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Valley of Fire - Solo - Friedman 2018 + ML Legends


Had some fun writing a quick solo over the Valley of Fire backing track Jason Becker recently released.

Using the Friedman 2018, just running drive at 7 and all other settings default. Definitely a different flavor from the older V1/V2 versions I usually use, inherently more open and mid-forward with less compression, so I find myself not pushing mids/treble/presence or using the Bright switch like I do with the other Friedmans.

T808 MOD in front as a clean boost (Drive 0 Tone 6 Level 7)
Rich Hall reverb after the cab (around -13db mix level in parallel, high pass at 600hz)
ML Legends Djent Mix (I really enjoy the way the midrange sits with this mix even for non-djent stuff)

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