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VAN HALEN | Unchained | ML Sound Lab NEW IRs MIXTEST


Power User
What's up guys!
It's VH time!!:cool: \m/
Wanted to test these new upcoming IRs from ML Sound Lab in a mix, there are no guitars on the backing track except for the rhythm one underneath the solo. Only thing added in post is a touch of Eventide micro pitch shift on the solo (easy to recreate using the pitch block in the Axe) and some Lexicon large plate reverb on the right speaker, I'm using the trusty Brit Brown model into the ML Brit PR75 MD421 D1 and the ML Brit TV SM57-R121 B01..
I f***n' love these IRs :D



Fractal Fanatic
Great as usual Rocco, just like we've come to expect from you!

I'd love to hear it done using the AxeFx for everything including the pitch shift & reverb. Everything done within the preset including the panning. I expect it by tonight! lol


Cab Pack Wizard
Oh boy! You definitely need to share this preset with me Rocco. :) I hadn't even through about the EVH thing. Seems to work really well. Keep up the good work Rocco and keep on shredding!
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