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Metal/Djent tones (Rate and i'll share the preset)


It’s good.

My favorite part was about one minute and 27 seconds in. I think I like that because I like the riff, it was tight and it had space.

If the guitar was a midi instrument I would say “quantize it”, it could be tightened up.

I like the 2:30 siren guitar part.

It sounds like the doubled or layered guitars are kind of filling up the sound and I kept wanting to hear it dryer with space in the little gaps.
Possibly too many unison parts... you know how it softens the blow the more you add?
It definitely needs bass guitar.

It’s such a staccatto guitar part I think it needs to be super tight and locked together in sync as much as possible.
I would “pro tools” the guitars time with themselves and then with the drums as tight as you can.

I liked it. Super aggressive. :)
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