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  1. Valdolopezz

    Metal jams with Eloy Casagrande from Seputlura (8 string, 6160, OH Mesa v30 ir's)

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share few quarantine jams with great Eloy Casagrande Hope you are all fine and healthy! Cheerzz 🤘 Gtr sound: 808 + 6160 + OH revolution Mesa v30 ir's Bass sound: Dark Glass sim mixed with Diezel Herbert + Mesa v30 line
  2. Arkks

    Spacey cleans / Metalcore heavy rhythm tones

    Hi Guys Some tones I've used in my latest material. Let me know what you think. Arkks
  3. enoch

    Enoch EP "Ecdysis" relased - Recorded with Axe-Fx III

    Hi folks! This is our EP recorded with Axe Fx III; it's for free streaming and if you want/like, you can also support the band. Thanks! Have a good listning! Enoch EP "Ecdysis"
  4. T

    Slipknot Tone Test

    Slipknot tone test, using Esp Eclipse II, Axe-Fx II XL, Ownhammer impulses. Let me know what you think.
  5. Valdolopezz

    Metal/Djent tone 6160 amp block (Kiesel Vader 8, Blacker RTA 7)

    Whats up guys :guitar: A little bit of quarantine riffs. This time i took 6160 amp block + Ownhammer (r)evolution mesa cab (v30-MB1) Play guitar and stay safe 🤘 Cheerzzzz
  6. ChrisBeattie

    Extreme Progressive Metal Song

    Hey! I just put out a song for a new project. I believe I used the Friedman HBE V1 with the Misha Mix 08 USA Bulb cab from pack 13 for Rhythms and the Jazz 120 for cleans. Also Friedman for leads and the USA Lead + for the atmospheric stuff.
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    Testament - Practice What You Preach Guitar Solo

    Hey friends! :) Here my humble tribute to Testament, especially to the great Alex Skolnick! Hope you like it! 🙏😊🎸
  8. A

    AX8 on a new metal release

    Hey everyone, My band released a new single today. The guitars are all AX8 straight into an audio interface. I'm not a 100 % satisfied with the tone, but it's just user error. I recorded the tracks with a too dark tone, so the high-end is fizzier than I'd like, even though I tried to EQ the...
  9. Megahertzz

    Metallica cover band extravaganza (my live Metallica preset)

    I have stripped down and removed all modifiers and global blocks from my "Militia Mk.IIC++" preset, since the last version was too CPU demanding. I have put all amps/cabs in one block instead of separating distorted and clean amps in two blocks, and removed the pitch blocks...
  10. Z

    First Demo of the Axe-Fx III

    I'm impressed! I love this thing. Here is the first little diddy I recorded with it. High gain uses the 65 Bassguy Bass. Low gain uses the Class-A 30w TB. Bass is SV 1 and 2.
  11. Arkks

    Progressive Metal / Ambient Spacey tones

    Hi all, Ive just released a new single. All guitar tones are AxeFx2 xl. Heavy prog Djent tones to layered spacey cleans. Had a lot of fun writing and producing this track. Let me know your thoughts. Arkks
  12. J00McG00

    New Wankery!

    Sup guys, thought I'd post a little one off dance-riff song. Hope y'all enjoy it! @ccroyalsenders
  13. Jotun666

    The NeverEnding Story (metal cover/remix)

    Hi, guys! I haven´t posted here in a while, and wanted to share my latest cover at Jotun Studio. It´s the main song from the film The NeverEnding Story, by Limahl. All guitars and bass were recorded using Axe FX II. I hope you enjoy it!
  14. Stel Andre

    Stel Andre - Shred Jam

    Hi all! Here's a quick solo I did over a cool backing track, for the Jamtrackcentral's, Jam of The Month Facebook thingy. So i hope you guys like it! Tone is coming from my custom made patches on my Axe-Fx 2 and more info about them is in the video description on Youtube. And also using my sweet...
  15. JacobiusWrex

    Epic metal track (NEEDS SOLO)

    Just finished this track! All guitars are axe 3 presets I made today. This one came out cool. I feel like the outro fade out section could really use some more skilled shredding than I can do! If anybody is interested hmu! Peace
  16. Arkks

    Spacey Cleans/ Progressive OD's

    Hi all, I've just released a single, all self produced. All guitars via AxeFx2xl. Let me your thoughts. Arkks
  17. ProgressiveRocco

    TOP 5 ROCK/METAL AMPS (free patches)

    Hey guys! In this video I'm going over some of my favorite amps in the Axefx III for rock and metal! What are your favorite amps for the high gain stuff? Looking forward to try out some new models! :) PATCH DOWNLOAD
  18. J00McG00

    New Jams

    Sup dudes, made some new music with the AxeFxIII! Check it out! @ccroyalsenders I hope I make you proud with my shitty lead playing!
  19. ProgressiveRocco


    Hey guys! I've put together a quick mixtest using GetGood Drums Invasion and various IRs from the Mega Oversize and Mars Silver cab packs by @ML SOUND LAB Hope you dig it:)
  20. D

    Should I get an Axe-Fx?

    I'm totally new to this forum but I thought this would be a great place to ask. I have been searching all over the internet, posting questions to multiple different forums and sites. I want to know should I get an Axe FX? And what model should I get? I have been playing for about 11 years now...
  21. DropTheSun

    5150 Goes Death Metal

    I had so much fun playing these riffs. Hopefully it'll be a full song later. This was a test run with my new Strandberg Metal 7 guitar and boy did it deliver! :D Awesome guitar! I have Fishman pickups in two guitars now and they are becoming my favorite thing now. Riffs are dualtracked, no...
  22. LordGold3

    Metal Preset 5153 + FAS 6160 Rhytm/Solo

    Hey guys, here's a preset I made using my Musicman Majesty JP7, give it a try and let me know what you think. Description: Dual 5153 100W red and FAS 6160 Adjust Parametric EQ's frequency controls to remove mud or unwanted high frequencies. Rhythm and Solo Scenes Included (Scene 1+2)
  23. Recon24

    As the Crow Flies Riff - Friedman 2018 + ML Mars Silver

    Working on some more Alluvial riffs with this fun bit from As the Crow Flies. Using the SM57 A single mic IR from the new ML Mars Silver cab pack here. T808MOD > Friedman 2018 > CAB
  24. JapsidoOdlde

    Some new Mix - 5150 Blue

    Hey guys, here is some new track off of my upcoming EP that is almost finished :) For the guitars I used my Jackson HT7 into a Hyperluminal Compressor followed by the Precision Drive right into the AxeFxII. Same goes bass but as a preamp I used the Darkglass Alpha Omega and later sent DI and...
  25. Aldones

    High Gain w/o Dirty Amp

    So, I'm running the fx8 directly into a quilter tone block 201 at it's cleanest possible state, and intend to rely upon the fx8 drive blocks entirely for my tone. I've since decided that trying to run an HM-2 alongside it just isn't going to give me the result I want, and even so I could...
  26. max13dt

    Ibanez Prestige RGA121H CDR / Fractal Audio Axe FX II XL+

    Greetings! This is my metal test Axe Fx & Ibanez !
  27. J00McG00

    New Music

    Hey All, I'm back at it again with more metal tracks! Check it out and see if you like it. Using AxeFx2XL into a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and Cubase 9.5. Simple processing, nothing fancy.
  28. DrNick

    Spacey and heavy

    Somehow everything I write these days has these two flavors. I'm sure there's a genre for this stuff, but I can't keep track of the subgenera of metal. Anyway, each December I find the time to record and post a few things on YouTube. Only audio (and some artsy still images) this year. All...
  29. Recon24

    Valley of Fire - Solo - Friedman 2018 + ML Legends

    Had some fun writing a quick solo over the Valley of Fire backing track Jason Becker recently released. Using the Friedman 2018, just running drive at 7 and all other settings default. Definitely a different flavor from the older V1/V2 versions I usually use, inherently more open and...
  30. Scias

    "Breaking The Covenant" with ENGL models

    XL+ with the Savage head going through the German Boutique for the rhythm tone
  31. Julien Meirone

    World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth [Metal Cover] || Evil Ducky Production

    Just recorded and mixed this, all guitar and bass tone is my axe fx II. This machine is not dead yet, trust me ;) .
  32. P

    PICKUP CHOICE for CUSTOM Steinburger Mahogany body

    I have built two killer Steinberger GL style bodies made from Mahogany. The necks are both Moses Graphite with no face dots. look sweet. I got the first one together, put a set of Seymour Duncan Holcombs from MJ. they were from the first hand wound run of 200 sets. Now I am trying to figure...
  33. ChrisBeattie

    Original song I wrote and recorded

    Hey guys, I recorded a song I wrote recently and thought I'd share it here. I used the 6160 block model for the rhythm guitars, USA lead for the lead, and the Bulb lead patch for the ambient guitars. For the bass I used the Nolly smack preset. Let me know what you think!
  34. will romero

    Gentrified Chicken

    an old song i decided to re-do with the axe fx.
  35. Recon24

    Friedman HBE Heavy Rhythm Tone

    Made some tweaks to my heavy rhythm tone lately, having fun with some JR riffs. (Just a quick out-of-the-mix dry example of the same tone as my last post.) T808MOD - Gate - Friedman HBE V1 - Gate - ML Zilla Flattest D
  36. Recon24

    Vellum Windows - Instrumental Prog-ish Rock

    Hey everyone! Lurked around for a long time but haven’t ever really posted any proper music of mine, so why not I guess. SLO 100 for leads, Friedman HBE V1 for rhythm, Hiwatt Jumped for cleans. ML Zilla Flattest D for all three. Tweaked version of the ML USA Bass Rock preset for bass. GGD...
  37. heanjurrera

    A Fair Judgement [Opeth cover]

    Hey all! This was the first ever Opeth song I managed to get into, and it's still one of my favourites. I pretty much wanted to record this just so I could try my own take on the middle, clean section, which is fantastic. The outro also proved tons of fun to get right, it's disgustingly heavy...
  38. progmachine

    Modern Metal (6160 BLOCK)

    Wrote a quick riff to mess around with this new 5150 Amp Rhythm Tone of mine. Very little EQ on the guitar tone in post so I'm pretty happy with the Amp/Cab combo. Thanks for listening!
  39. J00McG00


    Hey all, back at it again with some more modern metal music! In terms of production, this song is similar to the last song except for a couple of things: This one has EQ and Compression on most of the tracks (Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vox, etc.) I've slowly learned how to apply this to make a mix a...
  40. Arkks

    Metalcore / Ambient guitar tones - 10.01

    Happy sunday all, Thought i'd share some instrumental guitar riffage with you. From heavy rhythm guitars to chilled ambient layers. Let me what you think. Cheers.
  41. ehgore1978

    Original Kitchen Table Metal

    recording a song from scratch made up on the spot at the kitchen table for mixing and tone practice
  42. SinMix

    SinMix [Free Pack - Main Post] + FAS800

    Hi, From now my maint post about Free SinMix Pack. Like or comment if You want to stay updated. Update [06.07.2018] - SinMix Fas800 09 Bundle Presets inside. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qfstqj9f2e6wb3/SinMix_FreeAxe_Presetpack.zip?dl=0 Have Fun. Stay Metal!
  43. J00McG00

    Djent / Metal Music

    Hey all. I’m relatively new to the forum, but I am an avid, long-time axe fx user. I’ve finally built up both the skill and courage to record some new music, and i wanted everyone to check it out. If you’re into djent and the new metal scene, this will be right ip your alley. Shout out to one...
  44. syndrone

    Entirely self-produced quality instrumental guitar album here (all Axe-Fx II)! :)

    Hi people! I released an entirely self-produced instrumental album in March and I`m sure some people in here might have some fun listening to it. It got loads of melodies with shreddy moments, all wrapped up in a futuristic and post-apocalyptic sounding environment..... Pretty happy how it...
  45. DropTheSun

    AX8: Modern High Gain Monsters

    PRESETS https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ihymsiud223klj/AX8 HG Monsters.zip?dl=0 Hi guys! It's been a while, since I've had time to play my guitar. But now I did and I got my hands dirty with dialing some Monster tones. I've always loved the Bogner Uberschall and Diezel high gain tones, but never...
  46. wabiii

    Progressive Metal Preset

    Hey guys, just got an ax8 and wanted to share a preset I recently made. Scene 1: Tight Gated Distortion Scene 2: Lead Tone Adjust Gate & Compressor to taste....Enjoy!!
  47. JapsidoOdlde

    Going Heavy with 5150 Blue and the precision Drive

    Hey guys, Here is another update on my EP/tone quest :D For this track I used my Jackson HT7 and the 5150 blue 50W model boosted by the horizon devices precision drive. I used the PD as well for the bass channel of my bass preset. Cab wise I used the Zila IRs from ML Studio for guitars as well...
  48. S

    Please Critique My Mix! (GGD + Darkglass B7K + Schecter KM-7)

    Hey guys, Looking for some of your solid advice on a mix. Just a brief 40 second clip; trying to keep things short and sweet. Any and all advice/comments/tips are welcome. My goal is improvement, so please be as critical as you feel is needed! (tone, mix as a whole, individual instruments...
  49. eduardosimoesneto

    How to make my AX8 better?

    I´ve seen a lot of presents sold on line, but I didn´t think they sound better than the ones from factory. I love hard rock and heavy metal bands. I love the guitar sounds in Anthrax, Dream Theater, Extreme, Metallica, Van Halen, Def Leppard (live). I specially like 5153 and Savageness. The...
  50. eduardosimoesneto

    Best Metal/Hard Rock sounds.

    I´ve been using the original Fractal AX8 presets to record some songs. I use: - preset 3-7 (5153 Red) for my heavier sounds. I search for a sound close to Anthrax, Testament, Sepultura, Kreator; - preset 3-8 (Savageness) for hard rock. I search for a sound close to Van Halen, Satriani, early...
  51. Arkks

    Metal/Djent Tones (9.04)

    Hi all. Once again been experimenting with some new rhythm tones. Let me know your thoughts. Arkks
  52. Jotun666

    Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way (Metal cover)

    Hi, friends! I just uploaded a new pop metal cover and wanted to share it with you. It´s Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way. I used a 5150 sim for guitars and SVT for bass. Also, Roland Jazz-120 for some cleans. I hope you like it!

    8 string metal - TS808, Friedman HBE, German Boutique+Orange

    Signal Chain: Skervesen Lizard 8FF with BKP Aftermath, Axe-FX II, DBX 586, Focusrite Scarlett, DAW
  54. SteveFireland

    New video from my band - AX8 content

    Recorded in my home studio using my AX8 and my Jackson KV2s and KV4 with a variety of EMG pickups. I'm using the Das Metall and 5153 50W Blue models, with the Cali cab. I preferred the guitar sounds before mastering, to be honest, they definitely lost something in that process, but oh well.
  55. eduardosimoesneto

    Hi Gain Metal Presets (Mesa Boogie and Diezel)

    I love my AX8. But the Mesa Boogie and Diezel presets that came with it are not my favorites for heavy metal. Where can I find some good metal presets? If they are free even better...
  56. Jotun666

    Mauser - Colgar Al Ladrón (Hang The Thief, some Thrash metal)

    Hi, friends! Some Axe FX II action here! I´d like to share my latest audio and video production at Jotun Studio: Mauser´s Colgar Al Ladrón (Hang The Thief). They are a local thrash metal band from Seville, Spain, and I took care of the audio recording, mixing, editing an mastering and also of...
  57. J

    Question for Friedman HBE users!Tosin-Abasi esque tone [patch included]

    Hi y'all :) , I have been trying to get rid/reduce the harmonics/pick attack when I am doing the legato run on the following clip: https://soundcloud.com/user-468226403 . I am using Friedman HBE . Patch included Any tips to improve the current preset? I have attached the clip and the preset I...
  58. Alexander Almanza

    Any Meshuggah or Fredrik Thordendal fans out there??

    I was scrolling through my IG feed and i found this. I was kind of blown away because they did a documentary for koloss and they were exclusively use the axe. Any ideas on what changed?
  59. Fredman Digital

    Fredman tones (Bring me the Horizon, In Flames, Architects etc)

    Finally you can get your hands on my Axe FX II collection of presets! They are exclusively tone matched based on a range of various artists I've produced throughout the years, like: Bring me the Horizon, In Flames, At the Gates, Architects, Hammerfall, just to name a few. All patches are...
  60. A

    My first recording with the AX8 (metal)

    This is an old song I've been wanting to release for ages but never got the mix quite right. Now I'm sufficiently happy with it and just glad that it's out there. For the rhythm guitars I used 5150 on one side and a Diezel on the other. Both through some cabs from the ML Djent pack. Bass...
  61. Arkks

    High Gain Test

    The latest firmware is pretty good. Heres what I've been working on... Arkks
  62. Arkks

    Prog Metal heavy tone test (Friedman HBE V2) 9.02

    Hi guys just a quick little test of the my latest heavy tone using the Friedman HBE v2. Let me know what you think. Arkks
  63. Andrea Maccianti

    Iron Maiden - Stranger In A Strange Land (Guitar Solo)

    My humble tribute to the great Adrian Smith on Iron Maiden Stranger In A Strange Land from Somewhere In Time. I hope you enjoy! :) #uptheirons Here I used my Stranger In A Strange Land Patch I recorded Rhythm guitar on a single Stereo Track. So NO Double tracking. Same identical thing as for...
  64. Detch

    Deathcore mix, Angle Severe 1 + Ownhammer

    Yea, it's metal again :) Recently I finished mixing this track. For re-amp I used Angle Severe 1 model + Ownhammer HHC II 412 EDVH with V30 cab which is EVH 5150 III 4x12 cabinet DI files were good but had some low-end mud issue so I used two filters at the beginning of the chain: With...
  65. andrémusic

    New Track - Guitars & Bass recorded with c2aye patches

    Clean guitars - Sithu Aye Clean - PRS 7 String Rhythm Guitars - Monuments patch - PRS 7 String Leads - Sithu Aye Lead - PRS 7 String Bass - bassguy - Fender Jazz Bass
  66. Joshua Thornton

    Mix-Ready, Mutli-purpose Metalcore, Djent, Hardrock Preset

    This is the exact rhythm/lead preset I currently use with my band, Alive In The Night, both live and in the studio. I have owned my AX8 for about a year and have tweaked this preset multitudinously since joining the Fractal community. Originally molded to fit the sound of my Reverend Sensei Ra...
  67. Milco

    Chicken Pickin Tone

    Hey guys, working with some new sounds, trying to blend synth and guitar. Made this super attacky clean tone to compliment the bells. What do you think??
  68. Fenris

    Terra's Theme - Final Fantasy VI (Quantum 9.02)

    Rhythm guitars are Recto2 Red Mdrn and Leads are USA Lead Brt+.
  69. Milco

    Milco - Spanky Distortion Tone!

    Really spent some time dialing in this spanky distortion tone! All Axe FX 2 in this one. Let me know what you think!
  70. SlugAlex

    Noob to High Gain Tones, Need Help!

    Hey whats up! I haven't posted in a while here, but I have been needing some help, and this forum has always been great to me! So I have owned an AXE FX II for a while (Loved it so much), but was forced to sell it. I currently own a Line 6 Helix, but have been itching to get me an AX8. Non...
  71. Milco

    Coil Split Distortion

    Really wanted a spanky tone for this intro. Split my Dimarzio Ionizer pickup and put it through the friedman amp and blam! I'm pretty happy with how this tone turned out. Let me know what you think!
  72. Guitarjon

    Some epic metal with asian influences

    Hey guys, Here's another new song. I used the Das Metal amp. It's such a cool amp model for big crunchy tones. I used an OwnHammer IR again from the Heavy Hitters Collection 2. It's an Emperor 4x12 IR with the C65 speaker option. Works great for (modern) metal. Hope you enjoy!
  73. egyptisgod

    5153 Metalcore Bass Preset

    I made this insane metalcore bass preset. You should put cabinet block next to amp block. This preset originally used "ML Zilla Misha V30 Tight. Please give it try. Thank you.
  74. Moshermax9

    NAILS Tone

    I'm look to get a tone similar to the band NAILS. I have done some research in what he uses mostly uses if im right a peavey 6505+ because he is endorsed by Peavey plus a signature pedal by dunwich amps "THe tyrant". Which is basically a HM-2 Clone. I've achieved something similar using the...
  75. J

    Suggestions for headphones/FrFr/Studio monitor

    Hi all, I have checked some of the other posts, but they are pretty outdated now.So had to create a new one. I live in an apartment and can't get too loud. My budget is around $200. I was planning to go for athm50x headphones and it is going to be mainly used for recording and...
  76. J

    Suggestions to improve this tone. Any advice appreciated (Sweep/Cafo tone)

    Hi everyone, I have been reading a lot of posts about getting tight bass sound and about recording on this forum. It has been really helpful and just wanted to thanks everyone for their input. Now onto the issue at hand, I am trying to record with my Axe XL+/ Logic x and output going to my...
  77. Andrea Maccianti


    "A.M Bogner Fish" Patch. Has 6 Scenes. Available also for AX8. Ready to use. This demo I want dedicate to the great Scott Ian of Anthrax.
  78. Rylan Woodall

    Rate my Metalcore preset

    Hey guys! I just put together a quick preset and wanted your opinions. I am going after an All That Remains tone, which also applies to most metalcore. If you would rather not comment, just answer the poll yes or no. Check it out and please let me know what I can improve on, as I am trying to...
  79. Milco

    Thump of Doom

    Hey guys, here's a tough thumping riff I made for my E.P. Split coil really helps with the Fryette D60 as well as some multiband compression! Let me know what you think! How have you made a similar tone?
  80. Sunny12

    New Album - Crazy Solo Playthrough \m/

    Hey guys, Been a while but here's a (pretty hectic!) solo from my band Prospekt's new album released next week - completely recorded with the almighty Axe FX and mastered by Jens Bogren! :) Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! Cheers!! Lee
  81. progmachine

    For all of the metal & djent fans out there! (Friedman + ML "USA Djent" IRs)

    Hey everyone! Here's some riffs I made to showcase ML Sound Lab's new cab pack! I really enjoy the mid-range in these bad boys! Hope you enjoy! Signal flow: Tape DIST -> Friedman HBE -> USA Djent IRs!
  82. E

    Tones coming out muddy

    Hey guys, Total newbie to the world of FX modelling, so please excuse me if I come across as a total burk! I picked up my unit about 3 weeks ago and I'm trying to model some modern metal tones (think northlane, monuments, etc.) However, no matter how hard I try to EQ, the tones just seem to...
  83. Shredder3386

    *Metal Content* New Single (with special Guests) All Axefx XL+

    Hey guys, I finally completed the first single off of my upcoming EP "At Winter's End." As expected, all the guitars and bass were AxeFx :). I used my favourite model, the 5153 Red with a custom amp sim I created. The track is called "I've Seen It All" and features Tim MacMillar from Protest...
  84. P

    New EP - Axe-Fx 2 Reamp...no USB or load box.. FFO Protest The Hero/BTBAM

    I mixed my friends band Tiberius. The EP is a free download and they have merch up on bandcamp too. Mix info: Used Axe-Fx 2 on firmware 4 for all the guitars. Basically fed my instrument out into the back of my interface. No noise/no distortion/nothing. Worked perfectly and saved me any hassle...
  85. emilotep

    Metal Album Released - All AxeFX

    Hey! Just released our band's new album. It's some kind of punky Death Metal. Guitars and Bass tones are all AxeFX. Mixed and mastered by me. This is the opening track: Don't forget to hit us up on facebook or instagram if you like it, or follow us on soundcloud! :-)...
  86. Jotun666

    Ariana Grande - Side To Side (metal remix)

    Hi, friends, I just made a metal remix of one of Ariana Grande´s songs, Side To Side. I cut some Nicki Minaj parts, since I didn´t like them at all, hahaha. All guitars and bass were recorded using Axe FX II. I hope you like it!
  87. Milco

    Taylor Acoustic Tone Match

    Hey guys, made this tone after messing around with some Taylor guitar recordings I did at Guitar Center. I blended it with the USA Clean Amp and some parallel reverb and delay. Let me know what you think!
  88. progmachine

    Arch Echo - Hip Dipper (instrumental prog jams)

    Hey All, My band just released a new single today! Let me know what you guys think! :) The mid and hi-gain guitar tones are Friedman HBE. Mixed by yours truly.
  89. progmachine

    Metal Jams + new drum VST !!

    Hey everyone! Here's a pretty straightforward metal clip I made - just 2 rhythm guitars panned L & R, bass and drums. Let me know what you guys think! Guitar Tone is Friedman HBE + FAS Modern I with VERY low input drive and the ML Cab Pack 13! Bass tone is the SV bass with the Fat Rat OD. Enjoy!
  90. Jotun666

    Orange Viper - The Beast (stoner metal)

    Hi, folks! Here you have my latest work at Jotun Studio: Orange Viper´s The Beast, from their forthcoming EP Freedom Of Choice. As they make metal mixed with stoner we used an Orange sim to get a powerful but "dirty" sound. I recorded, edited, mixed and mastered the whole EP. I hope you lke it!
  91. Milco

    Acoustic Tone Match

    Hey guys, wrote this piece after making a new tone with the tone match block. I ran an acoustic sample from Opeth and this is what happened. Let me know what you think!
  92. Jotun666

    Son Of Sorrow - Faith In Extinction (gothic metal)

    Hi, friends! I just wanted to share my latest work, Son of Sorrow´s EP Faith In Extinction, where we recorded all guitars and bass using Axe FX II. I took care of the recording, arrangements, editing, mixing and mastering. This is the title track, but you can listen to their full EP at...
  93. Milco

    Coil Split 8 String

    Hey guys, I used the single coil middle pickup with my coil split bridge humbucker to come up with this tone. Also the Fryette D60 helped a lot of course! Let me know what you think! Also send me music that has similar tone if you know of any!
  94. Guitarjon

    That baritone roar and juicy leads!

    Hi guys, I recently finished this video featuring the Axe FX XL+ and the OwnHammer 412 Recto IR's. I really dig how this baritone guitar sounds with the Axe FX. That big mid range roar is present in the rhythm parts and the lead solo part with the neck pick up has that warm juicy round solo...
  95. progmachine

    Riffin' out - Trying out new Rhythm Tone

    Hey all! I wrote some new riffs to try out a new rhythm tone of mine as well as the GGD Halpern Drums update! Enjoy!
  96. Andrea Maccianti

    Dimebag Darrell "FLOODS" (OUTRO GUITAR LESSON)

    I received a few emails after my Floods video where I was asked to do a lesson on the Outro Section. This is my first Guitar Tutorial. For any questions I am here. Hope that help! ***PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!***
  97. A

    FW 6.x and 7.0 American Style Metal tune

    All Recto2, Leads were recorded with firmware 7.00 - What an awesome update!
  98. shaunb

    Heavy Rock blind tone comparison - pre-production tone test UPDATE: results and presets added

    Hi guys and girls. This is a tone test I did to determine which amp presets to use on the recording project I've got underway. I'll have an album or a couple of EPs out this year. I didn't intend to post this as it was just a decision making tool for my process, but I thought it might be...
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