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Breif first AX8 gig post...


Hey all.
When I was waiting on my AX8 and sort of stressing about whether or not I just spent a large sum of money on something that might not work for me, I liked reading these show reports.

So, last week I played my first show with the AX8 after using it at rehearsal for a few months.
My band usually plays bars, and smallish metal venues around town, usually with terrible sound systems. But this show happened to be at the club with a good PA and the best sound guy that I know of, so it was a perfect time to test it.
My drummer is very skeptical of anything that isn't a tube head by a popular brand, so he ended up loading up my halfstack as a back up. "you know, in case that THING does something weird or something".
Anyway, easy set up, I brought one of my Alto TS212s just because, set it up pointing at the drummer and me, soundchecked, soooo easy. Then went stereo to FOH. I was a little worried about my presets coming across as brittle or harsh, but I checked with the sound guy, he said he hardly had to do anything, applied his automatic 120hz cut, scooped a bit at 400, and surprisingly, gave me a touch more high-mids.
Our set went pretty well, and was very thankful for the AX8 during the short changeover between sets. I was off that stage in half the usual time.
I ended up getting a few compliments on my tone, but the best one was from my tipsy drummer after the show.
"well that thing sounded pretty good man.. I'm surprised. like... the best you've sounded".

Just saying, it was great.

Edit: I before E except after C
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