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  1. SolicitudeOfSound

    Legacy Presets Driftwood Purple Nightmare - Free Preset

    Here is a free preset from my Modern Metal Pack for the Axe-FX II. This preset is based off of The Purple Nightmare. GET THE FULL PACK HERE https://strangeanglesmusic.com/shop/p/modern-metal-axe-fx-ii-preset-pack This pack is loaded with 21 Hi-Gain rhythm guitar tones designed for modern...
  2. SolicitudeOfSound

    AFIII Presets Free! Driftwood Purple Nightmare Preset

    Here is a free preset from my Modern Metal Pack. This preset is based off of The Purple Nightmare. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/attachments/nightmare-axe-fx-iii-zip.113679/ FULL PACK AVAILABLE HERE https://strangeanglesmusic.com/shop/p/modern-metal-axe-fx-iii-preset This pack is loaded with...
  3. Jack_Zan

    Periphery - the way the news goes (preset + cabs)

    hello everyone, here is my periphery cover. I was able to make this tonematch thanks to the separate tracks from the producer pack. I exported the tonematches and saved them as a cab block. In the description of the video on youtube you will find all the necessary links to download everything...
  4. SolicitudeOfSound

    AFIII Presets Gojirish- Axe FX preset

    Gojira inspired, But really just a good all around metal preset with lots of versatility. Comes packed with 5 different scenes. 2 hi-gain rhythm tones, 1 lead and two specialty scenes. https://strangeanglesmusic.com/shop/p/gojirish-axe-fx-iii-preset
  5. SolicitudeOfSound

    Modern Metal Axe-fx II rhythm pack

    https://strangeanglesmusic.com/shop/p/modern-metal-axe-fx-ii-preset-pack 21 Hi-Gain rhythm guitar tones, designed for modern metal music like Architects, Northlane, Monuments, Animals as Leaders. Or, anything that requires tight, articulate rhythm sounds. Does not suffer from the loss of note...
  6. Delinquished

    Generally Unsatisfied With Tones - Advice?

    Hey guys, hope your all well! I know there are multiple posts which speak about very generic djenty boy tones, and yes i am unfortunately one of them. i know theres alot of people asking how to create them etc, But this post is more about just a general discussion on peoples advice and tips on...
  7. K

    If you play metal don’t buy the Helix

    I am the kind of person who finds a piece of gear and sticks with it for a long time (The last pedal that I bought was a digitech rp250 back in 2008.) After weeks of research on different options between the helix, fm3, boss gt-1000, headrush, etc. I decided on the helix LT because every YouTube...
  8. Monolith97

    Alpha Wolf/Paledusk Tone

    Hey guys! I recently did this demo of Lance Prenc Axe-Fx pack. It’s an amazing bundle, especially if you’re looking to achieve “Alpha Wolf” type of tone. If you’re looking for some really nasty tones this pack is for you. I’ll leave the soundcloud link down here so you can check it out and hear...
  9. T

    Modern metal / djent sound

    Hey guys, I‘m searching for a crushing modern metal sound, kinda like the newer Chelsea Grin, Alpha Wolf, Periphery etc. I heard that CG were using a Friedman and a FAS Brootalz for their rhythm sound. I tried the 5150 Block and also a HBE and the sound is okay but I think it could do better...
  10. Monolith97

    Are you looking for a gritty and chubby guitar tone?

    If that’s the case then I think I have what you’ve been looking for. I tried to achieve Cabal guitar tone and this is what it’s sounds like. Here you can find a quick test of tone ( No eq, all guitars are raw): The first one you hear is a 5150 Red channel and the second one is an Engl Savage...
  11. LucasLeCompte

    I Did a Cover Of Misha Mansoor's Part in Jared Dines Djent 2020

    Jared Dines (youtuber music comeadian) has been doing yearly djent video. Well this year he invited a bunch of people to be in the video with him. I loved Misha part in the video so much I had to do a cover of it. It is basically Skibidi from the band Little Big in Djent form. I used my...
  12. Jack_Zan

    Haken - Prosthetic Guitar Playthrough

    Trying to play haken's new single, it's a really great song. for this cover I used the simulation of the friedman HBE together with an IR of ML SOUNDLAB, the pack is called ML MEGA USA DJENT. It Sounds sick
  13. Jack_Zan

    Periphery - Lune Preset (Periphery III)

    New free preset for ax fx II available. the link is in the description of this video. this time I looked for something with more effects. let me know if you like it! to use this preset 100% you need the ML SOUNDLAB "usa bulb" cab pack and insert "misha mix 8" in the cab block Amp : Friedman HBE
  14. Valdolopezz

    Metal jams with Eloy Casagrande from Seputlura (8 string, 6160, OH Mesa v30 ir's)

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share few quarantine jams with great Eloy Casagrande Hope you are all fine and healthy! Cheerzz 🤘 Gtr sound: 808 + 6160 + OH revolution Mesa v30 ir's Bass sound: Dark Glass sim mixed with Diezel Herbert + Mesa v30 line
  15. Arkks

    Spacey cleans / Metalcore heavy rhythm tones

    Hi Guys Some tones I've used in my latest material. Let me know what you think. Arkks
  16. Valdolopezz

    Metal/Djent tone 6160 amp block (Kiesel Vader 8, Blacker RTA 7)

    Whats up guys :guitar: A little bit of quarantine riffs. This time i took 6160 amp block + Ownhammer (r)evolution mesa cab (v30-MB1) Play guitar and stay safe 🤘 Cheerzzzz
  17. ChrisBeattie

    Extreme Progressive Metal Song

    Hey! I just put out a song for a new project. I believe I used the Friedman HBE V1 with the Misha Mix 08 USA Bulb cab from pack 13 for Rhythms and the Jazz 120 for cleans. Also Friedman for leads and the USA Lead + for the atmospheric stuff.
  18. B

    Thall Preset

    I've been going crazy trying to dial in a tone for this specific band; I wanted to see if anyone is able to help me out I just cant get anywhere near it without getting ridiculous amounts of noise coming from everywhere of my guitar If I cut down the tone I don't get enough of that string...
  19. Arkks

    Progressive Metal / Ambient Spacey tones

    Hi all, Ive just released a new single. All guitar tones are AxeFx2 xl. Heavy prog Djent tones to layered spacey cleans. Had a lot of fun writing and producing this track. Let me know your thoughts. Arkks
  20. J00McG00

    New Jams

    Sup dudes, made some new music with the AxeFxIII! Check it out! @ccroyalsenders I hope I make you proud with my shitty lead playing!
  21. Arkks

    Metal/Djent tones (Rate and i'll share the preset)

    Hi all Let me know your thoughts. Arkks
  22. Mats Lexell

    Shred & Djent meets Dubstep

    Hi ya'll! If you haven't yet seen Andrew Huang's show "Four Producers One Sample" you're missing out! It the last episode Virtual Riot was over and made and awesome track, so awesome I had to make a guitar remix of it :D Cheers!
  23. JapsidoOdlde

    Some new Mix - 5150 Blue

    Hey guys, here is some new track off of my upcoming EP that is almost finished :) For the guitars I used my Jackson HT7 into a Hyperluminal Compressor followed by the Precision Drive right into the AxeFxII. Same goes bass but as a preamp I used the Darkglass Alpha Omega and later sent DI and...
  24. Cobrango

    The new Mega Oversize cab pack from ML Sound Lab is insane!

    Just played it today after having purchased it, and it sounds SO good. Highly recommend it, I've been hunting V30 IR's online since I bought the axe-fx II alomst, and I've tried so many it's crazy. I've been in contact with Mikko for a long time and we even discussed this exact cab, then...
  25. J00McG00

    New Music

    Hey All, I'm back at it again with more metal tracks! Check it out and see if you like it. Using AxeFx2XL into a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and Cubase 9.5. Simple processing, nothing fancy.
  26. Scias

    "Breaking The Covenant" with ENGL models

    XL+ with the Savage head going through the German Boutique for the rhythm tone
  27. Cobrango

    Your thoughts on speakers handling lows, with an input from Dr.Decibel at Celestion

    Hi, I play 8-string guitars. This goes out to all of you who are wondering about how low your speakers can go. I tune my guitars to drop-e, that E1, the same note played on a bass guitar in normal tuning. you've all probably heard that playing 4-string bass guitar into a guitar speaker/cab at...
  28. Sustainerplayer

    Did the Big Bang djent? Serious down tuning here!

    Get straight to the action @
  29. ChrisBeattie

    Original song I wrote and recorded

    Hey guys, I recorded a song I wrote recently and thought I'd share it here. I used the 6160 block model for the rhythm guitars, USA lead for the lead, and the Bulb lead patch for the ambient guitars. For the bass I used the Nolly smack preset. Let me know what you think!
  30. Hadean

    HELP - can't get a decent HIGH GAIN tone

    Hi, members of the Axe FX fellowship ! I may need your precious help there. So I bought a brand new Axe FX 2xl + like 10 months ago… and since then haven’t been able to get a decent high gain tone. I don’t know, maybe my axe fx sounds just how it should and I just don’t like its tone. But for...

    Does the Axe-Fx III djent?

    I believe it does: I recorded this song two days after getting the Axe-Fx III with THE BEST IR IN THE WORLD which you'll find for free in this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/the-best-ir-in-the-world-free.137347/ Good buddy Misha sent me "GetGood Drums Modern & Massive" to try...
  32. J00McG00


    Hey all, back at it again with some more modern metal music! In terms of production, this song is similar to the last song except for a couple of things: This one has EQ and Compression on most of the tracks (Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vox, etc.) I've slowly learned how to apply this to make a mix a...
  33. J00McG00

    Djent / Metal Music

    Hey all. I’m relatively new to the forum, but I am an avid, long-time axe fx user. I’ve finally built up both the skill and courage to record some new music, and i wanted everyone to check it out. If you’re into djent and the new metal scene, this will be right ip your alley. Shout out to one...
  34. wabiii

    Progressive Metal Preset

    Hey guys, just got an ax8 and wanted to share a preset I recently made. Scene 1: Tight Gated Distortion Scene 2: Lead Tone Adjust Gate & Compressor to taste....Enjoy!!
  35. JapsidoOdlde

    Going Heavy with 5150 Blue and the precision Drive

    Hey guys, Here is another update on my EP/tone quest :D For this track I used my Jackson HT7 and the 5150 blue 50W model boosted by the horizon devices precision drive. I used the PD as well for the bass channel of my bass preset. Cab wise I used the Zila IRs from ML Studio for guitars as well...
  36. Arkks

    Heavy Prog/Djent instrumental with Clean Spacey Ambient tones.

    Hi all thought id share an instrumental version of a new recording I've just been working on. Heavy Prog/Djent tones with an Ambient middle section. Let me know what you think. Arkks
  37. Arkks

    Metal/Djent Tones (9.04)

    Hi all. Once again been experimenting with some new rhythm tones. Let me know your thoughts. Arkks
  38. J

    Question for Friedman HBE users!Tosin-Abasi esque tone [patch included]

    Hi y'all :) , I have been trying to get rid/reduce the harmonics/pick attack when I am doing the legato run on the following clip: https://soundcloud.com/user-468226403 . I am using Friedman HBE . Patch included Any tips to improve the current preset? I have attached the clip and the preset I...
  39. M

    Ambient Tones

    Hey guys, I’m looking to build some ambient patches including mid gain tones to suite a prog metal/djent context. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what amps to model? Cheers!
  40. A

    HBE w/ ML Cab Pack 13 (Contextual)

  41. ibonsnake

    Axe Fx II XL+ USB

    Hi guys! I have one question,the problem is that any distortion preset sounds really bad in my DAW Cubase LE9 recordings (Axe->USB->PC). I tried with diferent presets but the final result sounds like shit. The clean presets sounds amazing but the high gain presets not. I cant get that "CD...
  42. Fredman Digital

    Fredman tones (Bring me the Horizon, In Flames, Architects etc)

    Finally you can get your hands on my Axe FX II collection of presets! They are exclusively tone matched based on a range of various artists I've produced throughout the years, like: Bring me the Horizon, In Flames, At the Gates, Architects, Hammerfall, just to name a few. All patches are...
  43. J

    Down tuned bass djent

    Currently tuned to F# with bass. Could someone help with good presets for down tunings and for more djenty style sound that doesn't require dual amp that ax8 doesn't support. Tried the nolly smacky bass but doesn't quite work without dual amp.
  44. Joshua Thornton

    Mix-Ready, Mutli-purpose Metalcore, Djent, Hardrock Preset

    This is the exact rhythm/lead preset I currently use with my band, Alive In The Night, both live and in the studio. I have owned my AX8 for about a year and have tweaked this preset multitudinously since joining the Fractal community. Originally molded to fit the sound of my Reverend Sensei Ra...
  45. Milco

    Milco - Spanky Distortion Tone!

    Really spent some time dialing in this spanky distortion tone! All Axe FX 2 in this one. Let me know what you think!
  46. Guitarjon

    That MKIV crunch with proggy riffs (dare I say Dj0nt?)

    Hey guys, Made a video with my new Schecter KM-7 guitar. It's a really killer axe, very solid guitar. I used the Mesa MKIV amp model paired with an OwnHammer Zilla 2x12 V30 IR from the Heavy Hitters Collection Volume II. Super cool amp model and great IR! I'm not really a 'djent' guy but I...
  47. Guitarjon

    Got a brand new guitar... Had to make a video!

    Hey guys, I got my new Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-8 in the mail today. It's a KILLER guitar so I had to make a video of course! I used the Recto 2 modern red model with a new OwnHammer Heavy Hitters Collection 2x12 Zilla M25 Greenback IR. The HHC2 will be out very soon. It may be a heavy...
  48. J

    Suggestions for headphones/FrFr/Studio monitor

    Hi all, I have checked some of the other posts, but they are pretty outdated now.So had to create a new one. I live in an apartment and can't get too loud. My budget is around $200. I was planning to go for athm50x headphones and it is going to be mainly used for recording and...
  49. J

    Suggestions to improve this tone. Any advice appreciated (Sweep/Cafo tone)

    Hi everyone, I have been reading a lot of posts about getting tight bass sound and about recording on this forum. It has been really helpful and just wanted to thanks everyone for their input. Now onto the issue at hand, I am trying to record with my Axe XL+/ Logic x and output going to my...

    Cab Pack: ML USA Djent (Misha Mansoor collaboration)

    One of the main questions we've been receiving even before launch has been "do we need another Mesa Cab Pack?" so me and my good buddy Misha "Bulb" Mansoor are here to tell you that yes we do: Feel free to ask any questions you may have and remember! Cab Pack 13 will still be one of the best...
  51. Guitarjon

    Gnarly groove riffs with lush melodic vocals...

    Hey guys, Here's another tune from my new www.facebook.com/JvRband project. For this one I used my 8-string guitar. Recto red modern amp with a tubescreamer for tightness due to the low notes. And OwnHammer Recto 412 V70B blended with the famous Orange M25 from the Heavy Hitters Collection...

    ML USA Djent vs Cab Pack 13 ML USA Bulb!!

    Okay guys here's the comparison as promised. I might do a video explaining this a bit more but this should pretty much cover it. On paper, yes these are both the Mesa 4x12 cabinet. Yes they both have the original and best V30 speakers that were made for Mesa and are 70W. That's where the...
  53. progmachine

    For all of the metal & djent fans out there! (Friedman + ML "USA Djent" IRs)

    Hey everyone! Here's some riffs I made to showcase ML Sound Lab's new cab pack! I really enjoy the mid-range in these bad boys! Hope you enjoy! Signal flow: Tape DIST -> Friedman HBE -> USA Djent IRs!
  54. jaml0l

    Challenged myself to write a song in a day! (Friedman HBE/Metalcore)

    Hey guys! Did some writing over the course of today and this is what i came up with. A little rough around the edges and some transitions definitely need work but i'm happy with the end result. Used the Friedman HBE with an Ownhammer Mesa 2x12 FRED IR
  55. progmachine

    Metal Jams + new drum VST !!

    Hey everyone! Here's a pretty straightforward metal clip I made - just 2 rhythm guitars panned L & R, bass and drums. Let me know what you guys think! Guitar Tone is Friedman HBE + FAS Modern I with VERY low input drive and the ML Cab Pack 13! Bass tone is the SV bass with the Fat Rat OD. Enjoy!
  56. jaml0l

    Friedman HBE w/FET BOOST Demo (Heavy - FFO Auras/Monuments etc)

    Hey guys, I've been working on some tracks for a friend lately and thought i'd use them to demo some new tones i've been working on. Wrote this one yesterday and tracked it earlier this morning. I used my Mayones Regius 7 w/BKP Juggernauts, reamped all rhythms through my new HBE patch using the...
  57. DTS


    Here is some djenty stuff, that i just got together. As usual, everything is recorded with AX8. The end of the song became pretty doomed. :cool:
  58. Cody Keener

    Intervals ephemeral clean riff tone

    I absolutely dig the clean tone Aaron marshall uses towards the end of the song Ephemeral starting at 3 minutes and 32 seconds in. I own an AXE FX 2 XL+, I'm rather new at making my own patches. How would I go about getting a clean lead tone, such as the one I explained above.
  59. Alberto Menezes

    Animals as Leaders - CAFO Full Cover with AXE FX II

    Hey guys! Two buddies and I made this full cover of CAFO, let me know what you guys think of the tones! Cheers!
  60. Sacha

    Metal Instrumental featuring Andy James - Q6, ML IRs, GGD Drums

    Hi fellas I made a new track and my buddy Andy James was nice enough to lay down a solo: Checkitout!
  61. JapsidoOdlde

    Periphery - Zero tone test

    Hey guys :) So... I recently bought a new guitar, the Jackson MM HT7 (as the fanboy I am :p) and of course I wanted to test a Periphery song with it! I have to say, the BKP Juggernaughts are very nice pickups, I played Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient before (they are great as well) but the...
  62. JeremyRhoades

    Quantum 4.0 Periphery Inspired Djent/Metal/Rock

    All sounds by Axe FX II, Superior Drummer 2, Slate plugins, and Reaper. Used mainly Dual Rectifier and Friedman models, with some FAS Crunch and a couple other amps for cleans. Any constructive criticism is appreciated! :)
  63. Guitarjon

    Progressive riffs and leads playthrough video! (new OH EVM content)

    Hi friends, I made another playthrough video! It's a progressive metal (groove/melodic) tune that's played on my Ibanez TAM10 8-string. That guitar is very nice and very versatile for an 8-string actually. I used the brand new OwnHammer MAR-CB EVM expansion. I have to tell you, it was a bit...
  64. Guitarjon

    8-string prog GoPro playthough video! Q.4 Recto MDRN2 and OH ENGL goodness!

    Hi everyone! I finished this video today. I got a GoPro last week for my YouTube channel so I'm excited to share this video with you guys. All the tones are Axe FX of course and the main rhythm tones are Recto 2 mdrn. If you want to know more about the tones I recommend checking out the...
  65. Saabmugen

    Please Play Djently!!!

    Hi All, This is my solo for a Djent style track i had done for a friend. Hope you like it!!!
  66. LucasLeCompte

    I too did a solo for the periphery the price is wrong solo contest!

    I mainly did this because I wanted some practice on writing. I just played what came out when I played over the progression.I used my aristides 070 with BKP VHII/ColdSweat pickups. Also used my Mark IV Lead Patch.

    Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out (Cover) with FAS-FX Reverb, ML Bulb Zilla & GetGood Drums

    I spent 3 months in the USA and this was every other song on the radio and I could always relate to the lyrics so I wanted to pay homage to Twenty One Pilots by creating this cover. :) Also most of my clips are extremely crowded with a lot of stuff so I thought I'd really let FAS-FX Reverb show...

    GetGood Drums snare comparison + ML Bulb Zilla + Darkglass

    My good buddy Nolly and the guys from Periphery just released GetGood Drums and their first product The Matt Halpern Signature Pack. I was playing around with the pack and it's exactly what I was hoping it'd be. All the snares are incredibly punchy and well tuned. I have to say that I've been...
  69. JapsidoOdlde

    Das Metall + (2x12 Santiago EJ1250 and 4x12 Fractal GB M160)

    Hey guys, I haven't been active in this forum for a long time, but I recently tweaked a nice kinda modern metal / djent tone I wanted to share with you :) The signal chain is nothing special: Gate -> Comp -> Drive -> Gate -> Amp -> Cab -> Filter -> EQ -> Gate But the thing is (I know this can...
  70. Guitarjon

    New video about (8-string) metal/rock guitar tones

    Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video about 8-string guitar tones. I think this video can also be quite useful if you don't own an 8-string but just desire very tight metal/rock tones. Some very cool new Ownhammer cabs are previewed here as well. More videos are coming soon! I hope you enjoy...

    ML Dizzy 4x12 Cab Pack Demonstration Video

    I shot this improvised run-through/chill out with the new Cab Pack 24 - ML Dizzy 4x12 and I thought you'd be interested in hearing how the pack sounds straight out of the box without much effort. :) Let me know how it sounds! :)
  72. M

    Nolly Drum Sample Test w/ Axe-Fx II & Dingwall

    Did a test with Nolly's Good Tiger drum samples along with my Axe-Fx II. Guitar is a Jackson soloist 7 with SD Blackouts Bass is a Dingwall ABZ. Check it out, lemme know what you guys think. Cheers.

    ML Dizzy Preset-Cab Bundles

    To those who aren't familiar with my recent Cab Packs I've started to include Preset-Cab Bundles into the packs. This time since this is a "based on Diezel" Cab Pack these presets mostly include the Dizzy V4 and Herbie amp sims. I was trying to cover different Diezel tones from brutal metal to...

    Cab Pack 23 Djents: "Vigorous Riffs"

    I just got my first 8-string guitar and it's a Jackson with Juggernauts on it. Holy crap that's a lot of strings! :D I have to say that the pickups are both clear and dark at the same time which is rarely the case. They're kind of balanced no matter where you play on the neck. I love the feel of...
  75. Julien Meirone

    Dark Souls 3 Metal Cover on Q2.04 with Thordendal Modern

    Hi guys, i just released this new cover metal video with amps and effects that i don't habitually used like the thordenhal model or the pitch effect but i must admit that i am really happy with the result. Sometimes it is great to quit our comfort zone ;). Let me know if you enjoy it guys.

    The legendary "Misha Mix 08"

    I'm not sure if the hype has caught up everyone so here's a short summary. This already legendary "djentiest IR on the planet" called "Misha Mix 08" was created by Misha Mansoor for Cab Pack 13: USA Bulb 4x12. That's the IR you'll f.ex. hear on the Haunted Shore's Viscera EP: If you went to...
  77. Julien Meirone

    Born of Osiris - Bass Cover Q 2.02

    Here a bass cover of a friend that i have reamped, mixed and mastered. The Q2.02 is insane and now the axe fx II is awesome even for bass players :).
  78. C

    FAS Brootalz is a monster

    Just a demo showing my Brootalz setting in a funky tuning with a low F. Handles it really well.
  79. buchton

    The Last Colour - New Album

    Hey! I've finally finished my album and it will be launched on 29 of February. All Axe-FX II Original (guitar and bass) and all real drums, no samples ;) I've used basically the Friedman amp stock patch from quantum 1.06 with a drive boost for pretty much all the rhythm guitars. I've also used...
  80. JapsidoOdlde

    Post Djent (Leafscape)

    Hey guys, I wanted to share this track with you, which I recorded with my band Leafscape. All guitars and bass tones are Axe Fx II, we used my Schecter KM7 and Warwick Rockbass for this Demo. The mix is not perfect at this point, but you´ll get an idea :) Hope you enjoy, feel free to ask any...
  81. Cobrango

    NBD - Ibanez btb406 deep blue

    NBD - crazy story, this Ibanez btb406 "deep blue" 35" was first bought new from a guy who found out six strings was too much for him, so he returned it the next day. then it's been in a box like new for 13 years and a few days in the shop from where I bought it. it's basically a 13 year old...
  82. Julien Meirone

    Fallout 4 Metal cover

    Hi guys, I just released a new video with some friends and as usual the axe fx II sounds incredible, check this out and let me know if you liked. if you have been naughty, i will share the patches. See you.

    New Periphery album on the way using Cab Pack 19

    The title pretty much sums it up. I just had a quick chat with my good pal Misha Mansoor and the Periphery guys are coming back home from the #bestfriendstour and are starting to work on a new album. As many of you probably know Misha and Mark used Cab Pack 13 on the newest "Haunted Shores -...

    Misha Mansoor + ML Hangout and Cab Pack 19 talk!

    Special thanks to Brock for making all this happen! We hung out and talked about the collaborations, Axe-Fx, creating tones, capturing IR's etc. and thought you guys might find it interesting. It was actually the best 3 hour talks I've ever had but sadly it had to be cut down to a more enjoyable...
  85. PinealGlandRaisin

    Future Breeds Machine - Drums & Guitar Tone Test

    Drums & Guitar Tone Test - Future Breeds Machine by Meshuggah Shout out to Guitarjon for the set of Meshuggah Presets! \m/ Ibanez RG2228ABK Fractal Audio Axe FX II (Quantum 1.0) Direct Recording via Axe FX II Six Ocean Avenue Studio 2015
  86. JapsidoOdlde

    Heavy Rythm Tones with Quantum 1.02

    Hey guys, In this thread I want to give you an overview on my approach on heavy guitar and bass rythm tones. Let's start with the guitar (input gate set to your liking!): First off, I started with a compressor (studio comp) to compress the incoming signal from the guitar. As a rule of thumb...
  87. Guitarjon

    Full instrumental progressive metal track! Ownhammer Orange v30

    I just uploaded a full new song on my soundcloud. It's a kind of progressive, melodic, groove track that I wrote with my 8-string. The new Orange Ownhammer IR's sound pretty HUGE in this track I must say. Check it out here if you like: Hope you enjoy!

    ML Bulb Angle Citrus: The second Misha Mansoor / ML Cab Pack

    EDIT: This Cab Pack has been released: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Pack_19_ML_Bulb_Angle_Citrus_p/fas-801-0019.htm Q&A feat Misha Mansoor and Mikko from ML Sound Lab: In and out of a mix demonstration of Misha's mixes from Cab Pack 19: I'm not sure if you guys noticed this clip by...
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