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NBD - Ibanez btb406 deep blue


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NBD - crazy story, this Ibanez btb406 "deep blue" 35" was first bought new from a guy who found out six strings was too much for him, so he returned it the next day. then it's been in a box like new for 13 years and a few days in the shop from where I bought it. it's basically a 13 year old *new* instrument. not a single scratch, no fret wear, nothing.
the electronics was a bit noisy so I opened up the control cavity and found the original batteries inside, expired 02-2005! I swapped them with new batteries and added a little contact spray on the electronics (not the inside of the pots!) and now the noise is totally gone.
I had to adjust the action, it was a bit high, but now it plays like a dream with what I believe is the original strings. I'm going to string it up with some kalium strings and tune it to drop E with a .190 or something. that's E0, then BEADG. the 35" scale makes the low B insanely spanky tight, I'm quite new to playing bass guitar and the 35" is a bit of a long stretch even though I only play 27" 8-string guitars, especially on the lower frets, but I'll get used to it - it's worth it when it sounds this good! and I need the length for getting the E0 to sound good. pretty amazing buy!







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So, a whole step below F#0. Good luck reproducing that at gig volume :p. You'll also want to cut a new nut for the strings - keep the current one as-is so you can return it to stock down the line. I personally would've gone Dingwall for that low of tuning, but to each their own. BTBs are pretty nice, I had a 405 at one point. If I recall correctly, I swapped in a new preamp (I think I went with an Aguilar) and pickups (forget if I went EMG or Nords). I actually think that was the same color of the one I had even. Not a bad little bass, and super affordable.


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yeah, E0 is too much for me (i guess im getting old lmao). beautiful color on it though. pretty wild that its spent 13 years pretty much unplayed too, hopefully you help it make up for lost time!
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