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Setting Up Presets For Live Performance


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Hey guys, I just recently ordered the AX8 and am very excited to explore its potential! I'm still wrapping my head around all the different ways to utilise the unit. I've read that there is a difference between creating presets at home and creating presets to be used live. I just wanted to know the main differences with home presets vs. live presets, any help would be greatly appreciated. I've never owned an amp modeller before, let alone used one in a live setting so it's something I really want to nail down so I don't panic at a gig if it's not sounding good haha. Thanks


The biggest difference is the volume, what sounds good at home can sound harsh at a gig or be lost in the mix. Do yourself a favour and tweak your tone at the same volume you want to play it. If that's in the bedroom, great, if it's on a live stage, then crank up the volume and enjoy the sweet sweet sounds within your new unit. Good luck


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Presets that sound good by themselves, may not cut through a full band mix. Sounds that cut through a band mix my sound very nasal or even thin by themselves.


I tweak my presets on either a QSC K10 or a Friedman wedge. Always struggle to know which is providing the best results live, however leaning toward the Friedman as it sounds more full playing tracks through it. With either speaker, I typically set the presets I'm using to peak at 90db across the board.

Is there a good rule of thumb to follow when tweaking presets for live use. I know there are a ton of variables but to have a nice sound that cuts in the band setting has been a challenge.


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Is there a good rule of thumb to follow when tweaking presets for live use.

"When in doubt, cut the lows out."

When you tweak your tones at home, even at higher volume, most players will tend to leave a good amount of low energy and oomph in the sound. That low energy gets in the way of the bass (and keys of you have them) and keeps things muddy. I like to use the passive 3-band EQ in the amp block (post P.A.) and cut the low band by 3 dB.


The way you monitor on stage will affect how you approach this.

For example, if you are relying on a monitor mixer person to EQ your monitors and you are using wedges, and you are mixing more than just your guitar in the wedges, you might be at their mercy as to what you get.

If you use a power amp and guitar cab for your stage sound, it's more like a conventional rig and you don't have as many considerations.
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