Pedal routing help!


For several years now, I've just been plugging in directly into the Ultra and a FBT verve 12ma. I now have a liking towards a distortion pedal and a Digitech jamman looper which I want to use with the Ultra.

I want to avoid putting the pedal right in the front between the guitar and Ultra if possible to avoid tap dancing if I want to switch between clean and distorted tones.

This setup works best. The dist pedal is noisy as hell.

Guitar ---> Ultra ---> FX send ---> Dist pedal --> FX Return ---> Amp sim ---> Cab sim ---> FBT 12ma

Where do I place the looper? I tried going stereo as well and still there's some issues such as no sound until played because the gate is silencing everything.

Many thanks!
I used to feed the input of my JamMan from output 2. It was set as a copy of output 1. I used to go into a K-10 or mixer and each had a second input for the output of the JamMan.
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