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  1. Hamsworld

    Famous users of the amp modeling.

    Nik Kershaw who was always very picky with his sounds. Great musician! (Nguyen Le, a great fusion guitarist. But is he famous, haha?)
  2. Hamsworld

    POLL: The most accurate PAF replica...

    Nobody is mentioning Kloppmann Pickups? Crazy ...
  3. Hamsworld

    Head cab for fx3
  4. Hamsworld

    BlueAmps Cabinets

    I played this morning with my Blueamps CuboEx. I use a Ownhammer Moabi IR on one side and a 4x12 HJ RCA IR on the other side. It sounds absolut great, and enough high frequencys for my taste for clean and leads. I have a high cut at 7500 Hz. But this true: The Cubo is very, very amp-like and...
  5. Hamsworld

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 25.00 Release

    I cant believe that. But we are humans. Probably I´m wrong. Great sounding final FW. But 25 beta was over a few days heaven for me. (Eastern, haha)
  6. Hamsworld

    Wish Peavey Classic Amp

    I would love to see the 50 Watt Classic in the AxeFx - because of Dan Huff (today is my Dan Huff day, haha) but in fact I´m very happy with Beta 25, the new Marshalls and the Deluxe reverb and and and. It´s fun to play with their sounds, but its also the road to hell when you try to copy Huff...
  7. Hamsworld

    Wish Boss hm2

    Just heard: The HM-2 was the secret weapon of Dan Huff and Mr. Mister´s Steve Farris.
  8. Hamsworld

    Wish Storable Presets for Output-EQ

    Dear @FractalAudio, is it possible to implement this? Or is it somehow not usefull?
  9. Hamsworld

    Wish Storable Presets for Output-EQ

    Yes, haha! I´m still wishing ...
  10. Hamsworld

    Wish Storable Presets for Output-EQ

    I would be very thankfull for that. So I can load different Headphone-Correction-Curves and Curves for my FRFR on Output 1.
  11. Hamsworld

    Who use always the same IR in every preset?

    It would be great if you guys post which IR you use. I use different ones, but I think I could live like @yek with the TV Marshall Dyna-Cab.
  12. Hamsworld

    BlueAmps Cabinets

    You could be surprised when you take it to a gig, haha! But you’re right: It’s a great amp at bedroom levels. But please: Take your time. Ibdont like like all the fractal models and all the IR´s. This is not the fault of the Cubo. Nowadays it´s also a little bit frustrating to play real amps in...
  13. Hamsworld

    BlueAmps Cabinets

    Everybody needs his own cup of tee, but my experience especially with the cubo is, it sounds great at low volumes. I owned a blue amps spark, and I needed always a little mid-scoop. The cubo has that nice highs I only know from my Mesa Mk. IV, the best bedroom amp ever (now I´m looking forward...
  14. Hamsworld

    BlueAmps Cabinets

    I´m perfectly happy with my Cubo-Ex. With the right IR you sound as bright as a Marshall ore a Fender. Definitly! Maybe @Petrocelli was looking for a very good PA-Sound. I´m looking for a amp-like amplification. Cubo-Ex is a really really great amp! No regrets here. @maorgr , congrats for your...
  15. Hamsworld

    BlueAmps Cabinets

    Talk to Marco from Blueamps. Very nice guy. For home the junior is definitely enough, but my Cubo Ex is very nice sounding al low volumens. So I think the cubo could be the right choice with the opportunity to play also small gigs or rehearsels.
  16. Hamsworld

    Are you using Axe-Fx/FM9/FM3 with a tube amp?

    I use the AxeFx sometimes als a preamp with effects into the poweramp of my Koch. I use it NEVER with 4CM or before the in put of my amp. IMO this makes ABSOLUTELY no sense because of Latency and the sound-quality of the AxeFx. I own a Triaxis, a MkIV and a Koch studiotone, which i love. The Axe...
  17. Hamsworld

    DynaCab 1x12 G12T-100 Info

    Again: Thank you very much! I tried it with the Euro Blue and Red and had such a good time for the last 1 1/2 hours or so. I play too much with high volume and headphones. Not so good ...! But with this speaker I get a very good sound with some backing tracks a low volumes. Could be my to...
  18. Hamsworld

    DynaCab 1x12 G12T-100 Info

    Interesting! You once recommended once the 2x12 Brown 57 IR. I love this IR (thank you), so I have to try this DynaCab too. Maybe we live in the same country in soundland, haha! My favorite DynaCab is the 2x12 bassman until now.
  19. Hamsworld

    Amp in the Room?

    I think, it‘s also very important for a amp-in-the-room sound that a speaker is never strictly mono like a single microphone-signal. You have a beam in the middle and you have the sound at the edge and all between. A mono-miking will never get this „lifely“ sound we have with our two ears. And...
  20. Hamsworld

    AFIII What do you think about this sound?

    I own this cab-pack too. Which IR did you select? Great sounding clip!
  21. Hamsworld

    IRs Valhallir Master Thread - New cab pack V2-Camo!

    Just bought it - fat! From clean to mean. Pros at work. Love your new microphone (OC-818, right?)
  22. Hamsworld

    Just got my Axe Fx III

    Today I played the USA Rythm 2 over the old ownhammer Thiele EVM 12L IR’s that I discovered in my chaotic IR-drawer, haha. Man, it blew me away! The sound is so damned close to my Mesa Mk4 and my old Boogie EV Thiele Box! Still so much fun after playing the AxeFx for over ten years.
  23. Hamsworld

    AFIII Sometimes It Rains !

    Ok, my fault. Sorry.
  24. Hamsworld

    AFIII Sometimes It Rains !

    No question: You are a virtuoso-guitar player. But the song-title is: "Sometimes It Rains": The number of notes and the use of whammy-bar are a little bit over the top for a "feeling blue"-song (at least in my eyes, you can forget about this). I thought of Van Halen and Jimmi Hendrixs "National...
  25. Hamsworld

    AFIII Sometimes It Rains !

    The solo at the end sounds like that all that of your family members are drowned and shoot with machine guns from a helicopter at the same timeo_O, so dramatic!
  26. Hamsworld

    Favorite amps for Strats?

    CAE Clean
  27. Hamsworld

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 23.00 Release Candidate (Beta #6)

    Thank you, you´re right: Wrong firmware ...
  28. Hamsworld

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 23.00 Release Candidate (Beta #6)

    Strange: I was just going back to FW 22.01 without installing the dyna-cabs new. Now I have them back after losing them with installing beta 6. ??? Okay, it was my mistake. Sorry. I installed FW22 beta6. It was still on my desktop ... :persevere:
  29. Hamsworld

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 23.00 Release Candidate (Beta #6)

    Bug: I installed beta 6. All my Dyna Caps are gone now. I installed them new - still the same, even in the AxeFx, even after "Refresh ......"
  30. Hamsworld

    Dyna-cab, general consensus is that they're "better" than legacy?

    Damnit! Strange thing. The good news is: You have the sound already.
  31. Hamsworld

    Bloom Reverb w/Pitch Shifting = Interstellar

    "And right here lives a happy little reverb, lets do it, why not ... right here in the middle of the interstellar dust ..." The Bob Ross of ambient sounds, respect, i like it!
  32. Hamsworld

    Marshall Plexi #39 Mod Tone Match

    So good - some of the best marshall tones until now for me.
  33. Hamsworld

    Eric Johnson an Af3?!?!

    What would it change if he´s using Fractal gear?
  34. Hamsworld

    FM3 Firmware Version 7.00 beta 1

    Have fun! Sounds soooo good in my AxFx III!
  35. Hamsworld

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 22.00 Release

    Good against fungal disease too. But don´t put it in or on your fractal audio unit!
  36. Hamsworld

    BlueAmps Cabinets

  37. Hamsworld

    BlueAmps Cabinets

    I just ordered a Cubo-EX with 3-band-eq and tiltback legs (stereo with 4x 8" speakers, 19 kg!!! ) A Blueamps Spark was the first very good sounding FRFR-Box for me. And: Marco Wendel from Blueamps has a lot of experience as a professionell musician and is a very nice and generous person. My...
  38. Hamsworld

    Caption this Cartoon

    "Yeah, knock- knock- knocking on heavens door, hi hi, hihi hiiiii ..."
  39. Hamsworld

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 22.00 Public Beta #2 (Beta 7)

    Yeah, people like Michael Landau. No sense of sound.
  40. Hamsworld

    PhilX on Fakebook

    Why are you discussing this video? You don´t know, which preset he´s playing. You don´t know what he is playing through with his fractal. Maybe he is just right: There is something missing for him. There is only one question important: Do YOU like your fractal sound?
  41. Hamsworld

    About the role of a compressor

    I have never been a really loud player (my main amp is a koch studiotone - 20 watt). For me it´s more the interaction between the strings and the amp. And I have often wondered why this amp in clean und lead sounds has this magical tube compression even at very low bedroom-level (its the same...
  42. Hamsworld

    About the role of a compressor

    When the Axe FX is missing something, it is the compression that comes when you play a loud tube amp, and sometimes the mysterious tube compression. I didn´t like to play a long time with compressor. It felt like cheating somehow for me too. But after playing a while withe the Pete Thorn-Presets...
  43. Hamsworld

    Whats Cliff doing now?

    I would be perfectly happy just to try the 19 cabs with the new firmware and forget the presets later on. No question.
  44. Hamsworld

    All four cabs muted. Why do I still hear a quiet sound from the amp block?

    For a Headphone-Player like me it´s important to have a little room on the sound (I LOVE the Axe for the Room-Parameters) to feel comfortable enough to assess a sound. Like I would test a real amp in a room. No big Reverb, no Delay, just the Amps and the Cab (and the headphone-correction curve...
  45. Hamsworld

    All four cabs muted. Why do I still hear a quiet sound from the amp block?

    I can live with that. No big deal. But when I compare and test IR´s, sometimes all cabs are muted. A normal situation for me, and then it´s a strange to hear a sound. I was wondering a long time whats wrong. Hard to know all the details. Thanks for the answers!
  46. Hamsworld

    All four cabs muted. Why do I still hear a quiet sound from the amp block?

    This happens often. No parallel routings. The sound is getting louder when I turn up the masterlevel in the amp block. Don´t understand. Edit: It´s the air parameter in Room/Air. When I turn it up I still hear a sound, even when all cabs are mudted. Is that intentional?
  47. Hamsworld

    Problem with Double Verb amps - Version 21.01

    I like the Carr Rambler in the Frank Steffen Mueller-Preset "Gift of tone" a lot. But if you use the overdrive pedal, you have so much ghost notes. I didn´t notice that much ghost-notes for a long time in the Axe (even not with Marshalls). This is normal?
  48. Hamsworld

    Is it me or are others in the same boat?

    This is ok, but for some player it‘s like: I don‘t use my 59 Les Paul live and play a cheap Les Paul copy. The audience will not hear it. For the most expressive sound, tone and music it matters (Don‘t know if this is true for techno, punk, some country and wedding bands at higher alcohol level).
  49. Hamsworld

    Is it me or are others in the same boat?

    One more thought: You can‘t sample a church-organ properly. The pipes interact with overtones etc. You will even hear it if you mike a real organ and compare it to really good samples.
  50. Hamsworld

    Is it me or are others in the same boat?

    @PacoCasanovas always tell us people in the German forum: Traditional speakers have a „beam“. They sound always (in my ears too) 3-dimensional. There is a kind of interaction between the frequencies in the middle (beam) and the edge of the speaker and the wood of the cabs, even when you use a...
  51. Hamsworld

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    Ox is also digitalizing analog Amps. But in the end only the ear matters. OX sounds great. And the new FW 21 is so awesome.
  52. Hamsworld

    AFIII King's X - Summerland cover

    Wow, lead sound is better than the original (at least in my ears.)
  53. Hamsworld

    Leon appreciation thread!

    Yeah, comes right after Mother Teresa! (But, as you know, still living).
  54. Hamsworld

    It's Friday...again

    Not much postings from Mr. Chase in the last days - maybe he is busy. A good sign? :rolleyes:
  55. Hamsworld

    The 300th amp model?!

    No no no. Where is the sound of a great Tuberadio? First Amp at least in Europe for a lot of players in the 50‘s and 60‘s. Respect to the pioneers!
  56. Hamsworld

    Mesa Boogie King Snake

    USA Rythm would be my first choice.
  57. Hamsworld

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.03 Release

    Different batterys even taste different! Just try a alkaline and a zinc one with the tip of your tongue on the connection side. Zinc smell very well structured with a breath of citrus and vanille in the back.
  58. Hamsworld

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.03 Release

    Sorry, you have 1.12.05 already.
  59. Hamsworld

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.03 Release

    Message Nr 2 in this Thread.
  60. Hamsworld

    Corey Wong / Mark Lettieri / Larry Carlton

    Heartwarming. Nice guys.
  61. Hamsworld

    How to jump from the SuperStrat to the PRS wagon?

    PRS has a different scale. I like my CE24 (and I don´t like the modern CE24´s), but I feel much more comfortable with a strat scale. I would never buy a guitar without playing it a this price range.
  62. Hamsworld

    My 2 Cents: Why Some People think Axe-Fx Doesn't Sound Great

    My tips for a good live sound would be: - A preset you have after two hours of loud playing can´t sound good the other day with fresh ears. Exceptions prove the rule. Otherwise it´s very important to tweak sound at the same level you play live. This is a little difficult ... Don´t use to...
  63. Hamsworld

    FM3 Mediterranean Air - New 60s Shadows stylee Tune

    Stylish! Love your tone and vibrato work.
  64. Hamsworld

    Why not much love for the EVM12L?

    I love my 12l in my Mesa Thiele Cab. So fat! But I dont find any shots of the EV 12l that sound like this Boogie Thiele. I just tried Cab Pack 17´s Rumble shots:. Maybe it´s the best IR of EV 12l I heard until now.
  65. Hamsworld

    Why not much love for the EVM12L?

    Are the IR‘s in Cab Pack 17 from Cliffs Rumble-Cab in the stock library of the AxeFx III? Or are there only old shots of this Cab?
  66. Hamsworld

    Testing IR Full Res - What do you think about this sample?

    I like the first video more. The second one is just less full, less mids, more treble. The distortion in Marcos Video is way more full and better to my ears. Sounds great. Maybe the cleans could be a little bit brighter. But somehow this is my cup of tea, more bluesy, jazzy, very natural. And I...
  67. Hamsworld

    Best Heavyrock lead tone ever -IMHO - Kee Marcello

    For me it´s the sololine in "Let the good times rock". This solo-theme and this heavy "woman-tone" neck-pickup-sound accompanies me since the 80´s. This is the rockguitar-sound of my wet dreams, haha! He is truly playing what a song needs.
  68. Hamsworld

    Best Heavyrock lead tone ever -IMHO - Kee Marcello

    He played on the Europe album "Out of this world". I did not mention it above.
  69. Hamsworld

    Best Heavyrock lead tone ever -IMHO - Kee Marcello

    The album is actually most of the time a copy of the sound of the Europe-Album "Out of this world". You get what the bandname promise. A little bit pathetic music and some cheesy lyrics, but I like the melodic approach and the musicianship of the music. And this warm, round sololines -...
  70. Hamsworld

    Best Heavyrock lead tone ever -IMHO - Kee Marcello

    I love this neckpickup-sound and those melodic lines.
  71. Hamsworld

    So... what will be in firmware 19.06?

    That’s also already built in, but you are not one with the force, young padawan.
  72. Hamsworld

    Karen Metal

    AxeFx ll User!
  73. Hamsworld

    Mr.Z 38 Preset Dialed for a Tele

    I like your preset with my tele with kloppmann 60´s pickups, thank you very much! Why is the pan in the cab-block half on the left side with just one IR? And you use (and so do I) the room parameters. Cool to see some other settings than my standard setting. Is this your standard setting? And is...
  74. Hamsworld

    Mr.Z 38 Preset Dialed for a Tele

    Wow, this is a great tone! I like it when you play without backing track. This is truly music, without showing off.
  75. Hamsworld

    Amps through the EV-12L speaker

    I tried a lot of presets from many people (I think, a lot of Fractal-Users does) but normally they are not for my pair of ears. I like your presets a lot: There are a lot of (ore better: enough) highs. Brett Kingmans presets for example sound a lot darker to me. So are the stock-presets in the...
  76. Hamsworld

    EV-L Cab Impulse anyone ?
  77. Hamsworld

    Mesa Tripple Rec vs Axe FX II (Real World)

    The guitarist of Blind Guardian, Markus Siepen, wrote the same in the german Fractal-Forum: The AxeFxII doesn´t even sound close to his Rectos. He is using Friedman-Models on his AxeFxII. He is always playing with in-ears.
  78. Hamsworld

    You can't make the Axe III sound bad

    Yes, we can. Thanks Obama.
  79. Hamsworld

    Wish Mesa Mark I, Triaxis Lead I green, Mesa King Snake

    I´m not on the heavy metal side of life and I would would like to have espeacially the Mark I ore the King Snake in the AxeFx III.
  80. Hamsworld

    Headphones Choice

    With the right EQ-correction-curve, I´m finally happy with my DT 880. In my opinion you don´t have to spent more money when you use the correction.
  81. Hamsworld

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    Would like to have some Koch-Amps in the Axe. Studiotone would be great. Paul Reed Smith is a Koch-Fan.
  82. Hamsworld

    Wish Presets for General Output EQ´s

    Yes, my friend, but I will not give up hope until I have to shuffle off this mortal coil. If there´s no hope, what reason do we have to stand up and face the madness of this cruel, cruel world? What can we give our children on their way but hope? So don´t give up the good fight, some day we will...
  83. Hamsworld

    Wish Presets for General Output EQ´s

    And maybe a global EQ with variable Q for theadphone curves? But I have to point out: I‘m a happy customer anyway!
  84. Hamsworld

    Wish Presets for General Output EQ´s

    It would be great if we could have Presets for the General-Output EQ, at least at Output 1. I use several Headphones with headphone-correction-curves and a FRFR-Amp, so it would be much easier to switch between different settings. To change the EQ in every preset is so laborious. And I like to...
  85. Hamsworld

    Steve Lukather Soldano X88R preset

    Wow @km 202257, great sounding track!
  86. Hamsworld

    FullRes IR vs. Reverb

    Sounds great!
  87. Hamsworld

    Fixed Axe Edit 1.10.00 shows all IR´s in green

    Thank you, great work with FW17 and AxeEdit 1.10.00. Hope you all have a timeout sometimes.
  88. Hamsworld

    Fixed Axe Edit 1.10.00 shows all IR´s in green

    The Full-IRs in the scratchpad are also green in the cab block.
  89. Hamsworld

    Fixed Axe Edit 1.10.00 shows all IR´s in green

    Every IR is green in the cab block and italic in the IRl-list. Even after "Refresh" the cabs. I can´t see now in my Mk1 Axe FX III which one is ultra-res. Has something to do with the new full-res IR? I have FW 17.00 on my unit.
  90. Hamsworld


    Okay, let’s do it. End of the discussion. Is next Friday okay for you?
  91. Hamsworld

    Dark sounding presets

    And a lot of electric guitarrists have problems with their ears. At least I have.
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