn't a finished piece yet. More of a test run. The guitars are a Brit Pre with a Fryette tonestack...
  17. shaunb

    "No guitar hard rock" song #2 - Q4 ML USA Bass and Zilla + Brit 800, Corncob & Plexi 50W Hi 1

    Here's my second "no guitar hard rock" song. It's my G&L Tribute Series L-2500 5 string bass rocking the AxeFXII XL+ updated to Quantum 4.00 and not guitars at all. The bass track was done using the Citrus Bass 200 paired with the new USA Bass cab pack from ML Sound Lab based (pun not...
  18. shaunb

    Moody high gain song with no guitars, all bass and drums. ML USA Bass cab pack (coming soon)

    Challenge: make a hard rocking high gain song with no guitars, only bass and drums. This was an experiment that I didn't think would turn out this well, but I was pleasantly surprised. Bass tracks are done with the Citrus Bass 200 and ML Sound Lab USA Bass IRs that are coming out soon. This...
  19. shaunb

    Baritone Post Rock - Plexi 50W, Brit 800, Zilla and new ML Bass cab pack in Drop A

    While making presets for my new baritone I thought I'd go through the factory presets and swap the cabs out for the my favourite Zilla IRs out of curiosity to see if I'd luck upon a winning combination. I came across factory preset 271 "Detune Plexi" which sounded awesome with the low tuning...
  20. shaunb

    Baritone Crunchies - Recto 1 Red, Brit 800 and ML Zilla cabs. Presets included.

    I was hoping to post a new song tomorrow that just needs the bass track re-recorded and a final mix but I ripped my index finger open at work today, so I thought I'd post this quick tone test that I did a couple of days ago. I'm testing a few amp combination for various tones and styles for my...
  21. Red Room


    Hi guys! I`ll just post it here. Hope you like it! Because i do:)
  22. shaunb

    ML Bulb Zilla preview - high gain, medium gain and clean examples using multiple IRs - PRESETS ADDED

    Howdy. I was doing some IR auditions for an upcoming recording session and thought I could do a shorter version for anyone who is interested in the ML Sound Lab Zilla cab pack and wanted to hear some more examples of what you can expect. I have done three clips to cover a variety of...

    I love/hate noise gates... (YouTube video)

    Haha... I'm coming out, I haven't used noise gates in years. Not for guitars and not in mixing either. I just don't like the sound they produce. Recently I've been wanting to try more gain to really dive into a more brutal high gain territory and in that case I think I may need a noise gate so...
  24. shaunb

    Corncob M50 Zilla rocker

    This is a recording I did back in the early beta of the upcoming Zilla pack from ML Soundlab. My man Darko Dimovski had some fun remixing it so I thought I'd post the original. This is the Corncob M50 with a number of single mic IRs utilising V30 and Creamback H75 speakers and SM57 mics...

    Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out (Cover) with FAS-FX Reverb, ML Bulb Zilla & GetGood Drums

    I spent 3 months in the USA and this was every other song on the radio and I could always relate to the lyrics so I wanted to pay homage to Twenty One Pilots by creating this cover. :) Also most of my clips are extremely crowded with a lot of stuff so I thought I'd really let FAS-FX Reverb show...

    GetGood Drums snare comparison + ML Bulb Zilla + Darkglass

    My good buddy Nolly and the guys from Periphery just released GetGood Drums and their first product The Matt Halpern Signature Pack. I was playing around with the pack and it's exactly what I was hoping it'd be. All the snares are incredibly punchy and well tuned. I have to say that I've been...

    Misha Mansoor and I bring you: ML Zilla

    THE PACK IS FINALLY OUT! GET IT HERE: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/ML_BULB_ZILLA_UltraRes_Cab_Pack_p/fas-801-0028.htm We really wanted to get the message across as accurately as possible so we spent all our proceeds from Cab Pack 13 on a TV ad. Sadly we could only afford a company that's known...
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