1. S

    Scene volume for live playing

    Hi! I am soon gonna play in my local church worship group for the first time. My preset has 5 scenes: rythm clean, lead clean, rythm overdrive, lead overdrive and synth like sounds. What would be a good way to set up each scene volume wise? Should they all be equally loud? I am gonna be the only...
  2. Jj1986jj

    FM9 Using FM9 as interface

    Using FM9 as interface with real amps and speakers. Also using FM9 for delay,verb, and looper.
  3. Loutchos

    Trouble with my high end on a live context !

    Hi, Maybe you can help me with my live rig! I love my tone with the Fm9 for recording but when it goes loud for live context, high notes are terrible in my stage monitor (yamaha dxr10 or 15) More i attack strings more it’s agressive and i loose the tone.. Did it happens to somebody too? Do...
  4. L

    Help! LIVE SETUP Is this possible? Trying to route 4CM to use a real amp/cab on stage with separate output for FOH AND IEM.

    Hi I’m looking to integrate a live setup where I can basically send an amp/cab sim to FOH and IEM. While sending another signal to my real amp head for stage volume and using pre / post effects. The way I understand to do this is For my Amp / Cab Axe Out 2 (Send) > Amp Front In Amp Send...
  5. Sauro_on_guitar

    AFIII Hey You (Pink Floyd) live...

    here's a video from a concert with my PF tribute band... we're two guitars, both with digital gear, Axe FX III for me and a Strymon Iridium for the other guitar guy... Hope you like it!
  6. mikeavenaim

    Axe-fx III and FM3 Max for live Devices

    Hey all, Been working on some cutsom M4L devices to help control automation from Ableton for live shows. This REALLY simplifies the automation workflow! These are available on the HillValleyMusic gumroad. For some reason, the forum wont let me post any links. Hope you enjoy and let me know if...
  7. T

    Live Double Tracked Preset

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post, and I wanted to see what people thought of my main preset for live shows. The new thing I'm doing involves using the detune block to simulate double tracked guitars. I was inspired by John Petrucci's recent rig breakdown YouTube video. I noticed that he is...
  8. Conley Shepherd

    Bass and guitar on the axe for band set?

    My bass player and I are looking into using the Axe for live sets. I have 4 main patches I use with the bass patch the same in each preset. On occasion, I change presets which gets a cut in the bass audio and my guitar. I time my changes so that my sound does not get altered. The bass does not...
  9. Whynot Jansveld

    Using the AX8 on bass - Video

    Hey everybody, I've been using my AX8 on bass for years now when I'm on the road (currently alternating between Butch Walker, Natasha Bedingfield and Richard Marx), and have gotten a few requests to do a video about it, so that's what I did. I walk through my most basic preset (attached below)...
  10. Alan Benjamin

    live video from first concert (festival) gig with AX8

    Greetings, Though I've had my AX8 for a while now, the timing coincided with my prog band, Advent, taking an unexpectedly long hiatus from live performance due to the departure of our previous bassist and the time it took to finally find the right player to step in and get things going once...
  11. T

    Using AX8 live through cab

    Hi everyone ! So I'm new to the Fractal world, and apart from what I'm reading on forums from time to time, I'm really not a pro with amplification. So I've made my searches but I couldn't find a clear answer, that's why I'm asking it here. (And please keep in mind that I'm not a pro and that...
  12. patdavidmusic

    In the room ambience, adding life and depth?

    Morning Champions, I have absolutely loved my AX8 and once I have mastered it I'll certainly be upgrading to the III (it'll take a while haha), Are there any tips to adding some room reverb and ambience post recording to bring a bit more depth and life to the tones. I love the sound of my ax8...
  13. J

    How to dial good lead sound for live use?

    Hey! I was wondering if anyone have good tips for dialing a good lead tone for live use? mI chasing a full and fat sound, but not getting there yet. I can get good lead sounds at home volumes but not loud volumes. It seems to sound little thin when playing at rehearsall room. Also many some...
  14. H

    Stereo vs. Mono at gigs. What are you using?

    I typically run mono, as I traditionally view guitar as a mono instrument, and I’ve heard that stereo guitar effects and setups can be lost on an audience- depending on the venue setup. However, I have been absolutely loving the stereo effects and sounds at home using monitors and headphones...
  15. I

    FX Loop block changes my tone! Help!

    i use my axe fx II with guitar cabs when I play live. I haven’t had and issue until recently, but I’ve notice that when I add the fix loop block to my chain, in order to send the signal to my cabs on stage, my tone goin to foh changes. It gets fuzzy and thin. I can’t figure out what’s going on...
  16. Sebastian

    Mic preamp for singing through Axe-Fx?

    Hi all, I want to add a mic preamp to my rig in order to put vocals through my Axe-Fx III. It would be nice to hear some recommendations or thoughts on the subject. My needs: - It's intended for rehearsal and some day also live use. No recording functions needed on the preamp. Vice versa that...
  17. Megahertzz

    Wish Stage mode display. Preset/current scene in large letters and full-screen strobe tuner

    As someone who looks at the display a lot when performing live, it would be nice to have some kind of stage mode available, where you could get just the preset and scene you're on in large writing on the display, and when you turn on the tuner, you'd get a full screen strobe tuner, like the...
  18. L

    AX8 difference from interface to live setting. Help!

    Ive had my AX8 for a couple weeks now. To build presets and get everything dialed in for live use, I would sit at home with XLR out (L and R) into my Focusrite interface and have a stereo audio track in Logic to monitor. I got to a place after a few days of tweaking where I was VERY happy with...
  19. X

    Matrix GT800FX to Axe II and Orange PPC 212

    Hey so I have a question about my current set up. I only recently started using my axe fx for live gigging and I want to make sure I'm using my gear to its fullest potential. At the moment, I'm running a single channel(Left unbalanced) into matrixgt800fx channel A The matrix is set to stereo...
  20. S

    Switching between IEM's, FRFR, PA, Studio Monitors but getting the same sound.

    While waiting for my III on the wait list, I'm deciding how to handle my live monitoring and home studio practice monitoring setup. I've always struggled with this concept so I hope there are some experts out there that can give me some tips. Getting the same sound live that I get at home is...
  21. C

    Breaking Benjamin’s patches?

    I know these guys started using Fractal a few years ago now. At first I wasn’t that impressed with how it was sounding for them but I just watched a video of a guy that got a VIP experience with them and you can hear the tones being used in their soundcheck and a short clip of the actual live...
  22. DanGuitarMan

    Live vs. Recording Presets & Cab IRs

    Does anybody else feel the need to use separate presets/cab IRs for recording versus live? I find a lot of the built-in and third party presets sound great in recording situations. I've recorded on a few albums with ready made presets, and they sound and feel fantastic. There is a ton of...
  23. Raggashaggas

    Switching between presets that aren't in the same banks LIVE

    Hello, I was curious about 2 things (1 of which is mentioned in the thread title): Firstly, I'm curious if it's possible to switch BACKWARD through the preset list? F2 only switches forward, as we all know. Is there a way to go back? Secondly, is there a way to switch between 2 presets that...
  24. playa

    RCF or QSC Experience?

    Howdy all. Looking for some live sound speakers. I've checked out most of the FRFR modeling cabs, so this isn't a thread on those... I'm looking for a more versatile investment first, as I'll use the the cabs for multiple chores aside from AX8 pairing. Having said that, I'm interested to...
  25. W

    Bass Tones dissapearing in a live mix

    Hello everyone, recently I picked up an Axefx 2xl+ and a matrix gt1600fx poweramp. Ive been playing around with it for a few weeks now and im not really getting where i want to be, so i figured id ask you guys for help. Im using the axe for bass through an ampeg 810 cab, but i just cant seem to...
  26. Jason King

    Cutting Cab High's and Low's??

    Been following a few guys on YouTube with Fractal gear and then their resultant patches have been downloaded and/or the theory applied. That is it seems to adjust the frequencies on the cab block to filter out the extreme high's and low's. Something like below 80 and above 8000 so you end up...
  27. CodePoet

    Double Take live video clips - AX8 direct #tonegeek

    This is a live clip from the room of a few seconds of some tunes from a recent show of my band Double Take - (follow for more). This is using the AX8 direct to the board - a raw room recording, warts and all. Some AX8/tone geekery: 0:06: I started the show with the...
  28. Teej

    Brian May (Queen) at Wembley '86 Tone Attempt

    One of my favorite guitar tones I've ever heard is Brian May's from Queen's 1986 Wembley Stadium shows. Here is my best attempt at recreating it. I'm so grateful that my Axe-FX can get me so close to sounds like this. I certainly could never afford 3 vintage Vox AC30s plus effects just to get...
  29. Cainer

    Live video of original song (Telecaster this time)

    First time playing this one live, at our CD Release Party - it's called "No Foolin"
  30. sharchik

    DAW program changes cause saved patches to sound different?

    Hey guys, When running program changes for live switching in Pro Tools (have not tested in other DAWs) My simple patch of amp & cab sounds different after it is switched to via a program change in Pro Tools. My saved patch sounds fine, a distorted rhythm sound with decent gain. When...
  31. actionjackson12


    I'm curious how some of you setup your stage monitoring w/soundguy/FOH. I run axe-fx DI to FOH and also to matrix PA that powers my Orange 4X12 as a backline on stage. I'm the only guitarist in the band and only have one side backlined on stage. The last show we played, the stage volume was so...
  32. CactusTone

    Output Settings Fever

    Hoping someone can help me confirm the proper Output settings for a specific live performance scenario: I'm using Axe II to run my personal monitored sound to a Friedman ASM-12 in mono from "Output 1 Left" XLR. I also want to run a mono signal to FOH. If I'm using "Output 1 Left" to the...
  33. Megahertzz

    Looking for Marshall MF280 cab IR's

    Does anyone have a good IR for the Marshall MF280 cabs they would be willing to share, or point me in the direction of a site where I could buy one? Before the Axe FX saved my back (literally) i used to haul a Marshall JVM410 and two MF280 cabs to every gig, and I loved the tone i got from...
  34. M

    Setting db levels?

    Hey guys, I'm reading through the manual as much as possible before my AX8 arrives and one thing that I'm seeing in there and elsewhere on the forums is setting up certain db levels for certain situations? What exactly does this entail and are there certain considerations I NEED to be making...
  35. M

    Setting Up Presets For Live Performance

    Hey guys, I just recently ordered the AX8 and am very excited to explore its potential! I'm still wrapping my head around all the different ways to utilise the unit. I've read that there is a difference between creating presets at home and creating presets to be used live. I just wanted to know...
  36. toneseeker911

    Creating AX8 presets for live use

    Hello, I just ordered my AX8 and should get it in a few days. This is my first time using an AXE and I'm really excited listening to all the stuff that's out there. Primarily I want to use this live. A few years back, I had a POD HD500 and I found it very hard to dial in sounds that sounded...
  37. Guillaume Lortie

    live rehearsal with AX8 07-24-2016

    Hi fractal bros! i'll be live with my band tomorrow at 2PM East Time on youtube with my AX8. we're a over band ( for fun ) that do small bars and festivals. you are all welcome and feel free to comment on my tone as i always want to sound better.
  38. SoProg

    Breif first AX8 gig post...

    Hey all. When I was waiting on my AX8 and sort of stressing about whether or not I just spent a large sum of money on something that might not work for me, I liked reading these show reports. So, last week I played my first show with the AX8 after using it at rehearsal for a few months. My band...
  39. Anand Altekar

    Piezo on Les Paul, Acoustic guitar sound

    Hi, I have the LR Baggs Piezo pickups installed on by Les Paul Custom. Currently I carry a separate Takamine acoustic guitar for gigs. Here in India, Airlines aren't musician friendly and I would really like to carry just my Les Paul as far as possible. I also have acoustic to electric...
  40. musicman0001

    Axe FX2 MkII Review Musicman0001 (and MESA amp recording)

    EDIT: My first recording and recording post: enter sandman-01.wav?dl=0 STACK: I LOVE THE...
  41. Jaredajp

    2 Axe Fx 2's used in Post/Prog Rock Live Video

    Hey Guys and Girls, My name is Jared and I play in a prog/post rock band called Majora. We are from Newcastle, Australia. Our axe's are absolutely crucial to how we play and we couldn't do what we we do without them. I thought you all might be interested in seeing a live play through video my...
  42. L

    Axe fx routing for live?

    Hey guys! I'm kind of a noob and I need some help! I need to learn how to set up my axe fx for live use (FOH). I have a power conditioner, power amp (matrix gt1600) and the Axe fx 2 XL. Now first question: do I need the power amp to go FOH? Or can I just connect the output 1 of my axe fx...
  43. julindres

    Upgrade (Air Question)

    Hello everybody, I have been an owner of an axe ultra for some years now and sadly I had to sell the unit for economic reasons. But as soon as I can get back on my feet ill probably purchase and axe or a kemper. (Now this is not a kemper vs axe thread) Here is my concern. After years of tweaking...
  44. Ravaya

    Need- Symmetrape (live)

    Hello this is symmetrape, a track from my band need Hope you all enjoy Cheers Ravaya
  45. ben_shreddin

    playing backtracks live through AXE FX-II without computer

    I don't have a legit laptop at the moment (plan to get one in the future) and have backing tracks that my band I have have been working on that I would like to practice live at an open mic night. At home on my desktop computer, I run the USB cable to my computer and can play backtracks fine...
  46. MyDogsWereAstronauts

    Programming Patch Changes in Ableton Live

    Hey guys! This is my first post here, so please excuse me if it's in the wrong category. So, here is what i want to do: I have our bands' show running in ableton live through a Focusrite Interface (incl. click track, backing tracks and in ear-monitoring feed). How can i control the patch...
  47. Ravaya

    Need- Divine Drift (Live sound using Matrix, Marshall cab and SM57)

    Well this is a clip of an old song of ours we did at a recent gig. I run my axe 2 XL both through the matrix and cab and at the same time use the XLR outputs for FOH. The friend who mixed it preferred the miced sound when mixing. what do you think? Hope you enjoy Rock on Ravaya
  48. N

    New to MFC 101

    Hey all, Just bought a Axe Fx 2 and MFC 101 today. Complete noob with how the MFC works, so wondering if there is anyway that I can assign different presets to different buttons on the MFC? I use 3 different tones when I play live (Rhythm, Lead, Clean) and need to switch between them quickly so...
  49. Clockwork Creep

    What guitar amplification would you use live? (Metal music)

    Hey there. Let's say you are a guitarist in a metal band. You play in relatively small pubs and clubs and you need guitar amplification. The front line of the audience are listening mostly to the stage audio, not the PA. You want the front row of the audience to experience your show at it's...
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