1. Burgs

    Starwards III

    Yet another permutation on my original tripster outing. This one for FW 23.02. Have fun. Let the machine speak as much as your guitar. They're both instruments. Video demo: Preset:
  2. SolicitudeOfSound

    FM9 Presets Solicitude Of Sound - FM9 Presets

    Here is a free preset from my Metal Rhythm Pack. This preset is based off of The Purple Nightmare. FULL PACK AVAILABLE HERE This pack is loaded with 22 Hi-Gain rhythm guitar tones, designed for the old school chuggers as well as...
  3. SolicitudeOfSound

    FM3 Presets Solicitude Of Sound - FM3 Presets

    Here is a free preset from my Metal Rhythm Pack. This preset is based off of The Purple Nightmare. FULL PACK AVAILABLE HERE This pack is loaded with 22 Hi-Gain rhythm guitar tones, designed for the old school chuggers as well as...
  4. SolicitudeOfSound

    AFIII Presets Solicitude Of Sound - Axe Fx III Presets

    Gojira inspired, But really just a good all around metal preset with lots of versatility. Comes packed with 5 different scenes. 2 hi-gain rhythm tones, 1 lead and two specialty scenes.
  5. Burgs

    Starwards II 20.02

    A slight rejig of the Starwards II preset I wrote a while back. I think there were three or four of them in the end, but I liked this one the most because it was more unpredictable. I've tweaked it slightly for FW 20.02. Caution: There are a couple of Scenes where the volume may get away from...
  6. Burgs

    There's A Way Out

    Written in 18.03, this one, with the exception of Scene 8 "Panic Button", is strictly ambient. It was inspired by Stephen Hawking's black hole theory and the information paradox, something I'm a little obsessed with at the moment (and trying very hard to understand). I've taken the Nimbostratus...
  7. Sauro_on_guitar

    AFIII "Ambient" and "Synth" tones...

    Isn't it cool?
  8. Burgs

    Starwards IV. Ambient preset.

    I said I wasn't going to make a video for this one, but I'm hopeless. Glad I did, though, as it has already prompted some people to question the capabilities of their traditional pedalboards.
  9. Per Boysen

    AFIII Ambient Video: Steel Guitar Meditation

    Hi guys, For this music, I made a nice Steel Guitar patch in my AxeFxIII. As you know, the volume pedal work is essential for playing Steel Guitar and here I programmed one of my CV expression pedals for both the classical volume control and for putting two tape delay loops into, and out of...
  10. felipeelioenay

    FM3 & Axe FX III — Swells Preset

    Hi guys, first time posting here. I've been working on a SWELLS preset fro you ambient/post-rock enthusiasts and you can download it here. It was quite a challenge to pack everything and make it work with the FM3's DSP power but I'm quite pleased with the results :) DESCRIPTION Great for...
  11. Andrea Maccianti


    Has 6 Scenes. Hope you enjoy and Happy Easter to all of you friends!
  12. Burgs

    'Rock Worms'. Taking the Stack facility into Shroomsville. Free preset and demo.

    This started out as a fairly tame excursion into the wondrous Stack facility that the Reverb and Delay blocks give us (thanks, Cliff!), but it quickly became something else. The video will tell the story and there's a download link for the preset as well. Have fun. Axe Change link...
  13. Arkks

    Progressive Metal / Ambient Spacey tones

    Hi all, Ive just released a new single. All guitar tones are AxeFx2 xl. Heavy prog Djent tones to layered spacey cleans. Had a lot of fun writing and producing this track. Let me know your thoughts. Arkks
  14. Lumikut

    FS In Ear Monitors - Sensaphonics 3D-U Active Ambient $900 New Price

    I'm selling my universal fit 3D AARO from Sensaphonics. Asking $950. The universal fits started @ $1500 and customs start @ $2000. If you play regularly with in ear monitors and like to hear the crowd or any sort of ambience, these are the perfect solution; each headphone has a microphone...

    AFIII Atmospheric Guitars #2 - Axe-Fx III

    Atmospheric Guitars - the 2nd video of this series with the stunning FX of the Axe-Fx III ! 👍😊

    AFIII Atmospheric Guitars #1 - Axe-Fx III

    The effects of the Axe-FX III are just gorgeous ... with EMG pickups ... enjoy !👌🎸☺️
  17. A

    Continuous or Really Additive Hold - Reverb

    Hi, Another product that I won't mention has, what I call an "additive hold" reverb. While I hold the foot switch down, each new note that I play gets added to the sound already being held or being infinitely sustained. You have to be careful because adding in, or playing too many notes makes...
  18. Scias

    Ambient Cleans For Mark Holcomb's Darksun Riff

    The Amp here is the 6G12 Concert going through both Pre-Rola 55 and 75 cabs, then through an analogue delay block and deep space reverb block, along with some usual/subtle processes like compression and tape drive pre amp block and some subtle pitched reverbs in parallel
  19. Sustainerplayer

    AFIII Synthpop with ambient guitar

    Cubic is one of these songs that almost wrote itself - and very fast. It is a simple loop-like piece made with two synth-arps. As soon as the text was written I already had the idea for the ambient guitar sound in my head. I think it took two hours to write and record entirely. After that it has...
  20. Douglas Baldwin

    Preset Looper Length?

    Is there a way to "arm" the looper in advance so that when I open a patch, the looper is preset to a certain length?
  21. Arkks

    Metalcore / Ambient guitar tones - 10.01

    Happy sunday all, Thought i'd share some instrumental guitar riffage with you. From heavy rhythm guitars to chilled ambient layers. Let me what you think. Cheers.
  22. jahecare

    Clean ambient preset

    Hi I wanted to share this ambient preset. Before I sold my Kemper I tried my best to emulate one of my favorite ambient sounds ( mostly the effects ) with my Fractal Ax8. I usually use this preset with my Kiesel Vader 8 string for two hand tapping and swells. I leave this here for all of you...
  23. JapsidoOdlde

    Going Heavy with 5150 Blue and the precision Drive

    Hey guys, Here is another update on my EP/tone quest :D For this track I used my Jackson HT7 and the 5150 blue 50W model boosted by the horizon devices precision drive. I used the PD as well for the bass channel of my bass preset. Cab wise I used the Zila IRs from ML Studio for guitars as well...
  24. Arkks

    Heavy Prog/Djent instrumental with Clean Spacey Ambient tones.

    Hi all thought id share an instrumental version of a new recording I've just been working on. Heavy Prog/Djent tones with an Ambient middle section. Let me know what you think. Arkks
  25. M

    Ambient Tones

    Hey guys, I’m looking to build some ambient patches including mid gain tones to suite a prog metal/djent context. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what amps to model? Cheers!
  26. PRSfreak4

    Captain Hook 34 2A Ambient Rock - AX8 Preset & Clip

    Still on FW7 (I know don't kill me), just haven't had time to really do anything musical in a while. I will hopefully be spending some time in the next few weeks to get a new post out with a conglomerate of ambient tones similar to this. But THIS preset has been my go to for at least a year...
  27. Arkks

    Layered Ambient guitars.

    Lots of layered guitars. The delays on the axefx are awesome! Arkks
  28. Assmanthegreat

    Ambient Worship Patches???

    Does anybody have some Ambient Reverbs like the Particle Verb, Strymon Big Sky, Afterneath, etc? Any help would be much appreciated!!
  29. WW Audio

    Ambient Alert - Requiem For Solace

    A requiem in two parts inspired by the music of Jonn Serrie and Constance Demby. Part 1 - Ascent Of The Fallen Into Eternity Part 2 - Solace For The Grieving The shorter days and colder weather of late fall always seem to inspire this kind of music for me. And with all the terrible things...
  30. Andrea Maccianti

    "A.M. MESA/BOOGIE MARK V" Patch (FW 8.02)

    Has 6 Scenes + one of my own Custom Cabs. THE PATCH IT'S AVAILABLE. Is also available for Ax8 already converted and ready to use.
  31. Andrea Maccianti

    "Michael Thompson H3000" Patch Inspiration

    It's just Michael Thompson inspiration :)
  32. Burgs

    Echos From God - vid and preset demo

    Yesterday morning, I stared out with bleary eyes from room 1420 at the Adelaide Hilton to witness a rather charming rain shower. So I stuck my iPhone up against the window and shot 9 seconds of footage in slo-mo. When I got home I imported it into Final Cut Pro X and slowed it down by 90%. I...
  33. DTS


    Here is some djenty stuff, that i just got together. As usual, everything is recorded with AX8. The end of the song became pretty doomed. :cool:
  34. DTS

    Ambient Rock Song: FW7.02b goodness inside

    New song from my band. Hope you guys like it. Gear: AX8 RAN Crusher FT7 Ibanez K5 Steven Slate Plugins
  35. Martyz

    Some Post rock ideas for an EP that I'm working on

    All of this is the Axe Fx 2 XL, sometimes with the Valhalla shimmer, except for "phaneron" which is line 6 pod hd pro. I know that I'm horrible at mixing, but I'm working on it.
  36. Arkks

    Ambient, Dark, Heavy. Quantum v6.01.

    Hi all My band have just released a new track. I recorded all guitars and bass via my Axe-Fx2 xl. Really happy how its turned out. Let me know what you think. Cheers.
  37. heanjurrera

    Moody ambient-driven bit featuring a Tele + AC30TB combo

    Hey all! Some small clip from the vault here, it's an old idea I still enjoy quite a bit and feel like coming back to develop at some point. Some slide guitar in there as well. And tremolo everywhere. Can't say what firmware I was using at this point unfortunately.
  38. Arkks


    Once again experimenting with new tones. Bit of a mix with heavy and clean guitars throughout. Let me know your thoughts. ARKKS
  39. Isembolt

    Post-Rock patches anyone?

    Last month I lost my Fractal virginity and moved from the Timeline/Bigsky combination to an AX8. My main genre's are ambient/post-rock and post-hardcore. With the Strymon pedals I always could find an instant sound I liked, but with AX8 I have a bit more difficulty. I already found the the...
  40. PRSfreak4

    Various Ambient Presets

    My church received an invite for the AX8 and I had to export some of my presets to share with them while they borrowed my AX8. I thought I would share in a new post, hope you guys enjoy. NOTE: Check out the KeithUrban amp settings and cab combo. I used this exclusively over the weekend at an...
  41. Jaredajp

    2 Axe Fx 2's used in Post/Prog Rock Live Video

    Hey Guys and Girls, My name is Jared and I play in a prog/post rock band called Majora. We are from Newcastle, Australia. Our axe's are absolutely crucial to how we play and we couldn't do what we we do without them. I thought you all might be interested in seeing a live play through video my...
  42. Minotaurean

    Weird trippy metal/rock

    Check this out guys. All the guitars are 100% Axefx! This track will be on my band Inertia's upcoming album "The Process" this year :)
  43. Per Boysen

    Acoustic sounding without Amp block

    Hi guys, Today I recorded this piece with my 36" scale Chapman Stick. The thing is that I'm not using any Amp block; just a (analog) EQ, Cab, MultiCompr and Reverb. This Stick has kind of "hi-fi style" humbucking pickups, meaning there is no frequency bump at any particular band, like with...
  44. Arkks

    Ambient and Heavy tones (XL)

    All tones via Axe-Fx 2 xl Let me know what you think Cheers. Andy
  45. Per Boysen

    Another ambient space thing...

    Feeding two inputs into the AxeFx II to drive two internal stacks. On the fretless neck I have a freeze-reverb/delay pedal and then... well, this is what happened :-) Multidimensional free flowing fretless harp guitar in spaces. The wonderful Tim Donahue Signature axe is a very alive...
  46. TheTrooper

    Ambient-ish/Spatial-ish/Prog-ish Idea w/ Patch Included

    Hi to everybody! I was tweaking a Clean Patch that I made and came up with a little idea. I'm using the Shiver Clean model and a Recto Cab as the "core" sound. Tons of delay and ambients in the patch, really easy to get lost in that stuff. (Isn't the Axe Fx just amazing? Look where I'm writing...
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