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Going Heavy with 5150 Blue and the precision Drive

Hey guys,

Here is another update on my EP/tone quest :D
For this track I used my Jackson HT7 and the 5150 blue 50W model boosted by the horizon devices precision drive. I used the PD as well for the bass channel of my bass preset. Cab wise I used the Zila IRs from ML Studio for guitars as well as the distortion channel of my bass preset.
Drums are superior dummer 3. I hope you enjoy the track :)


Sounds really crisp that is for sure. Great playing by the way!
How are you liking the precision drive with the Fractal? I tried Misha's old ProTone Attack overdrive and end up going with the Fractal's built in Tube Screamer.
Thanks for the kind words!
I'd say you can achieve the same 'tone' with the built in drives but the thing is that they differ in 'feel' and also introduced noise. I feel like the PD is so much cleaner and also for my stuff the built in noise gate is really great! (I work with 4 in total :D) Another plus point is, that for bass, the low end does not suffer at all from the pedal. Also all the ambient guitars you hear in this track have more or less distoriton of the PD which sounds really good, especially with coil split positions.
All in all I would say for pure rythm guitar application you propably won't need the PD but for boosting bass, leads and ambient stuff you are definitely getting something really good.
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