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Double Take live video clips - AX8 direct #tonegeek


Power User

This is a live clip from the room of a few seconds of some tunes from a recent show of my band Double Take - facebook.com/DoubleTakeAtl (follow for more). This is using the AX8 direct to the board - a raw room recording, warts and all.

Some AX8/tone geekery:
0:06: I started the show with the "Interstellar" FX preset I put together (tutorial video coming soon).
2:28: Dance-inspired filtered tone on "Victorious"
2:37: I have the synth in the AX8 programmed in for the 4-chord walk-down pads in the chorus
7:08: EHX Mel 9 in the FX loop for the end of "Stairway"
7:20: EHX Mel 9 clarinets in the FX loop for "Dream On", first by itself and then with guitar.
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