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Sounds great to me. Any tips for those ambient guitars in the outro and around 1:30, I've been trying to nail that kind of sound for a while but can never quite get it.


This all sounds awesome, but your mix sounds too scooped. Add some mids back in it!
You're losing your initial punch with the mid scoop when it kicks in. The guitars at the beginning intro sound 3d compared to the following. Once you hear it, its hard to unhear it for the remainder. Badass song btw, very easy to get into.


Hi guys, thanks for the comments.

The intro guitar is ment to sound horrible. I was going for a radio effect.
In regards to the heavy rhythm guitars I have not scooped any Eq. In the amp block the treb, mid and bass are pretty much set at noon. The only thing I did eq, in logic on the guitars is high pass at 60hz, 2db boost at 2.5k, 3db cut with some harsh frequencys around 4K and low pass at 12k.
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