Should I get an Axe-Fx?


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I'm totally new to this forum but I thought this would be a great place to ask. I have been searching all over the internet, posting questions to multiple different forums and sites. I want to know should I get an Axe FX? And what model should I get?

I have been playing for about 11 years now and am mostly metal oriented, but play some blues and country every now and then. I have owned multiple high quality tube amps such as a JCM800, Mesa Mark IV, Mark V 25, Rivera Knucklehead Tre, Peavey 6505+, Dr Z M12, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and Blackstars just to name a few. I love tube amps more than anything, but sadly I moved and had to sell my gear and now I live in a small apartment with a roommate so I can crank tube amps anymore. I've tried going the pedal route in the past, such as running multiple pedals into a clean amp. I liked it somewhat but not as much as the real deal. I'm not a fan of digital, but have decided its time to head that way and based on everything I see on youtube now some modelers sound KILLER.

My question is with my lack of experience with modelers, is there a specific model I should get? I've been looking at the Line 6 POD HD pro X now for a little bit. It sounds great in some videos, and complete crap in others. I really like everything I see on Axe FX and to be completely honest, I am a big fan of Periphery's tone. Especially on the first album. And a lot of bands I used to play along with used Axe FX's and loved their tone as well.

I dont really want an Axe FX II at the moment, mainly because of the cost. I have been looking at getting a used standard or maybe Ultra. My goal is to try and keep it under $1000, so would a standard or ultra be a good way to go ?

If you are looking for AMAZING tones, any axe fx will blow even the nearest 'competition' out of the water. Even the Ultra is way ahead of anything similar.

That being said, your price range and needs will dictate the unit that's best for you. At 1000 budget I'd save a couple hundred more and get the AX8.

It's more recent with newer, better sounding modeling, scenes and XY states, better blocks, and you won't have to spring another $500 or so for a midi foot controller. If this doesn't mean anything really to you and you are cool with just jamming with some great tones, the ultra is a good bet, especially if you get one at a bargain price .

The ultra has been discontinued like 8 years now...and while we are not sure if the AX8 may have a successor soon, it is the flagship floor unit, and is only about 4 or so years old.

Up to you and your needs and budget. We know your budget is about 1000, what are your needs exactly?
Waiting for at least an Axe Fx II (any incarnation) would be worth the wait and possibly an extra hundred bucks or two. If you're jammin' at home, a foot controller isn't necessary, I've been enjoying the Axe Fx III without one for a couple of months now. Playing live is another story.

Line 6 makes passable modelers if you're not overly picky about your tone, I used them at home and live for years and was a big advocate for them. Took the plunge with the AX8 a couple of years ago and there is seriously no comparison, including the Helix. Believe me, the last thing I wanted to do was join the Fractalite cult, their reputation in the Line 6 community, and elsewhere, is less than stellar. Unwarranted as I've come to realize but it is their perception. I've kicked myself in the backside several times for not joining sooner.

Ultimately, you need to ask what your priorities are; great tone or affordability. Yes, the Ultra will be better than the POD HD but with the used prices of the "regular" Axe Fx II being around your budget, it would be less than wise not to be patient and possibly spend the little bit extra to get such an increase in tonal quality.
I own the Ultra and a II XL+. They both sound great. The major difference for me was that the II sounded quite a bit better straight out of the box & it was easier to dial in great tones. I felt the learning curve on the Ultra was much longer & you may need to turn some dials to very odd settings in comparison to how you would dial in a tube amp to find your tone. If you've never used a modeler before be prepared for some frustration at first, but once you get the hang of it's awesome & the possibilities are endless. Good luck.
That's a great point as well - the ultra needed a lot of tweaking, and the 2 doesn't need nearly as much

The 3 is perfect right out the box

With the FM3 on the scene now, honestly I'd go for that instead!
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