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P90 loaded Yamaha Troy Van Leeuwen sig with the 65 Bassguy and ML USA Combo IRs - PRESET ADDED



I dusted off my Yamaha SA503TVL Troy Van Leeuwen signature guitar loaded with P90s for the first time in ages. I forgot how much I love this guitar.

This is something I came up with while playing around with some Fender amp models in the AxeFXII XL+ and the new USA Combo cab pack from ML Sound Lab.

The amp is the 65 BASSGUY NRML (based on a '65 blackface Fender Bassman)

IRs used:
ML USA Brown SM57-M160 1
ML USA Brown SM57-R121 1
ML USA Brown SM57-SM57 3
ML USA Brown SM57-SM57 4


  • Bassguy SB 2.syx
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wow, great tones and song.
well done

what did you use for the bass guitar?
that sounds great too

Thanks heaps.
Here's the bass preset.
I downloaded it from a video posted by SeeD. His stuff sounds awesome. I had to tweak it to work for me but it was a great starting point.
I play a G&L Tribute Series L2500. Kickass bass. Big bad and dirty.

The IR is from an early beta of the ML USA Bass cab pack, I don't actually know for sure if it made the official release, I'll need to check with Mikko.
It's ML USA Bass MD421 D 10 anyway.
I only use scene 1of the preset really.

With a bit of EQ and tube distortion in post it seems to work well.


  • SB BASS G&L.syx
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Is it possible for you to even get a bad tone Shaun? oh wait, no, you are using FAS product! :) great stuff man!
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