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  1. andrémusic

    New single for my recording project - Jade Telegraph [Patches included]

    Recently released single "STANDING ON MY CHEST" The following Axe-FX II XL+ Patches were used in the track Rhythm Guitars SPIRITBOX HEAVY CHUNK - https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7028 ENGL POWERBALL https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8530 Lead Guitars...
  2. SolicitudeOfSound

    FM9 Presets Solicitude Of Sound - FM9 Presets

    Here is a free preset from my Metal Rhythm Pack. This preset is based off of The Purple Nightmare. FULL PACK AVAILABLE HERE https://strangeanglesmusic.com/shop/p/metal-rhythm-fm9-presets This pack is loaded with 22 Hi-Gain rhythm guitar tones, designed for the old school chuggers as well as...
  3. SolicitudeOfSound

    FM3 Presets Solicitude Of Sound - FM3 Presets

    Here is a free preset from my Metal Rhythm Pack. This preset is based off of The Purple Nightmare. FULL PACK AVAILABLE HERE https://strangeanglesmusic.com/shop/p/metal-rhythm-fm3-presets This pack is loaded with 22 Hi-Gain rhythm guitar tones, designed for the old school chuggers as well as...
  4. D

    Unique drive -> amp pairings

    Sometimes I come across some really gorgeous pairings for amps and drive pedals that aren't the tried and true "Tube Screamer -> Twin Reverb", "OCD -> Class-A" or "DS-1 -> Plexi". Here's a favourite of mine: Tube Drive 3-Knob -> Bludojai Clean Delightfully versatile, this pair works great for...
  5. SolicitudeOfSound

    AFIII Presets Solicitude Of Sound - Axe Fx III Presets

    Gojira inspired, But really just a good all around metal preset with lots of versatility. Comes packed with 5 different scenes. 2 hi-gain rhythm tones, 1 lead and two specialty scenes. https://strangeanglesmusic.com/shop/p/gojirish-axe-fx-iii-preset
  6. ConstantM

    My band's 1st album is live. All gtrs made with Axe Fx III

    My band's (Ocean's Edge) 1st album (The Voyager) is out. All guitars are recorded with Axe FX III with the D60 More and the Archean models and using @2112 Leon Todd's awsome IR. Check it out on Spotify and Bandcamp Also here's the band's LinkTree for socials! Youtube links: 1. Passage 2...
  7. Jack_Zan

    Recording Music with my fractal axe fx 2

    Hello everyone, during these months, I've recorded some tracks that will make up a future album (hopefully). in my axe fx 2 i used the 5150 with an ir (i think its a diezel) found on ax change. here are the videos. if you want to try my patch, i put the axe change link in the description...
  8. The Raven

    Limited Edition Silverburst EBMM Stingray RS Demo/Review

    What's up everybody! This is my latest song/demo/review video featuring this awesome Music Man Stingray RS "The Governor". To say this guitar is incredible would be an understatement. As usual, all tones in the video are Axe Fx III and @York Audio IR's (I do try other IR's I swear, but the...
  9. SolicitudeOfSound

    Legacy Presets Driftwood Purple Nightmare - Free Preset

    Here is a free preset from my Metal rhythm Pack for the Axe-FX II. This preset is based off of The Purple Nightmare. GET THE FULL PACK HERE https://strangeanglesmusic.com/shop/p/modern-metal-axe-fx-ii-preset-pack This pack is loaded with 21 Hi-Gain rhythm guitar tones. designed for the old...
  10. The Raven

    Metalcore Tone Tutorial w/ York Audio IR’s

    Happy Holidays everyone! I made a video tutorial on how I went about getting the guitar tones in my videos with my LTD EC-1000. A couple people on here said they really liked the tones in those videos, so I figured this might be something people would be interested in. VERY cliche rig setup...
  11. ConstantM

    My bands single is live: Ocean's Edge - Supernatural

    My band's single is released (album due early 2023) all guitars are axe FX 3 -deliverance d60 more and archon- with Leon Todd's Lt TV mix 7 ir (special thx to the man @2112 you rule). Enjoy and merry Xmas + happy new year to everyone! 🎄🎁🎅...
  12. ConstantM

    King's X - Summerland cover

    love this song. the clean sound is blended with a tonematch i did of my acoustic guitar to simulate the acoustic overdubs in the original song. the driven scenes are a cameron and an atomica and the cleans are a band commander blended with a jazz chorus 120. the scenes were auto switched as it...
  13. Saarang Narayan

    In praise of the JVM OD2 Orange

    TL;DR: JVM OD2 Orange is AWESOME if you're after modern metal-type high gain mod'ed Marshall tones. I was messing around with some high gain amps and was playing through the usual classis (FAS Moderns, 5150, USA IIC++, ENGL Savage, etc.) and impulsively landed on the JVM OD2 Red in the process...
  14. Jack_Zan

    Alter Bridge - Metalingus

    Try to play Metalingus, great song by Alter Bridge. In this video i used Fractal Axe fx II XL+ with a ibanez s5570 prestige Patch: Amp : Dual rectifier Modern 2 Cab: Tonematch of a Mesa Boogie Cabinet Tell me what you think
  15. SolicitudeOfSound

    Modern Metal Axe-fx II rhythm pack

    https://strangeanglesmusic.com/shop/p/modern-metal-axe-fx-ii-preset-pack 21 Hi-Gain rhythm guitar tones, designed for modern metal music like Architects, Northlane, Monuments, Animals as Leaders. Or, anything that requires tight, articulate rhythm sounds. Does not suffer from the loss of note...
  16. L

    Request: early My Dying Bride sound(preset)

    I would like to ask if someone could make me a My Dying Bride preset (Rhythm/Lead/Clean)? I know they used 5150 amps with 1960 Marshall cabs. I've tried to make one myself, but I suck at equalising the sound. If someone could help me, that would be great. Regards, Leon
  17. E

    please help me make hardcore guitar tones!

    tony danza 4 album i play the 8 string in EBEBEF#BE and this album above is in that tuning i can play there songs but im terrible at actual technical music knowledge im hoping you guys can give me tones that sound like this album and how to dial them. i do own some sound cabs i think its...
  18. N

    Pairing Pedals with Amps and Cabs

    I generally use the Tube Screamer as a "Clean" drive with an Angle Severe 2 (as an example) per @yek to get a heavy Killswitch tone. My question is how to pair a Boss pedal (i.e. MT-2) with a clean amp/cab setup and let the pedal really drive the distortion/tone. I would think this should be...
  19. N

    Cab Packs

    I got a $50 gift card to the Fractal website and figured I'd buy a cab pack with it. I play mostly Metal (Killswitch, LoG, etc) and Neoclassical (Vai, Malmsteen, etc). I'm debating between the the ML Misha Mansoor UltraRes and the OwnHammer Heavy Hitters. Anyone have experience with either one...
  20. N

    RNHP Headphone Amp

    I have Beyerdynamic 1990 Pro headphones (rated at 250 ohms). I am considering buying an RNHP headphone amp as I listen at very high levels playing metal (Killswitch, Lamb of God, etc.). Output seems to distort at high levels -- is it worth buying the RNHP?
  21. N

    Best Headphones for Metal

    I currently have DT 1990s and play a decent amount of metal (Killswitch, Lamb of God, etc.) and neoclassical (Malmsteen, Becker, etc.) music through my Axe. I can't say I'm 100% satisfied with the tone so am looking at either HD 650 or 660 instead.Is there a material difference between these...
  22. N

    Headphone Presets

    I play mostly metal and enjoy the sound that comes out of my HS8's. I can't seem to dial in a similar tone on my DT 1990's. I've played around with Proximity, Spacing, Gain Enhancer in Amp Block, Output EQ, etc. I can't seem to get that gratifying sustain and chug when I try to convert my HS8...
  23. N

    Purchased Patches

    I have purchased multiple patches online with limited success (Lasse Lambert from STL Tones, Metal Pack from Choptones, Rock & Metal Pack from Fremen, etc.). These have all been a letdown. I play a lot of Killswitch / Lamb of God -- these packs produce "flubby" soft rock sounds at best. I'm...
  24. B

    METAL by Hagerman Amps (pedal demo using FM3)

    Hagerman is a solid pedal-builder/engineer, and often producing unique voicings when compared to its rivals. Its METAL pedal is no exception, although not a ‘modern’ hi-gain type pedal in the modern sense – rather, METAL is described as a distortion/fuzz, and that aspect comes through loud and...
  25. A

    Bought an FM3 and compared it to my Axe-Fx 3; huge difference

    Hi Everybody, Like the title says I recently bought an FM3 for the portability and to use as an effects processor with my bass rig and I was shocked at the quality of the presets out of the box and after only a day tinkering was getting some monstrous guitar tones. Awhile back I had posted here...
  26. M

    A last recording

    Hey @all, long time no post. Sorry for that and that i just occasionaly chime in to promote the one or the other project i have. But this is my last recording. At least my last recording with FW 17.00 ;) But i think i ll post more songs soon as my current project Freakstone is about to change...
  27. R

    LF Cool baritone or multiscale (6 string) - advice ?

    Hi guys, i already have Solar 6 poplar burl baritone and i love it, but i want 1 more baritone which would as cool as the solar and doesnt matter how much it would cost ! currently im looking at Balaguer - thinking of ordering a custom 27" baritone to use for Drop A, 6 string.... but i dont...
  28. ProgressiveRocco

    EVH 5150III Red // METAL

    Demoing this sick Hati RL handbuilt by my good buddy Nick from Kleśa Instruments! 🔥I've used the 5150III Red model into the GGD Zilla cab plugin (still on fw 15.01)! Hope you guys dig it 🤘🏻
  29. A

    Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier tubescreamer

  30. A

    Mesa Boogie Mark V | Metal

    Here's how it sounds: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8708
  31. Chronograph

    Lepsky Brown Bear Guitar Test

    Hey there, Got a new axe lately, a Lepsky Brown Bear. It's a masterbuild by Eugeny Lepsky, a Siberia-based luthier. Yes, right in the middle of nowhere:) Here's a test tune. All guitar tracks are written with the Brown Bear, bass' a Warwick Streamer. FW 15.01. No synths whatsoever:cool: Enjoy.
  32. T

    Modern metal / djent sound

    Hey guys, I‘m searching for a crushing modern metal sound, kinda like the newer Chelsea Grin, Alpha Wolf, Periphery etc. I heard that CG were using a Friedman and a FAS Brootalz for their rhythm sound. I tried the 5150 Block and also a HBE and the sound is okay but I think it could do better...
  33. Monolith97

    Are you looking for a gritty and chubby guitar tone?

    If that’s the case then I think I have what you’ve been looking for. I tried to achieve Cabal guitar tone and this is what it’s sounds like. Here you can find a quick test of tone ( No eq, all guitars are raw): The first one you hear is a 5150 Red channel and the second one is an Engl Savage...
  34. Shredder3386

    New Year and a New track! Metal content 🔥🤘

    Hey guys! Happy New Year to everyone, I started a new project called The God Particle this year and we just released the first single “Alive.” I’ve changed my setup for my guitar tone when recording this one, and I’m really happy with it. I ran a real Peavey 5150 signature into a load box, then...
  35. PossumBear

    (Precision) Drive Comparison - looking for new ideas

    I've seen the buzz about the Precision Drive coming to the FM3, and I decided to unbox my own PD that I put away the day the FM3 arrived to see if it would be a fit for me. Long story short, I didn't love it and I wondered what your thoughts are. Anyone else trying the PD before going into the...
  36. Valdolopezz

    Friedman with Kiesel Vader 8 solo/rhythm

    Hey guys, recently i tweaked some parameters with Friedman model and Mesa cab IR and i liked how it sounds with my Kiesel both rhythm and solo. Here is a little demo jam with my buddy Aaron, drummer from Interloper. Cheerzzzz
  37. A

    FM3 Mastodon tones

    In this video I am attempting to sound like mastodon with the FM3. Unfortunately, the unit doesn't have the exact amps they use (Marshall JMP and their orange and friedman signature amps) but I tried to get the tone using similar amps that exist in the unit. What do you think?
  38. Guitar Of Justice

    Modern Rock/Metal Lead/Solo Preset/Settings Recommandations and Advice

    Hi there I'm try to get a nice fat modern high gain lead tone for heavy rock, soft metal :) I'm interessted in your approaches to get this: What I know: high gain amp, reverb, delay 320ms, distortion stomp But there are so many options and settings possible, so my question to guys is: What...
  39. A

    Slipknot Jim Root tones - Citrus RV50

    In this video I am demoing 5 different Orange Rockerverb scenes that are supposed to sound like Slipknot's Jim Root. Even though the goal of the video was to sound like Slipknot, my personal taste certainly did affect their design. Constructive feedback or even just your opinion is greatly...
  40. Iatros

    Axe II XL+ Ares 2.0 - Tips for the 5153 models?

    Hey Hey People, I have an old 50W 5153 IRL and interestingly this is the only amp on the Axe IIxl+ I cant figure out for the life of me. All the tricks I use on my amp dont seem to translate to the Axe model, and attempting to create tones from scratch never leads to satisfying tones. For...
  41. A

    SLIPKNOT - Left Behind | Citrus RV50 & Herbie CH3 | guitar / instrumental cover

    For this cover I am using the Orange Rockerverb and the Diezel Herbert. I think Mick Thomson uses Rivera right now, but he used Diezel Herbert in the past... I think. Jim Root is almost always playing with the RV. My guitar is loaded with Seymour Duncan SH-11 on the bridge, the neck is stock...
  42. A

    Fractal FM3 metal demo | pt2 | ft. DIGITECH THE DROP

    Second video of my FM3 metal demo series. This time using Digitech the Drop as well, to achieve drop A tuning Guitar: Charvel Joe Duplantier pro-mod w/ Seymour Duncan SH11 tuned to drop B Fractal amps used: 0:00 FAS MODERN 1:09 5153 RED 100w 3:22 RECTO RED MODERN 4:54 FAS MODERN II...
  43. A

    FM3 metal demo

    I am starting a series of videos demoing the various metal tones you can get out of the FM3, playing a couple of riffs for each. Would love to compare my high gain presets to other members'
  44. ProgressiveRocco

    5150. Metal.

    Hey dudes! I've just uploaded a new cover on my YouTube! Haven't been able to play guitar a lot during the past two months, so I've decided to dust off some chops and learn this sick Bleed From Within song, one of my favorite metal bands out there right now, totally recommended if you're into...
  45. A

    Opeth - Heir Apparent cover. Friedman amp

    This is my first project using the FM3. However, there's also two quiet guitars at 80% panning which are recorded using a real EVH5153 with Fredman Catharsis impulse response. I 've tracked them before I received the FM3 and I didn't want them to go to waste ;) I 've used Superior Drummer...
  46. Z

    Instrumental Modern Prog Metal

    All guitars and bass recorded with Ax Fx III. This is a difficult place to show a song, because it has a high musical level and people like excellent tones. But here we go. Any comment is welcome.
  47. diezel013

    Iommi - Early Days

    Hey folks, just wanted to share a little Tony Iommi patch I recently put together. Keep in mind, while I've tried to learn all about Tony's gear circa Paranoid til about Sabotage, this is just meant to give you a taste, I cannot promise it to be an exact copy. This sounded good to my ears and...
  48. Valdolopezz

    Metal jams with Eloy Casagrande from Seputlura (8 string, 6160, OH Mesa v30 ir's)

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share few quarantine jams with great Eloy Casagrande Hope you are all fine and healthy! Cheerzz 🤘 Gtr sound: 808 + 6160 + OH revolution Mesa v30 ir's Bass sound: Dark Glass sim mixed with Diezel Herbert + Mesa v30 line
  49. Arkks

    Spacey cleans / Metalcore heavy rhythm tones

    Hi Guys Some tones I've used in my latest material. Let me know what you think. Arkks
  50. enoch

    Enoch EP "Ecdysis" relased - Recorded with Axe-Fx III

    Hi folks! This is our EP recorded with Axe Fx III; it's for free streaming and if you want/like, you can also support the band. Thanks! Have a good listning! Enoch EP "Ecdysis"
  51. T

    Slipknot Tone Test

    Slipknot tone test, using Esp Eclipse II, Axe-Fx II XL, Ownhammer impulses. Let me know what you think.
  52. Valdolopezz

    Metal/Djent tone 6160 amp block (Kiesel Vader 8, Blacker RTA 7)

    Whats up guys :guitar: A little bit of quarantine riffs. This time i took 6160 amp block + Ownhammer (r)evolution mesa cab (v30-MB1) Play guitar and stay safe 🤘 Cheerzzzz
  53. ChrisBeattie

    Extreme Progressive Metal Song

    Hey! I just put out a song for a new project. I believe I used the Friedman HBE V1 with the Misha Mix 08 USA Bulb cab from pack 13 for Rhythms and the Jazz 120 for cleans. Also Friedman for leads and the USA Lead + for the atmospheric stuff.
  54. Andrea Maccianti

    Testament - Practice What You Preach Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! :) Here my humble tribute to Testament, especially to the great Alex Skolnick! Hope you like it! 🙏😊🎸
  55. A

    AX8 on a new metal release

    Hey everyone, My band released a new single today. The guitars are all AX8 straight into an audio interface. I'm not a 100 % satisfied with the tone, but it's just user error. I recorded the tracks with a too dark tone, so the high-end is fizzier than I'd like, even though I tried to EQ the...
  56. Megahertzz

    Metallica cover band extravaganza (my live Metallica preset)

    I have stripped down and removed all modifiers and global blocks from my "Militia Mk.IIC++" preset, since the last version was too CPU demanding. I have put all amps/cabs in one block instead of separating distorted and clean amps in two blocks, and removed the pitch blocks...
  57. zedeloc

    First Demo of the Axe-Fx III

    I'm impressed! I love this thing. Here is the first little diddy I recorded with it. High gain uses the 65 Bassguy Bass. Low gain uses the Class-A 30w TB. Bass is SV 1 and 2.
  58. Arkks

    Progressive Metal / Ambient Spacey tones

    Hi all, Ive just released a new single. All guitar tones are AxeFx2 xl. Heavy prog Djent tones to layered spacey cleans. Had a lot of fun writing and producing this track. Let me know your thoughts. Arkks
  59. J00McG00

    New Wankery!

    Sup guys, thought I'd post a little one off dance-riff song. Hope y'all enjoy it! @ccroyalsenders
  60. Jotun666

    The NeverEnding Story (metal cover/remix)

    Hi, guys! I haven´t posted here in a while, and wanted to share my latest cover at Jotun Studio. It´s the main song from the film The NeverEnding Story, by Limahl. All guitars and bass were recorded using Axe FX II. I hope you enjoy it!
  61. Stel Andre

    Stel Andre - Shred Jam

    Hi all! Here's a quick solo I did over a cool backing track, for the Jamtrackcentral's, Jam of The Month Facebook thingy. So i hope you guys like it! Tone is coming from my custom made patches on my Axe-Fx 2 and more info about them is in the video description on Youtube. And also using my sweet...
  62. J

    Epic metal track (NEEDS SOLO)

    Just finished this track! All guitars are axe 3 presets I made today. This one came out cool. I feel like the outro fade out section could really use some more skilled shredding than I can do! If anybody is interested hmu! Peace
  63. Arkks

    Spacey Cleans/ Progressive OD's

    Hi all, I've just released a single, all self produced. All guitars via AxeFx2xl. Let me your thoughts. Arkks
  64. ProgressiveRocco

    TOP 5 ROCK/METAL AMPS (free patches)

    Hey guys! In this video I'm going over some of my favorite amps in the Axefx III for rock and metal! What are your favorite amps for the high gain stuff? Looking forward to try out some new models! :) PATCH DOWNLOAD
  65. J00McG00

    New Jams

    Sup dudes, made some new music with the AxeFxIII! Check it out! @ccroyalsenders I hope I make you proud with my shitty lead playing!
  66. ProgressiveRocco


    Hey guys! I've put together a quick mixtest using GetGood Drums Invasion and various IRs from the Mega Oversize and Mars Silver cab packs by @ML SOUND LAB Hope you dig it:)
  67. D

    Should I get an Axe-Fx?

    I'm totally new to this forum but I thought this would be a great place to ask. I have been searching all over the internet, posting questions to multiple different forums and sites. I want to know should I get an Axe FX? And what model should I get? I have been playing for about 11 years now...
  68. DTS

    5150 Goes Death Metal

    I had so much fun playing these riffs. Hopefully it'll be a full song later. This was a test run with my new Strandberg Metal 7 guitar and boy did it deliver! :D Awesome guitar! I have Fishman pickups in two guitars now and they are becoming my favorite thing now. Riffs are dualtracked, no...
  69. LordGold3

    Metal Preset 5153 + FAS 6160 Rhytm/Solo

    Hey guys, here's a preset I made using my Musicman Majesty JP7, give it a try and let me know what you think. Description: Dual 5153 100W red and FAS 6160 Adjust Parametric EQ's frequency controls to remove mud or unwanted high frequencies. Rhythm and Solo Scenes Included (Scene 1+2)
  70. Recon24

    As the Crow Flies Riff - Friedman 2018 + ML Mars Silver

    Working on some more Alluvial riffs with this fun bit from As the Crow Flies. Using the SM57 A single mic IR from the new ML Mars Silver cab pack here. T808MOD > Friedman 2018 > CAB
  71. JapsidoOdlde

    Some new Mix - 5150 Blue

    Hey guys, here is some new track off of my upcoming EP that is almost finished :) For the guitars I used my Jackson HT7 into a Hyperluminal Compressor followed by the Precision Drive right into the AxeFxII. Same goes bass but as a preamp I used the Darkglass Alpha Omega and later sent DI and...
  72. Aldones

    High Gain w/o Dirty Amp

    So, I'm running the fx8 directly into a quilter tone block 201 at it's cleanest possible state, and intend to rely upon the fx8 drive blocks entirely for my tone. I've since decided that trying to run an HM-2 alongside it just isn't going to give me the result I want, and even so I could...
  73. max13dt

    Ibanez Prestige RGA121H CDR / Fractal Audio Axe FX II XL+

    Greetings! This is my metal test Axe Fx & Ibanez !
  74. J00McG00

    New Music

    Hey All, I'm back at it again with more metal tracks! Check it out and see if you like it. Using AxeFx2XL into a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and Cubase 9.5. Simple processing, nothing fancy.
  75. DrNick

    Spacey and heavy

    Somehow everything I write these days has these two flavors. I'm sure there's a genre for this stuff, but I can't keep track of the subgenera of metal. Anyway, each December I find the time to record and post a few things on YouTube. Only audio (and some artsy still images) this year. All...
  76. Recon24

    Valley of Fire - Solo - Friedman 2018 + ML Legends

    Had some fun writing a quick solo over the Valley of Fire backing track Jason Becker recently released. Using the Friedman 2018, just running drive at 7 and all other settings default. Definitely a different flavor from the older V1/V2 versions I usually use, inherently more open and...
  77. Scias

    "Breaking The Covenant" with ENGL models

    XL+ with the Savage head going through the German Boutique for the rhythm tone
  78. Julien Meirone

    World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth [Metal Cover] || Evil Ducky Production

    Just recorded and mixed this, all guitar and bass tone is my axe fx II. This machine is not dead yet, trust me ;) .
  79. Andrea Maccianti

    Andy James "BUTTERFLY" Guitar Solo

  80. P

    PICKUP CHOICE for CUSTOM Steinburger Mahogany body

    I have built two killer Steinberger GL style bodies made from Mahogany. The necks are both Moses Graphite with no face dots. look sweet. I got the first one together, put a set of Seymour Duncan Holcombs from MJ. they were from the first hand wound run of 200 sets. Now I am trying to figure...
  81. ChrisBeattie

    Original song I wrote and recorded

    Hey guys, I recorded a song I wrote recently and thought I'd share it here. I used the 6160 block model for the rhythm guitars, USA lead for the lead, and the Bulb lead patch for the ambient guitars. For the bass I used the Nolly smack preset. Let me know what you think!
  82. will romero

    Gentrified Chicken

    an old song i decided to re-do with the axe fx.
  83. Recon24

    Friedman HBE Heavy Rhythm Tone

    Made some tweaks to my heavy rhythm tone lately, having fun with some JR riffs. (Just a quick out-of-the-mix dry example of the same tone as my last post.) T808MOD - Gate - Friedman HBE V1 - Gate - ML Zilla Flattest D
  84. Recon24

    Vellum Windows - Instrumental Prog-ish Rock

    Hey everyone! Lurked around for a long time but haven’t ever really posted any proper music of mine, so why not I guess. SLO 100 for leads, Friedman HBE V1 for rhythm, Hiwatt Jumped for cleans. ML Zilla Flattest D for all three. Tweaked version of the ML USA Bass Rock preset for bass. GGD...
  85. heanjurrera

    A Fair Judgement [Opeth cover]

    Hey all! This was the first ever Opeth song I managed to get into, and it's still one of my favourites. I pretty much wanted to record this just so I could try my own take on the middle, clean section, which is fantastic. The outro also proved tons of fun to get right, it's disgustingly heavy...
  86. progmachine

    Modern Metal (6160 BLOCK)

    Wrote a quick riff to mess around with this new 5150 Amp Rhythm Tone of mine. Very little EQ on the guitar tone in post so I'm pretty happy with the Amp/Cab combo. Thanks for listening!
  87. J00McG00


    Hey all, back at it again with some more modern metal music! In terms of production, this song is similar to the last song except for a couple of things: This one has EQ and Compression on most of the tracks (Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vox, etc.) I've slowly learned how to apply this to make a mix a...
  88. Arkks

    Metalcore / Ambient guitar tones - 10.01

    Happy sunday all, Thought i'd share some instrumental guitar riffage with you. From heavy rhythm guitars to chilled ambient layers. Let me what you think. Cheers.
  89. ehgore1978

    Original Kitchen Table Metal

    recording a song from scratch made up on the spot at the kitchen table for mixing and tone practice
  90. SinMix

    SinMix [Free Pack - Main Post] + FAS800

    Hi, From now my maint post about Free SinMix Pack. Like or comment if You want to stay updated. Update [06.07.2018] - SinMix Fas800 09 Bundle Presets inside. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qfstqj9f2e6wb3/SinMix_FreeAxe_Presetpack.zip?dl=0 Have Fun. Stay Metal!
  91. J00McG00

    Djent / Metal Music

    Hey all. I’m relatively new to the forum, but I am an avid, long-time axe fx user. I’ve finally built up both the skill and courage to record some new music, and i wanted everyone to check it out. If you’re into djent and the new metal scene, this will be right ip your alley. Shout out to one...
  92. syndrone

    Entirely self-produced quality instrumental guitar album here (all Axe-Fx II)! :)

    Hi people! I released an entirely self-produced instrumental album in March and I`m sure some people in here might have some fun listening to it. It got loads of melodies with shreddy moments, all wrapped up in a futuristic and post-apocalyptic sounding environment..... Pretty happy how it...
  93. DTS

    AX8: Modern High Gain Monsters

    PRESETS https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ihymsiud223klj/AX8 HG Monsters.zip?dl=0 Hi guys! It's been a while, since I've had time to play my guitar. But now I did and I got my hands dirty with dialing some Monster tones. I've always loved the Bogner Uberschall and Diezel high gain tones, but never...
  94. wabiii

    Progressive Metal Preset

    Hey guys, just got an ax8 and wanted to share a preset I recently made. Scene 1: Tight Gated Distortion Scene 2: Lead Tone Adjust Gate & Compressor to taste....Enjoy!!
  95. JapsidoOdlde

    Going Heavy with 5150 Blue and the precision Drive

    Hey guys, Here is another update on my EP/tone quest :D For this track I used my Jackson HT7 and the 5150 blue 50W model boosted by the horizon devices precision drive. I used the PD as well for the bass channel of my bass preset. Cab wise I used the Zila IRs from ML Studio for guitars as well...
  96. S

    Please Critique My Mix! (GGD + Darkglass B7K + Schecter KM-7)

    Hey guys, Looking for some of your solid advice on a mix. Just a brief 40 second clip; trying to keep things short and sweet. Any and all advice/comments/tips are welcome. My goal is improvement, so please be as critical as you feel is needed! (tone, mix as a whole, individual instruments...
  97. eduardosimoesneto

    How to make my AX8 better?

    I´ve seen a lot of presents sold on line, but I didn´t think they sound better than the ones from factory. I love hard rock and heavy metal bands. I love the guitar sounds in Anthrax, Dream Theater, Extreme, Metallica, Van Halen, Def Leppard (live). I specially like 5153 and Savageness. The...
  98. eduardosimoesneto

    Best Metal/Hard Rock sounds.

    I´ve been using the original Fractal AX8 presets to record some songs. I use: - preset 3-7 (5153 Red) for my heavier sounds. I search for a sound close to Anthrax, Testament, Sepultura, Kreator; - preset 3-8 (Savageness) for hard rock. I search for a sound close to Van Halen, Satriani, early...
  99. Arkks

    Metal/Djent Tones (9.04)

    Hi all. Once again been experimenting with some new rhythm tones. Let me know your thoughts. Arkks
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