1. S

    Axe-fx ultra

    Hi! Didn’t really know where to post it, hence the lounge section! I’m fairly new in the modeling game and was hoping to be advised by more experienced people. Recently, I’ve decided to pull the trigger on the fx ultra, as it seems good enough for my needs. The thing that bothers me, though, is...
  2. A

    Is it possible to have gapless switching on the ultra

  3. C

    Have the Axe-Fx II... maskes sense buy also the Ultra?

    Hello all! I’m from Spain and I’m a new member, this is my first post! I just bought the Axe-Fx II (Mark I) about 2 weeks ago and I’m loving every single day with this wonder! What a sound, what features, what everything! Really, it’s night and day when I compare my Axe-Fx II with the...
  4. A


    Hello Fractals Im looking for a decent hard rock / metal IR compatible with the ULTRA. Its seems they are not so easy to find. I ideally want to use the OwnHammer AMPG Bass IR's but the install is optimised for AxeFxII onwards.. Does anyone have any experience with this getting this to work or...
  5. O

    Buzzing Noise

    Hi all, So I turned on my Ultra recently and it was buzzing quite significantly like there was AC interference and didn't go away so I decided to do some troubleshooting - Tried swapping guitars, no difference Changed cables, no difference Tried taking it out of the rack it's in and to a...
  6. M

    Fake pedal steel

    This use 2 pitch blocks, one set to a fixed pitch, the other is controlled by the expression pedal. The pedal also fades in the volume block. Heel down shuts off the input volume, and toe down is full volume. Both pitches are set to auto-engage, so they shut off after you've faded in and you can...
  7. jeken33

    NOOB questions about Axe-Fx Ultra

    Hey everyone! I just recently made the purchase of a used Axe Fx Ultra. I've been wanting to try out an Axe Fx for some time now, and one popped up for $599 (5000SEK). Seeing it is 14 years old it's exciting to see if it still holds up or if it has become outdated. I haven't received it yet, so...
  8. S

    Axe-Fx Ultra - Problem Loading Factory Presets

    Hey everyone, I recently bought a used Ultra and found out that the previous owner had deleted all of bank A and bank B. I have the Ultra connected to Midi OX and have successfully updated the firmware, but when I attempt to send the factory bank files nothing happens. The midi software shows...
  9. A

    FS GREAT PRICE Axe-FX Ultra 2011

    Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra $730!! This unit is in great condition. The best performing and recording tool I’ve ever owned— only selling because I’m moving across the country soon and have to lighten the load. Perfect working condition, clean LCD display. Some very light signs of cosmetic...
  10. D

    Only dry sound from my Ultra

    Hey guys, I did a quick search for this topic on the forum but didn't find anything. My ultra stopped storing my presets the other day so I figured the battery was gone. After replacing it with a 2450 and powering it back on, it now saves presets but not in the way i'm telling it to. For...
  11. derekbeaner

    Mac Mojave, Ultra, Axe Edit won't connect

    I know this has been addressed many times before, but none of the threads I could find solved my problem for me. I just got a used Ultra and am I trying to get it working on my mac. Sadness. I'm looking to see if anyone has any advice on getting Axe Edit 1.0.191 for the Mac to recognize the...
  12. J

    Every patch is just DI

    Hey guys. I have been using the Ultra for years now. All patch changes are done via midi. I just toured February-May 1st with no issues. The very last show of the tour which was So What?! In Texas, my guitar seemed to have gone out. Upon further inspection I notice that no matter what patch I’m...
  13. D

    Should I get an Axe-Fx?

    I'm totally new to this forum but I thought this would be a great place to ask. I have been searching all over the internet, posting questions to multiple different forums and sites. I want to know should I get an Axe FX? And what model should I get? I have been playing for about 11 years now...
  14. D

    Axe-Fx Ultra Question (Tube-Amp + Cab + Cabsim to FOH)

    Hey there guys! I just got an Axe Ultra for a very good price and now I´m thinking about ways to integrate in into my setup! First of all: I´m using an EVH 5153, which is heavily modded and which I love. I´m planning on using the Axe Ultra with the 4CM and just as an FX-Unit. So far so great...
  15. A

    Axe-Edit (for AFX2) backwards compatible?

    Fractal website no longer shows the original Axe-Edit for download. Going to be working at a friend's house to re-amp and want to use the Axe-Edit on desktop. Can only see the Axe-Edit software that is available for AFX2 and 3. Are they backwards compatible?
  16. R

    Problem with the edit

    Hi there. I am having some issues with the axe edit. I connect my ultra via midi-usb cable to the pc and open the axe edit. The ports of my midi interface are recognised but when i select them it result connected for few seconds and then appears an error message: "UNKNOWN DEVICE: THE VERSION...
  17. R

    Help for all!

    Hi axe users.My ultra just arrived yesterday and I was checking all the features. It's very hard for a first look to understand. Can you help me with some questions? 1. How can I reset all the presets to the original factory? 2. How can I start to do my own patch? Is it better to create it with...
  18. T

    Ultra vs axe-edit vs mfc 101

    I have this setup running via midisport 2x2, in merge mode so that I can change programs on the Mfc and ultra and axe-edit following perfectly, great for editing. However the axe-edit only follow up to program 128. Above 128 the axe-edit, start over again, so when I choose 129 on the Mac, the...
  19. Igal Michael

    Axe FX Ultra & MFC-101 MK III, Lag/Tremolo problem

    Dear Axe FX users, I have recently bought an MFC 101 MK III so I can change presets in live performances, The problem is, there is delay/lag when switching presets, and audio is cutting, like it's tremolo, the problem fixes itself after 1 minute of switching to the preset, but it's not good for...
  20. P

    Value Button On Axe FX Ultra Not Functioning Correctly

    The value button on my Axe FX Ultra seems to skip two or 3 patches forward/backwards when trying to move between patches, or edit a patch. Can this be fixed in any way?
  21. Assmanthegreat

    Ambient Worship Patches???

    Does anybody have some Ambient Reverbs like the Particle Verb, Strymon Big Sky, Afterneath, etc? Any help would be much appreciated!!
  22. Star^Rock

    Audio interface for Axe FX Ultra

    I would like to record some of the new stuff I am working on into my PC. I generally plug my guitar into Axe FX Ultra and use studio monitors. One of the guys at the music store in my town recommended Presonus Audiobox iTwo. But I am wondering if the preamps in the audio interface will affect...
  23. Manuaba

    Factory reset restore problem

    Hello my name is IB from indonesia. I just bought a fractal ax fx ultra used with my savings money. I really want to have fractal tp with condition i can only buy axe fx ultra secondhand. I want to ask for help as much as possible I want to restore to the original settings via axe edit . And...
  24. Manuaba

    Restore factory reset on ultra problem, n axe edit

    Hello my name IB from indonesia. I just bought a fractal ax fx ultra used with my savings money. I really want to have fractal tp with condition i can only buy axe fx ultra secondhand. I want to ask for help as much as possible I want to restore to the original settings via axe edit . And...
  25. E

    Pedal routing help!

    Hi For several years now, I've just been plugging in directly into the Ultra and a FBT verve 12ma. I now have a liking towards a distortion pedal and a Digitech jamman looper which I want to use with the Ultra. I want to avoid putting the pedal right in the front between the guitar and...
  26. L

    Treading Carefully - Standard v Ultra

    Hi everyone, Looking to make my first venture into this world. Basically i need the AxeFx solution. However I only need two tones. Heavy, gated rhythm and delay drenched, non gated lead. (i have an ongoing injury and cant carry my bulky 5150 w/rack rig around anymore. Am I right in...
  27. M

    Ultra and expression pedals

    can anyone tell me if they have used an Ernie ball vp jr with the ultra and how was it, what's the most suited or best one to use with it. Thanks guys
  28. Mojumoju

    Poweramp help/suggestions

    Hi guys. I'm currently running my Axe FX Ultra through a Crown XLS 1002 (bridged), into a 2x12 (8 ohms) with 2 Celestion v30s. Now the volume it's putting out is very low. I'm having to crank the power amp to 11 and my patches to clipping level just to keep up with the whole band. Now would...
  29. mrtheedge2u

    Review of Ultra + MFC to the AX8 Transition

    So, I've now had the AX8 for about 60 days now. The best way I can describe moving from the Ultra (which I absolutely loved) to the AX8, is like this: Imagine watching TV on an old tube TV from 1984, and then bypassing SD, HD, and skipping to 4K HD. The resolution and clarity in the sound &...
  30. E

    New to Fractal Audio

    Hi guys, I recently bought an Axe FX Ultra and am loving it (playing downtuned metal/post-hardcore). The truth is that it's a beast of a machine and learning how to fully use it will take time. Wanted to ask a few questions that will help me get on my way. Answer all or a few - anything would...
  31. austinsalmon

    Issues With Effects Loop

    Hi guys, For some reason my effects loop will not work on my ultra no matter what I do. Can anyone help with this if you have had the same issue at any point? Thanks!!!
  32. houstonwehaveuhoh

    Is the Ultra right for me?

    Hey everyone, New (potential) user here. I'm looking for a solution for my live rig, and have turned my attention to Fractal. My objective is to simplify my setup, mimic my current tone, and add an available tight, high gain (Mesa/JCM/Deizel) stage. Currently, my set up is: Guitar > Tuner >...
  33. L

    AFX Std through Torpedo Live (modern metal sounds)

    I know many of you have the old Axe FX Standard or Ultra and are GASsing hard for an Axe II or even a Kemper.... but despair not! The amp models in the Axe FX Standard and Ultra are actually really good...the cabs on the other hand not so much. And that's where most of the sonic superiority of...
  34. R

    Need Help downloading axe edit for ultra

    I bought a new computer and am trying to figure out where to go to get the axe edit for my ultra. And then I need to update the firmware on my axe fx and connect axe edit to the ultra. Any help appreciated. Running windows 10. Focusrite 6i6 interface. Thanks
  35. julindres

    Upgrade (Air Question)

    Hello everybody, I have been an owner of an axe ultra for some years now and sadly I had to sell the unit for economic reasons. But as soon as I can get back on my feet ill probably purchase and axe or a kemper. (Now this is not a kemper vs axe thread) Here is my concern. After years of tweaking...
  36. N

    Ultra Encoder Issue

    This topic is probably already around here already, but.... This new (to me) Ultra definitely had an encoder issue. It jumps all over the place with the slightest touch, and is not accurate at all. I mostly use Axe edit, so not the biggest deal. But I'm kind of OC, I would like to replace...
  37. N

    Hello Fractal

    Hey guys First time Axe fx owner. Picked up an Ultra.........."finally" got axe edit to work. I LOVE IT. For now just using a focusrite 2i2 and KRK 5 Rokits. This thing is amazing, I can just imagine how powerful the axe fx 2 is. I want to hook this thing up different ways just to see results of...
  38. R

    Another Volume Pedal Question

    I am currently using a Ground Control Pro and Mission SP-1 with my Axe Fx Ultra and it works very well. I am however looking to add a separate Ernie Ball 6166 volume pedal and TC Polytune to this setup and I am wondering how to rig it up. I have two TRS cables coming from my GCP going to my SP-1...
  39. julindres

    Volume pedal dead spot

    Hey guys, I'm currently using a boss fv 500 expression pedal to use as my volume pedal. I use it along with my volume block. The problem is that in the beginning of the pedal there is a pretty big dead spot and then once the volume comes its already pretty loud instead of gradual. In another...
  40. julindres

    Upgrading to Axe fx II

    Hey guys so I'm a happy axe ultra owner I have learned to get some really awesome sounds out of it. But my main problem and I tried a bunch of different settings and connections for the volume pedal which I use a lot and no matter what I tried I just cannot get a normal gradual sweep like a real...
  41. austinsalmon

    Ultra + M Track Question

    Does anyone know what goes plugged into what using the M audio m track and Logic Pro?? Trying to get my axe to work in logic pro for recording ! Thanks!! :)
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